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Sqribble Review

Sqribble Review
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Write ebooks in any niche at a click of a button.


Sqribble is a high tech ebook generator by Adeel Chowdry. Released in November of 2018. It uses an algorithm to write ebooks in over 15 different niches.


What do we think about this software?

So we gave it a try and it’s just mind-blowing how accurate and resourceful the results where. Time and time again Sqribble spat out ebooks that were easily worth $20 to $50 a pop.


Today, with all of the website template that can be found online, designing a website is not the problem when trying to succeed on the internet. You can build a nice website for under $25. The problem is creating a product that is worth your clients hard earned money. Sqribble does just that. It generates content that is accurate, resourceful, valuable and without plagiarism. You will be able to sell your ebooks on Amazon, ClickBank, JVzoo… You can give away the resell rights to your work in a PLR bundle. You can give away your work as a bonus to build your client list.


The algorithm needs you to input basic information such as your niche the number of pages wich writing template you want to use and voila, you have a brand new product to sell. The intergraded graphics designing tool is just priceless. It has dozens of pre-designed templates and tools to create your personalized designs at the push of a button.



The best part of this product is the dedicated support from the team at Sqribble they are there for any concerns you may have regarding the software. Plus you will have access to the online training centre with is a series of step by step tutorials in case you need help creating your work.


With the agency rights, you will be able to start your own business selling custom-made ebooks. This type of service costs thousands of dollars on freelancer sites, and the best part is you get to keep all of the profit.


So easy to use with its drag and drop technology. Its user interface is fun and simple. You don’t need any special skills to use this ebook creator. Just point click, drag and drop.

What’s the price?

At an amazing price of $47 you can’t go wrong. Outsourcing a simple 1,000 word article can cost you more than that. Plus you have a 30-day money back guarantee.


Sqribble is all cloud-based and it is compatible on all computers.


Click here to visit www.sqribble.com


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