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Is GoDaddy a good web builder?
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Is GoDaddy a good web builder? 

GoDaddy burst onto the scene years ago with its use of compelling TV commercials. The company has its roots firmly planted in the web hosting space, but they also provide the option for website building through their site.

So, is GoDaddy all flash and no substance, or does the site provide an excellent website building service that’s well-worth the investment? Let’s break it down.

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy has multiple enticing features that may draw in businesses such as:

  • Intuitive editing features. Of all of the website building services available, GoDaddy is one of the simplest to use. All of the editing tools are easy to find and someone with virtually no tech experience would not have a difficult time navigating GoDaddy’s platform.
  • Integrated marketing capabilities. GoDaddy makes running your marketing campaign a breeze. Newsletters, social media, and other marketing tools are all an integral part of your website when you design it using GoDaddy.
  • Phone, tablet, and desktop compatibility. When you’re on the go or aren’t able to get to your computer, you can still do everything you need to do with regards to your website on your phone or tablet. With GoDaddy, even when you’re on vacation you can still make simple, quick edits to your website from the palm of your hand.

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

Of course, the good aspects of the service outlined above have to be compared with the more negative aspects discussed below:

  • No email customer service. While there are options by phone and chat, email is often one of the preferred means of communicating with customer support staff. This option not being available forces users to wait in what can often be a long queue on the phone, or use the chat feature. Both of these methods work just fine, but can take some time to get a response.
  • Relatively expensive. There are 5 pricing options with GoDaddy, which range from 0$/month to 25$/month. The free version allows for very little flexibility, which often pushes users toward the more expensive options.

Is GoDaddy Worth It?

Compared to other website building services, GoDaddy is probably not the best option for most businesses. That being said, it’s important that you consider exactly what you need from your website.

If you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use service that makes designing your website a simple process which can be done from any device, you should consider using GoDaddy.

On the other hand, if you want an emphasis on SEO, have complex needs for your site, and are looking for an affordable option, it would be best for you to look elsewhere.

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