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PhotoJobz Review

Photojobz Review
Photojobz Review
PhotoJobz Review
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Best freelance photographer job directory online.

Photojobz: A Complete Review

PhotoJobz is a new directory for freelance photographers. It helps new photographers sell their photos online. Here is how it works; you take a photo and upload it on one of the featured sites for free. You get paid each time someone uses your photo. There are millions of sites online and they need photos for their web design. This is where you come in, your photos are in demand. The best part of being a freelancer is that there is no stress. If your photo doesn’t sell, its not the end of the world – you can take a better one next time.

Why do I need PhotoJobz to sell my photos?

 PhotoJobz has a list of hundreds of sites that are waiting for your photos. The demand is so high they are willing to pay you as much as 75% of their profits in commission. But not all photos sell, and this is where PhotoJobz comes in. They will tell you exactly which type of images sell and where to sell them.

Do I need fancy equipment?

No, most smartphones can take good photos and a professional camera is not required. But after you start making money you will want to equip yourself with professional gear.

It is easier to adjust your settings with a professional-grade camera.  And they have better storage capacity.  It is also harder to zoom without a lens, although smartphones have digital zoom it is never as good as the real thing.

But don’t worry you can take plenty of pictures using your smartphone alone.  A new iPhone or Google Pixel phone does the job above and beyond. 


What type of photos will I need to take?

 You will take photos of everyday things. For example, one of my most popular photos is a burger. I went to a fancy burger joint, ordered a burger, brought it home and took pictures of it. To this day you can find this picture on the websites of restaurants all over the world.
I make a steady commission off of this single photo. Of course, I have many more pictures selling and earning me money. PhotoJobz will tell you exactly what to capture with your camera and on what platform to sell the pictures you take.  Some pictures sell as much as $20. That’s up to $15 in your pocket each time someone uses that single image.  

Can I make a living off of my photos?

PhotoJobz will tell you exactly how to become a professional photographer. Find thousands of job opportunities as a freelancer. Some freelancers are earning more than $80,000 selling photos online.  You may not make that much money as a beginner but remember that each picture you put for sale will generate residual income.  It is reasonable to say that within 6 months you could earn enough money to call this gig your full-time job.  And the best part is that once you have a big repertoire of pictures they will sell every month without you having to work anymore.

Do I recommend PhotoJobz?

Yes! I recommend the Photojobz membership site to every photographer wanting to make more money. You don’t need to be the best photographer; you need to know what sells and where to sell it. The photo market is big and graphic designers want your work. It can be for a website, a magazine, a brochure, an ad…

Become your own boss and start making money with your camera. Visit the official website at www.photojobz.com


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