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Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2.0
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A great source for free traffic in an easy to use system.

Video Traffic Genie: a Comprehensive Review

Video Traffic Genie is mind-blowing, its one of the most powerful traffic generating tool on the market. It finds broken links on YouTube that have their domains available for purchase. Why is this so incredible? Well, some videos on YouTube receive thousands of visitors per week, but for some reason, the owners of the channels have abandoned them. So the videos still receive traffic, and people are clicking on the links. But these links are empty and point to nowhere. Video Traffic Genie enables you to find these links and purchase their domain. You can then receive tones of traffic for the price of a $10 domain name.


So it all looks good in theory but does it work? The answer is yes! I tried the software for about a week and found dozens of domain names. I purchased the most promising domain based on the stats provided in the software. The results are incredible; I receive around 70 targeted visitors every week to the domain name which is now redirecting to an affiliate link. So far I have made one sale of $27 with that broken link.


Scaling up is easy, it’s just a matter of reinvesting your profit to buy more abandoned domains. The software makes this incredibly easy. You pick a niche, find a keyword and input the information in the Video Traffic Genie software. The software then shows you detailed stats of broken links in that niche. After that, it’s just a matter of registering a domain name. The membership area has a tutorial on all of the steps you need to follow.



Video Traffic Genie Features

  • No website required
  • Easy step by step instructions provided
  • Fast results
  • Fully scalable
  • Extremely targeted traffic with a high conversion rate



Video Traffic Genie compared to PPC

While testing the software for a week, I received a total of 70 targeted visits to my affiliate link. After checking with Google Keyword Planner, I found that these 70 visits would have cost me $95 if purchased through a PPC campaign. So I estimate that my $10 per year domain name will generate $4,940 worth of free traffic every year!


Pros and Cons


  • Almost free traffic
  • Scalable
  • Works in any niche
  • Send traffic to any link


  • Easy but some basic skills are required



Software like this is expensive to produce, and with this much potential, the $97 price tag is steep but acceptable. I’ve seen website traffic tools cost well above this price and they don’t come close to being as resourceful.



If you want quality website traffic at an affordable cost, this tool is a must-have!


Visit the official website at by clicking here



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