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The Final Survival Plan Review

The Final Survival Plan Review
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A review of the last plan you may ever need (and one you may be glad you have if the time ever comes…)

Major floods. Power grid outage. Hurricanes. War or attacks from enemy forces. A devastating asteroid strike. The dreaded End of the World.

All of the above have one thing in common: If you are around when they happen, then you had better have a plan to help you and your family make it out alive. Preparing for such consequences has been a popular topic as of late and there are even tv shows dedicated to those who are doing just that. These folks known as “preppers” are doing everything they can to ensure they survive in the event of a catastrophic scenario. If you want to be one of the survivors, then you may need to do some “prepping” yourself.


What IS the Final Survival Plan?

The Final Survival Plan is an app, or better described as a downloadable e-book that details EXACTLY what one must do and know if the worst ever happens. It covers a variety of scenarios and teaches the reader survival skills covering a myriad of topics that will be helpful in helping you and your family survive a catastrophic event.


What is included in the Final Survival Plan?

The guide itself takes great pains in covering a wide variety of topics to ensure emergency preparedness. Some of the topics included are:


  • Food-You can rest assured that is the world (or at least your local region) is in serious turmoil, food will become a scarcity. Having proper nourishment for you and your family will be of vital importance and the Final Survival Plan covers this topic in detail. The plan will teach you how to pay less for food in order to begin storing it in case it is needed in times of strategy and just how to store it for a future event, no matter how far away it may be. It also discusses aspects on how to live off the land (hunting, fishing) if no available food is on hand. In addition, the guide also details tips on how to store food safely when no refrigeration methods are available.
  • Water-Having access to fresh water is an even higher priority than food, and the guide will help you here as well. It discusses how to locate water and prepare it so that it is safe for you and your loved ones to consume.
  • Shelter-If disaster strikes, your current home may no longer be a livable environment. The Final Survival Plan will help teach you how to construct shelter to protect yourself from the elements and increase your chances of survival in even the harshest of conditions.
  • Movement-Another topic covered in this life saving guide is that of movement, meaning if your current location is unsafe, how you can get to another location as quickly and safely as possible. Topics such as tips on long distance hiking, how to pack for such travels, and even horseback riding are covered to provide a variety of ways to get you from where you are, to where you need to be.
  • First Aid-When dealing with a catastrophic event, being healthy and injury free will greatly increase your chances for long term survival. But, if you or one of your family becomes injured, those chances diminish quickly. The Final Survival Plan will help to train you to become well versed in all types of first-aid procedures so that any injuries or sickness can be dealt with and treated to the best of your ability with the resources you have on hand.


The Good

The Final Survival Plan is a comprehensive guide and includes a huge variety of information designed to help anyone survive even the direst of situations. A few attributes of the plan include:

  • The plan is downloadable on any device and as it is an e-book, can be printed out for use if no electronic devices are available to use.
  • Because of the detailed info provided on so many topics, even if the worst DOESN’T occur, the reader will become more knowledgeable in ways that could benefit even everyday life. (hunting, fishing, first-aid, all these topics and more can be extremely valuable lessons for you and your family)
  • The guide is written in plain English and teaches the reader valuable skills in an easy to follow manner. Even the youngest of readers can follow the training easily.
  • At less than $40, the guide is extremely affordable considering the detailed information it provides. In addition, it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee, making the risk in purchasing it non-existent.

The Bad

While the Final Survival Plan does represent a good value, it does have a drawback or two. Firstly, the guide is only available as a download. If you need the information in a timely manner, you will certainly have to have a quality internet connection to download the lengthy file. In addition, as it is available on in PDF format, printing it will require a bit of time, a decent amount of paper, and enough ink to get the job done.


Final Consensus

While none of wants to think about the worst-case scenarios of war, famine, disease…the fact is, these things can become a reality and if they do occur, they often strike without warning. As such, it makes a lot of sense to arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you navigate through such events safely and with the best chances of long-term survival as possible. This makes purchasing the FINAL SURVIVAL PLAN a wise idea. In the event you find yourself involved in any of the horrible scenarios mentioned, your nice income, house and beautiful car won’t matter. But the info in this book WILL.

If the worst never happens, then you will still have learned a great deal from studying the information the extensive guide contains. If the worst DOES happen…purchasing the FINAL SURVIVAL PLAN may be the best investment you ever made for you and your family.

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