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Metabolic Stretching Review

Metabolic Stretching System Review
Metabolic Stretching System Review
Metabolic Stretching Review
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Awesome weight loss and exercise program.

Metabolic Stretching Review -Is it Worth the Hype?

Here is my comprehensive Metabolic Stretching Review. Since the dawn of man’s ability to communicate, there has likely been at least SOME version of a fat loss/fitness program for sale! (I wonder what the caveman equivalent of an infomercial was…? I digress) The fact is, there are SO many programs available out there that all promise to help you lose fat, build muscle, and look amazing. Rest assured, this is one of them.

Metabolic Stretching Review, WHAT IS IT?

My Metabolic Stretching review uncovered that strength coach and personal trainer Brian Klepacki, is a downloadable fitness program designed around the concept of active stretching. The program purports to help users become more flexible and lose fat at the same time. It is designed as a program that works as an alternative to expensive gym memberships (that many people have trouble getting to regularly) and expensive and sometimes hard to use fitness equipment (that also have a plethora of drawbacks as well.) Metabolic Stretching was created with the following in mind:

The workout can be done at home or the office

No special equipment is required

• There are No lengthy workouts, just 15 minutes per day in order to experience results

The stretching workout promises to help increase flexibility and posture and burn fat while building muscle

Downloadable videos and an accompanying PDF guide help ensure that the program is easy to follow

Metabolic Stretching was designed to have a low price point, so expense is not a barrier to enter for anyone who really wants to get into shape



Sounds great but, DOES IT WORK?

While making the Metabolic Stretching review it struck me that no matter what the cost of any fitness potion, powder, pill or program, if it doesn’t work, then it’s a complete waste. Most who need to lose fat and get in shape will pay a fair sum if they truly believe the money will be well spent. Metabolic Stretching has a fair number of attractive attributes but is a program that focuses on stretching for fat loss even viable?

First, just STRETCHING per se is not going to change your body. It may help you bend further or in some cases avoid injury, but a simple stretch won’t do much for burning fat and building muscle. BUT, this program is not about simple stretching, or static stretching (where you simply stretch a body part and hold that position) but instead, it incorporates DYNAMIC stretching with some full range of motion bodyweight exercises that will certainly get the heart pumping.

Dynamic stretching is a movement-based stretch that allows for the ligaments and tendons to be stretched while the body is in motion, versus simply being still. Here is an example:

Putting your outstretched leg up on a table or other surface and having it rest there while you bend to touch your toes and hold that position…that is a STATIC STRETCH. However, if, while walking, you swing each leg forward and try to increase the range of motion with each step, that is DYNAMIC STRETCHING.


A simple enough concept to be certain, but the fact is, dynamic stretching has some very positive benefits and the research is there to back it. Our body responds well to dynamic stretching as it mimics more closely the motions our body performs in everyday life. Running, climbing, jumping, etc. I mean, how often in life do you need to just move into a position and HOLD? Rarely, if ever. Your body’s ligaments, tendons and muscles respond well to dynamic stretching and adapt as a result. This means you will gain flexibility in those areas in a relatively safe way, but there is another aspect of it that plays into the reason this program was developed…

This Metabolic Stretching review found that this book is as much about full body movement as it is about stretching. The program uses compound body movements (movements that require several body parts working at once) throughout the program and these movements have the ability to burn lots of calories AND build muscle. Workouts that focus on bodyweight movements aren’t likely to make anyone look like The Hulk (or even Thor for that matter) but, if the workout is intense enough and requires the person exercising to truly tax their muscles, increase their heart rate and breathing AND is easy enough to do consistently from the comfort of one’s home, then there certainly exists the possibility of some fat loss and muscle building activity.


Metabolic Stretching review pros and cons

The pros of this Metabolic Stretching Review

As mentioned previously in this Metabolic Stretching review, this program was designed smartly to make it very attractive to a key demographic. If you are someone that doesn’t like gyms, is money conscious, and maybe not info lifting heavy weights, then this program may be a good fit.

  • Inexpensive ($19 ONE TIME)
  •  It’s quick (15 minutes per day is an attractive feature no matter how much you might hate working out)
  • Only reliant on YOU (no weights, no machines, no bands, just your body weight is all you need)
  •  The course is self-contained (no need to get in your car to drive to the gym, just watch the videos on your computer at home and follow along)

The cons of this Metabolic Stretching Review

Nothing is perfect, so it is said. And Metabolic Stretching, while a fairly comprehensive and unique take on fat loss and fitness, has a few drawbacks as well.

• In this Metabolic Stretching review we found that while the videos try to do a good job of showing you various angles and explaining movement, without a trainer present to watch you form, it is possible to injure a muscle or overstretch a tendon or ligament.

Because the workout is not as intense as something like CrossFit, or an intense weightlifting program, you may have to consistently workout for several weeks to begin seeing the fat loss and muscle building benefits


The Bottom Line of this Metabolic Stretching Review

After reviewing the videos and downloadable PDF and knocking out a workout, I think it is safe to say that if you stick with this, it is likely to yield results. Nothing does the work for you, it is YOU that makes the results happen, but Metabolic Stretching does provide a comprehensive program that is suitable for a wide variety of people. I think if you are looking for something a little different that is pretty fun, and contains the benefits of stretching, fat burning movements, and will likely build some muscle as well, then $19 is a pretty reasonable investment. If you do decide to grab a copy yourself, make sure to stay consistent. Result may take some time but if you are really committed to losing fat and getting into shape, then Metabolic Stretching may be exactly what you have been looking for.



Visit the website: Click here to visit the Metabolic Stretching official website.



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