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Zippo Pay Review

Zippo Pay Review
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This is a viral payment system.


Zippo Pay is a new type of payment system. Instead of just using a regular buy now button, affiliates and product developers can now use the viral power of social media to increase leads and sales. Each time you acquire a new customer from this button, www.zippopay.com does its magic, and fresh visitors come pouring in from social media platforms. Think of it as a viral social upsell. Affiliates and publishers can use it, and it can be set up by doing a simple copy and paste. You can run this system on all affiliate marketplaces.


After testing this revolutionary button on a monitored test page, I found that it helps convert 75% more than a regular button. We all know that buying paid ads is hard nowadays, your lucky to get a 20% ROI using these ads. But what if you could spend more than your competitors yet increase your profits from these advertisements. You would be able to steal all of your competitor’s customers. Zippo Pay can help you make that a reality because each lead you generate will bring new visitors to your offers, this will create a viral effect bringing in new customers to your sales page.


Zippo Pay is by far the most advanced payment innovation since the arrival of PayPal. You can be one of the first people to take advantage of this product. Chances like that don’t come by very often.




  • Patent Pending System like no other
  • Automatically generates email leads
  • Generates vital traffic
  • Copy paste set up
  • 100% money back guarantee


Zippo Pay compared to regular pay per click


While doing regular pay per click marketing, you will run into a common problem. The market has become oversaturated, and this makes the profit margins so low it’s not even worth the effort. Zippo Pay eliminates this problem because you will convert 75% more than your competition, meaning you can bid higher on the same keywords and still make some money.


Pros and Cons


Easy to set up
Great tool to increase sales



Even though this marketing tool is easy to set up, you still need some basic knowledge of traffic generation — at least one of the following; PPC, SEO, Video marketing or social media marketing.



Zippo Pay is a great new product, and it is definitely worth the try. I found that it helped generate more leads. Although results may vary depending on your niche, I think it will help create new customers from every sale you make. I love products like this because you get to try them for 60 days and if you’re not satisfied you ask for a refund.


Visit the official website at www.zippopay.com