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Is HostGator trustworthy?
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Is HostGator trustworthy? 

When you’re building your website, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many options available that one can easily be overwhelmed by all the choices.

If you’ve been searching through your potential options for a website builder, you may have come across Hostgator. Hostgator offers many options that may appeal to you, but some of the features may not be the right fit for your business.

In this post, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of Hostgator so that you can make an informed decision on your website builder.

Pros of Hostgator Website Builder

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, the following features of Hostgator are compelling to any company or entrepreneur:

  • Client payment options. No matter which pricing plan you select, you have the ability to take payments. This differs from many of the other website building services which only allow this feature through their premium packages.
  • Affordability. While there is no free version of Hostgator, the prices available for each membership tier are outstanding. The affordability of using Hostgator makes them an extremely tempting option when compared alongside their competitors.
  • Excellent customer service. Their support team is friendly, quick to respond, and extremely effective at triaging any issues that may arise throughout the process of building your website. They are available to help via chat, email, and phone, allowing you to reach them in whatever manner you prefer.

Cons of Hostgator Website Builder

It’s easy to see the positives inherent in Hostgator’s service. However, as with anything, there are certainly elements of Hostgator that could use a tune-up:

  • Limited Apps and Extensions. Hostgator maintains an app store, but the options are sparse, to put it mildly. They focus mainly on the necessities when it comes to website building and they do this extremely well. It would just be nice to have some more options available.
  • Inability to schedule posts for publication. When it comes to blog posting, Hostgator has a frustrating limitation: the service does not enable you to schedule posts ahead of time. While this is a relatively small issue, it is an annoyance which makes it difficult to effectively create a blog post marketing campaign.
  • Extremely limited ability to edit photos. Outside of modifying the size of your images, you have almost no photo editing capabilities with Hostgator. This is unfortunate, as Hostgator allows you access to tons of photos and images that you can use as much as you like.


For those looking for an affordable service with tons of free stock images and excellent customer service, Hostgator is the website builder for you.

If, however, you have a great need to perform detailed photo edits, schedule blog posts for publication, and highly value having many app options; you’ll want to look for another service.

Website building through Hostgator is an overall great experience, but your mileage may vary based on your individual needs. So, make sure you take your time and compare all of the options available before moving forward with your decision.

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