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TV Boss Review
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Detailed course and tools to create your own TV streaming service.


What’s www.tvboss.net?

What if you could start a TV channel. And make money from the advertisement. Ten years ago that dream could only be achievable if you had millions in the bank. But not today, with the arrival of internet tv streaming services, it’s now possible to have your internet tv channel just like Netflix or Crackle. All this is possible with the help of Roku. This software comes pre-installed on 1/3 of all smart TV devices. And with a growing viewer base of 26 million Americans, it’s not a small market.


All you have to do is set up a developer account with Roku. Then TV Boss does its magic, and your TV channel is ready in minutes. You don’t need videos because TV Boss will show you how to get content for your channel. There is also an advertisement program that will automatically place ads on your video content giving you a share of the revenues. Welcome to the beginning of internet TV where anyone can own a network.



What you get with TV Boss


  • The TV Boss Software
  • How to add a channel
  • Help on how to add videos to your channel
  • Tutorial on how to create a brand
  • Multiple ways to monetise each channel




Roku channel compared to a Cable TV channel

Setting up a regular cable tv channel can cost in the seven digits. Not everyone is a millionaire, and even if you do have the money, the competition is fierce. But on the other hand, Roku offers an opportunity in an expanding market. Every year cable TV loses millions of members to internet TV services. So why not take a piece of this growing market for yourself.



After hearing about this product, I was eager to find out its price. I thought it would be in the ballpark of a few thousand dollars. When I saw that it was only $37, my jaw dropped. My own TV channel for $37! But yep it’s not a typo for the price of a cheap night out you can own a TV station.



Pros and Cons



Own a TV station
Step by step tutorial
No experience needed
Make money from ads


You need to own a Roku device, don’t worry you can buy one for under $50.




After reviewing dozens of new products every month, I see my share of bad, useless software and TV Boss is not one of them. Overall it’s one of the best software to hit the market this year. The income potential is almost endless. I strongly recommend TV Boss to anyone who likes TV and wants to profit from it.


Visit the official website at www.tvboss.net


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