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MyVideoSpy Review

MyVideoSpy review
MyVideoSpy review
My Video Spy review
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This year's best tool for video marketing, rank #1 with ease!

What can MyVideoSpy do for your business?

Above all, MyVideoSpy can rank any video at the top of search results. You can, therefore, generate massive revenue through product sales and affiliate sales. Imagine outranking your competitors with every video you publish and consequently making you the leader in every niche of your choice. As a result, this new software can generate revenue with any product you decide to throw at it. In the meantime, your competitors will be paying thousands a month to appear below your results on Google and YouTube.


Is MyVideoSpy different than the thousands of other video creation software?

Online Marketing Gurus might have told you that video creation is the best way to make money online. However, what they fail to say is that if a video has no views, it becomes useless! For that reason, it is crucial to make sure your videos are ranking on search engines or Youtube. After all, the whole point is to convert viewers into buyers, and without viewers, you won’t have any sales.


MyVideoSpy works in 4 easy steps


Step 1 Identify

The app matches untapped keywords with the right niche. Uncovering the potential of getting thousands of views.


Step 2 Expose

Then it exposes your competitor’s weaknesses and uses them to leverage your ranking.


Step 3 Track

Let our app tell you the potential of your selected keywords before even publishing the video; this enables you to decide if the campaign is worth the effort.


Step 4 Rank

Satisfied with the potential outcome, then proceed and rank your video #1 with the built-in LIVE-LISTINGS engine…


Real Results



MyVideoSpy Features

Powerful, Built-in Keyword Engine

MyVideoSpy as a built-in keyword engine providing powerful and laser-targeted keywords. This tool will guarantee video views before even starting your campaign. Don’t guess your keywords hoping to score a good one now and then. Make sure you get traffic from every project you post on youtube. Waste less time and get results every time.


Powerful, Built-in Keyword Suggester

The app will not only tell you how many visitors a keyword has the potential to generate, but it will also suggest hundreds of other high volume relevant keywords people search for every day.

At a click of a button, the app will generate a list of keywords from which you can choose the right ones for your campaign. The list will include statistics such as difficulty to rank and search volume.


Powerful, Video Analyzer Built-in

So you have picked your keywords by now, and the next step is to analyse your competitor’s metrics, how many likes they have and what are the type of comments they get. This info will enable you to copy what they do so you can outrank them.


Powerful, Optimization Analyzer

This analyser will tell you exactly what you can do to rank better than others with your selected keywords. All this by knowing what your competitors are doing wrong and what you can do right.


Powerful Tag Finder

The tag finder will isolate the right tags and tell you exactly which ones are getting traffic. With one click MyVideoSpy will target all the right tags for your campaign.

You will be able to steal all of your competitors work by finding the tags they use on there most successful videos.


Powerful, Daily-Views Tracker

Unfortunately, youtube does not allow you to track your daily views anymore. But thanks to MyVideoSpy this is now possible again. Yep, you can now track your daily views and also spy on your competitors daily views.


Powerful, LIVE-Listings Engine

There is currently a loophole in Googles algorithm ranking live-listings at the top of search results, and MyVideoSpy has a feature that tricks Google into thinking your video is a live event which automatically ranks it at the top!


Powerful, Rank tracker Built-in

So your video is now published, and you can now track its ranking on Google and Youtube. You will be able to see its position at any given time.


MyVideoSpy review



Starting at $28.24, the price of this app is simply dirt cheap. You can’t get a single quality backlink for this price. It’s the price equivalent of 20 PPC clicks, but it can generate thousands of visitors to any offer every day of the week.


Do I recommend MyVideoSpy?

Yes, to anyone doing video marketing, this tool is a must-have in your toolbox. Get instant ranking for any video you have or plan to make in the future.


Visit The Official Website: https://launchspecial.com/mvs-special/




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