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Salehoo Review


Need a list of wholesale suppliers that do drop shipping?


Whether you want to sell on eBay, Amazon or your website, Salehoo is the answer when it comes to finding wholesale suppliers. With over 8,000 wholesale and dropship vendors and over 2.5 million products that range from electronics to clothing, Salehoo is truly the best reference to find products to sell online.


Voted the best wholesale directory online the New Zealand company is user-friendly and has a trusted supplier list. With Salehoo, you are guaranteed to get legitimate quality, wholesale suppliers. Over 100,000 people use this site every year.



The wholesalers on Salehoo are not only reliable but inexpensive enabling you to turn a good profit. With virtually no returns the companies listed on this directory deliver the best brands such as Nike Samsung, and DeWalt. Best of all they ship to almost every country on all continents with low shipping costs. Most of its suppliers come for the United States, so you know you are getting quality products with low shipping costs.


Dealing with US based companies means you are on the same page when it comes to quality and safety regulations. You don’t want someone to get hurt using a product you sold them even though it was through a drop shipper the legal responsibility is still yours.


Most companies on Salehoo don’t even require a deposit or a minimum order amount. People are making a fortune selling on eBay and Amazon using this tool because you don’t need a warehouse, you don’t need a website, and you don’t need a store. Simply sell the product more than what you pay and you’ve got an online business.


The market research is easy and fun, you browse eBay and Amazone and compare the prices of the items you are interested in selling. Then check how much you pay for the same product and figure your margin if you’re making above 30% in profit you should have a good business model. You don’t need a background in marketing to figure this one out.


Overall after testing dozens of wholesale suppliers and drop shippers, Salehoo is the winner and the best company to deal with if you don’t want any trouble in the long run. It is trusted by many, and over the years it has made its way to being the best in the industry.


Wish you success in your online business.

Salehoo Review
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Excellent drop shipping directory and resources.


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