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Important Things To Teach Your Dog Or Puppy


How To Train My Dog To Run With Me

It is important to note that not all dogs should run, running is not for brachycephalic dogs (those with short muzzles), such as bulldogs or pugs. It is safe to wait until your dog is at least one year old before trying to run with him. But don’t worry, you can start right away by teaching your puppy how to walk correctly. Your pup needs to be able to walk beside you with a loose leash before you teach him to run. You need your dogs’ entire focus on staying beside you while walking before you start jogging with him. You don’t want your dog to chase a squirrel on your morning jog. Once able to walk beside you without tugging on the leash, you can start to accelerate the pace. Use cues such as walk, run and faster. When the dog responses to a command give him a treat and verbal encouragements.

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How To Train My Dog To Lay Down

To teach your dog how to lay down, use a treat and place it near the dogs’ nose. Slowly and gradually bring the piece of dog food closer to the ground each time you give your dog a treat. Once your dog follows your hand to the floor, its time to change your treat for a hand signal. Make the same gesture but without food and then give your dog the treat with the other hand once on the floor. Remember to incorporate the command “down” afterwards because dogs learn better from body language, so it’s easier to show a hand signal first.

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How To Train My Dog To Come When Called

When you call your dog, make sure you are not using an authoritative tone. Your dog can sense if you are mad at him by the sound of your voice. If he thinks he is in trouble, he won’t come to you when you call him. So even if he has done something wrong, don’t punish him if he comes to you after you call him. If you punish your dog after calling him, he will associate the two “coming home = punishment”.

When you call your dog only use his name + the command.  

Fido “come” or Fido “home” 

Always use the same command when calling your dog. Call him once and wait a couple of minutes and then call him again. 

Once your dog arrives home, give him a treat or encourage him.

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How To Train My Dog To Walk On A Leash

Your puppy should associate his leash and collar to “fun time”. So before taking him for his first walk, put on his collar and leash and play with him inside. Give him treats and play with your puppy. Do this a few times until he associates his collar and leash to having fun. Once he is comfortable, it’s time to go outside. Make sure to bring some treats. If he pulls on the leash stay still until he stops pulling, don’t pull back or yank the leash. If he tends to lunge at other dogs, people or cars try to prevent this from happening by giving your pup a treat before he lunges. If your dog barks on his walk, it’s a sign he is not getting enough exercise.

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How To Train My Dog To Pee Outside

This method requires a bit of time, and if you are a couple of people in the household, you should all help. Every hour take your dog outside and tell him your command; it can be “pee pee”. Wait for him to do his business. If he does a number 1 or 2 give him a treat and encouragements. If he doesn’t clear his blatter don’t give him anything and bring him back inside. Since you are doing this every hour, you don’t have to wait long outside. 1 or 2 minutes. After a couple of days, your dog should do his business on command. And remember to give him a treat if he pees on his daily walk.

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How To Train My Dog Not To Bark

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. Dogs tend to bark when they are bored, so taking them for a walk in the morning can help them get through the day without barking. To help with the boredom, you can give him a toy or a bone to chew. Make sure your dog socialises with other dogs and other people. This way, he won’t get anxious around them. Turning the TV on when you leave your home will help give your pet a sense of security as if you were present. If your dog barks when he wants something, ignore him until he stops and then give him what he wants. Ignoring your dogs barking will encourage him to use another method of communication.

Can I Train My Dog At Home

Yes, you can train your dog at home. There are plenty of online courses and classes to help you train your dog at home. Some are better than others, so I have a couple of recommendations for you here.






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What Should I Train My Dog To Do First

First, you should teach your puppy to come when you call him. The second thing to teach your dog is loose leash walking. And the other important things to teach your dog include Sit, Stay and Lay Down. These are the basics, but the possibilities are endless, dogs are smarter than you may think.

What Age Should I Train My Dog

You should start training your dog the moment you acquire him. The first thing you will do is train him to pee and poo outside. Then gradually train him to get familiar with his collar and leash. You can start teaching basic commands “sit,” “down,” and “stay,’ as early as seven weeks old.


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