The CB Passive Income Review

The CB Passive Income
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Good online course on internet marketing.


This hot marketing product is a fully automated turnkey system to make money online. It has been around for 5 years and the 5.0 version just came out with a bunch of new features.


About author


Patric Chan is a marketing genius, he has made millions selling products online. Patric is an expert in the internet marketing field and has authored several best-selling books on the subject.




  • You don’t need any experience
  • No big investment required
  • A website is not required
  • No complicated software to download
  • Turnkey System
  • Detailed tutorials





How does it work?


The CB Passive Income is a fully automated system. After signing up you will have access to the membership area where you will be able to select your own lead capture pages. These pages will come with a free bonus to give away to your leads in exchange for their email. Once the system has an email it will feed the email with daily offers tricks and tips. Each email will contain your affiliate links to various products on ClickBank. Thes emails are written by marketing experts and convert extremely well. 50% of your leads will end up converting at some point! All you will have to do is feed this money making machine quality website visitors. Patric has also included training on how to generate converting website traffic in the CB Passive Income members area.




The system is a bit expensive. Don’t get me wrong its worth the money but not everyone has that kind of money laying around, but you can always take the monthly membership if you want to give it a try. The monthly membership will set you back $47 a month. My suggestion is to give the monthly membership a try and if you don’t like the system ask for a refund. You will have 60 days to ask for your money back no questions asked.


Why should you buy this product?


If you’re new to internet marketing then you have a lot to learn. How to create and host a lead capture page. This page has to convert and if you don’t have a Marketing Psychology degree, finding the right design and message is a trial and error process that can easily cost you a fortune. Once this step is done you would still need to find the best products. You will also need to write emails that convert. Email distribution software cost hundreds a month for a small list of 10,000 prospects that does not include the email list itself just the number of email accounts you are permitted to upload. Patric has done all of the work for you. His system is perfect for beginner and intermediate marketers, all you will need to provide is quality website traffic and the rest will be done on autopilot. He also explains where to get traffic that converts.