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Motion Ads 3.0 review

Motion Ads 3.0 review
Motion Ads 3.0 review
Motion Ads 3.0 review
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Learn how to design live image ads.

What’s all the buzz about Motion Ads 3.0?

The digital world is changing, and plain old images are getting outdated. The new generation of online media is interactive and captivating. I’m talking about Cinemagraphs, Plotagraphs, & 3D Photos.

These new types of dynamic images are getting very popular, and they are slowly replacing regular 2d images, especially in advertising, where you get a given area on a website to promote your brand or website. Let’s say you have a 250px by 250px area to work with, although this is a small area if you have the only ad that is animated you might win over your customer’s attention and get a new sale.

This new technology is so captivating it is proven to convert 80% more than static images. This means you can afford to pay more for your ad placement giving you more exposure than your competitors at a lower price. Say hello to ROI.

There is only one problem with this new trend; not many graphic designers are trained to produce Cinemagraphs, Plotagraphs, & 3D Photos. Therefore the prices of these graphics are through the roof! So what’s the solution? I present Motion Ads 3.0!



Learn how to create these new live images with Motion Ads 3.0

Instead of paying someone to design your images, why not learn how to do it yourself. Motion Ads 3.0 will teach you how to create Cinemagraphs, Plotagraphs, & 3D Photos. All this while using free software. Get a complete detailed course on how to do ads with this new technique. You will also get templates to help you get started.


Motion Ads 3.0 Features

  • Get the full course covering the basics of graphic design.
  • 3D Photo Ads: Learn how to create this new type of ad that is going viral on     social media.
  • Cinemagraphy: Learn how to get and modify stock images and turn them into Cinemagraphy.
  • Living Images: Turn any image into a captivating loop animation. Learn where to find free and paid images for your live image projects.
  • Get free backgrounds for your Cinemagraph.
  • All templates are editable with Photoshop “paid” or Gimp “free”.



Get your copy today for the incredibly low price of $31.50. This course is worth every penny. Freelancers are charging from $50 to $250 to design a single banner ad! Think about all the money you will save with this knowledge!


Do I recommend Motion Ads 3.0?

Yes! Whether you are new to graphic design or want to brush up on these new techniques, this course is perfect for everybody. Learn fast with step by step instructions.

Visit the official website: www.chamaltatis.com/motion-ads/




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