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How much does it cost to hire someone to build your website?
Web Design

How much does it cost to hire someone to build your website? 

Having a website is fundamental. And not only for automating but also for providing your prospects with more information about your business. The funny thing is, a person may gain trust in your business by checking your website. Statistics show that most people (approximately 80%)  do online research on a company before deciding to purchase. That is how much weight a website carries for your business.

And with that in mind, the building part of a website is crucial. Whether you decide to go all DIY (which may cost around $200 and an extra $50 monthly for maintenance) or hire a person (may cost more with half the amount down payment), the need to be extra keen is inarguable.

It’s also good to note that websites are not only for extensive operations like 35% of people running small businesses think. They are for all types of companies.

A good website should be fast, responsive, and error-free. To make this possible, you must put in the effort, be proficient or hire a website designer, but most importantly, be ready to invest (well, depending on the type of website you’re looking for).

Building A website

Now that you acknowledge how important a website is to your business, it is essential to find the right expert to help build it. But it’s also important to know that you can do it yourself. Building a website solemnly depends on its complexity. Of course, some websites like an SEO-optimized one may require you to get help. But if it’s a basic one, roll up your sleeves—you’ll be amazed!

And luckily, you don’t have to be tech-savvy. There are thousands of tools that can help you be coding proficient. And as if the deal couldn’t get any better, there are also tutorials, which are mostly free, and will have you fully equipped to tackle the work.

Building your website depends on your need—but most importantly, the cost. We’ve highlighted the cost of each type of website for you. You can choose to start with a simple one or go the eCommerce-site-way.

But before that…

What things should you keep in mind?

Your goals influence the way you want to set up your website. And in that case, you must start by asking yourself several questions:

  • What features are essential?

Even if you find a seasoned person to do the work for you, you need to establish the features you want on your website beforehand. Some of these features might be costly, especially if you have set your mind on the fabulous website with cool bells and whistles you saw online. However, for a simple site, especially for starters, you may not need all that.

So, make sure you find high-priority features and proceed to scribble each down—to avoid forgetting.

  • Will a custom-built website suit you?

Let’s start by noting that a WordPress developer charges around $30 to $200 an hour to build you a custom WordPress theme—they will give the site a unique look—not that you can’t!—It’s actually cost-effective to do it yourself than to hire someone. So, roll out your website easily by installing a pre-built WordPress.

  • Lastly, what’s your budget?

Now that you know the features you want to add in, you can estimate your budget realistically. Having a specific budget in mind is important because you don’t end up adding premium plugins and themes that are costly and probably don’t need as a starter. But if there’s a need, always use the free trials first, then invest in the one you liked most.

Additionally, we’d recommend that you start your website at a low cost and then do all the addons as it grows.

There are three types of websites, i.e., a simple website, an advanced website, and an eCommerce website. Each is different in its own way. We’ve broken them down to help you estimate your budget before you venture into the online space.

How much does it cost to build a simple website?

A simple website may not have many features but can be the eye-opener you need as you find your way into the online market. The cost of developing it may range from $100 to $500 or may shoot up to $30,000 (for more sophisticated features). A simple website may have many characteristics. Some are:

  • Ease in opening the website on the web browser and phone.
  • Ease in managing the products as well as tracking
  • The product title and other important details are easy to read—in terms of the font.
  • No technical disturbance while viewing products, adding them to cart, ordering, or even paying.
  • Properly installed and configured SSL.


You might need some tools to make the arduous work more manageable as you build your website. These Web development tools are there to lessen the work for you. And not only that, but they are also cost-effective (free to be precise). With the use of either of these tools, you can be sure to develop a responsive website with lower bounce rates and low maintenance needs.

We have highlighted a few which are effective.

Website Builder

Website builders are the next best thing for people who can’t quite swing the paid website builders. By using a website builder, you are sure to construct a site that offers professional-looking templates, SEO benefits, and embedded analytics systems. In simple terms, a website builder makes it easy for you to add plugins, navigation menus, SEO tags, and other features. All these, mostly, for free regardless of you not forfeiting quality.

If you are familiar with WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix, you know that they all require little to no knowledge in coding. And to add a cherry on top, WordPress is said to power over 14% of the world’s top websites, while Wix has over 22 million mobile site users. So, you can never go wrong.

  • Domain Name

A domain name is basically what defines your brand. If well-chosen, it can increase your business or brands recognitions and affect the organic SEO rankings of your web page. This means that it has the power to improve your SEO rankings.

Generally, a domain name is a website address that users type in the search bar to get directed to your website. It’s the first step you take while creating your website as much as it is the first thing your visitors see—a good and relevant domain can help make a great first impression.

Creating a domain page is straightforward and may take a few minutes. And when purchasing a domain, you can be sure to use around $9 to $ 14.99 yearly— depending on the domain registration service.

  • Web Hosting

Choosing your web host is an important step. This is because it’s the home of your website. Your prospects are directed to the web host server where you’ve stored your web files as soon as they put in the domain name. If you’re afraid of this step, then the internet has myriads of information on choosing the best web host—there are tons of options to choose from, including Bluehost, SiteGround, GoDaddy, etc.

Depending on the company you choose to use, you can get different web hosting services, i.e.:

  • Blog hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • eCommerce hosting

An enthralling fact about web hosting is that it can be shared (shared hosting), costing you around d$3 to $7 per month, which is considerably cheap. This price also reflects on WordPress hosting (in most cases). And if you choose VPS hosting, the process may range from $20 to $30. Additionally, dedicated hosting is the more secure option; however, it can be costly. This is because, with a ton of web hosting servers available, each offers a different number of features.

All this information takes us back to the question:

How much does it really cost to build a simple/regular website?

As mentioned earlier, the price of building a simple website is mainly influenced by how sophisticated you want the features to be. And now that you know what tools you might need, calculating the cost is easier.

1st cost: website development ranges between $100 and $500. Adding in web hosting and domain name, which costs $8.99 per month and $14.99 per year approximately, brings everything to an investment of $122.87, including the cost of the hosting plan and domain name.

Well, this is shockingly a colossal amount for a person starting their business. But, luckily, a company (Bluehost) that is involved with WordPress (from 2005) offers a free SSL certificate, a free domain name, and, to top it all, a 65% off on web hosting. This company is highly recommended by WordPress and currently hosts over 2 million websites.

To avoid shelling out the big bucks, we’ve listed free WordPress themes together with the plugins found in the WordPress repository. These free yet essential plugins will do a great job creating, managing, and improving your overall experience.

  • WPForms lite (for building contact form)
  • W3 Total Cache (for improving speed and performance)
  • Yoast SEO (for WordPress SEO)
  • Akismet (for preventing spam comments)
  • UpdraftPlus (for WordPress site back up)
  • MonsterInsights (for connecting your site to Google Analytics)

More approximate cost: when you use Bluehost, the cost of the domain name, SSL certificate, essential plugins and themes, and that of WordPress website builder will be FREE. This leaves you with the web hosting price, which is $33. This is a great save, considering you don’t need the frills but just the online presence.

  • How much does it cost to build an advanced website?

Starting with free themes and plugins, as mentioned above, is cost-effective. But as the website grows, you might want to add in more enhanced features—meaning an increment of the custom website cost. And this here may be a sign of growth and the need to find powerful hosting services, i.e., SiteGround’s GoGeeK plan.

This plan has premium features such as faster performance, staging, and to better it all, it can carry a total of 100,000 visitors monthly. However, as good as all this may sound, you should note that it costs more than Bluehost.

To give your site a professional appearance, you may want to get the premium WordPress theme which comes with priority support and extra features.

Below are some premium WordPress plugins that are great for your advanced website:

For Appearance

  • Envira Gallery – A responsive gallery plugin from WordPress
  • SeedProd –For beautiful landing pages, use the drag and drop page builder

For Essentials

  • All in One SEO – improves the SEO (rank on Google search results) of your site
  • WPForms – You can create any form you may want for your website
  • Monsterlnsights – For installing Google Analytics

For Security

  • Sucuri Firewall – WordPress security plugin
  • UpdraftPlus – WordPress backup plugin

For Digital Marketing

  • TrustPulse—For building confidence and trust in customers
  • Wp Simple Pay –Accepting donations as well as payments online, securely
  • Constant Contact – For email marketing service

Cost: So, the setup cost for your advanced website can be estimated between $500 and $2,000 yearly—all this depends on your choice of premium products.

How much does it cost to build an online eCommerce store website?

Building an online eCommerce business is a huge step. With the sales on eCommerce hitting $4.891 billion, you can be sure that’s it’s a certain way to expand your business globally. More so, setting up such an online store doesn’t require you to forfeit all your bucks, but more of save more.

Building your eCommerce store website may require you to have a free comprehensive plugin called WooCommerce, which is on WordPress. You can also check out the hosted platforms i.e., BigCommece and Shopify, which are an all-in-one solution and are a great way of caring for the website hosting. The downside of this is that you won’t have as much control over your web customizations and design as you’d want to.

To get complete control of your website, you can buy the hosting plan together with the domain name. And if starting out we’d recommend the Bluehost WooCommerec plan. It comes with a set of features and has several benefits, i.e.,

  • Has SSL certificate included
  • A free domain name that can be waived off for a year
  • The WordPress is pre-installed to make it easier for you to start your online store
  • There is a dedicated support team to assist you

Total approx. Cost: If you choose to power your website with WooCommerce, the estimated price may amount to $466.20, this being the amount for three years. The domain name, SSL certificate, WooCommerce store, WordPress website builder, and the Essential themes and plugins will be FREE, leaving you with the Cost of WooCommerec web hosting, which will be the mentioned $12.95 for a sum of 6 months ($466.20 for three years).

What about the cost of a single year? Well, the estimated cost for web hosting is $55.4 yearly. And the FREE domain name, etc., is bound to expire after a year. That means you will start to pay for them in the second year. So, the eCommerce store may cost around $170 per year. And if you add more premium features, the price may go high.

So, how much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Getting extra help is essential. An extra hand may help you get more addons and functionalities. However, it may cost you more.

The most important thing to keep in mind when getting help is hiring a professional who’s well versed in the area to avoid cons. You can hire:

  • An Agency

The cost of hiring an agency to develop a website depends on the agency itself. We estimate it to:

Ecommerce store: $400 to $150,000 and an average cost of $13,700

Website development: $220 to $50,000 and an average cost of $3700

Blogs: $220 to $16,000 and an average cost of $3000

  • A Freelancer

Freelancers are the best and most flexible way of website development. The cost of hiring them is influenced by the platform you choose to use, i.e., WordPress, Squarespace, etc. Some charge depending on the hours, and some use the flat fee method. If it’s a flat fee, always ensure the features you want are included.

The cost may also be influenced by the location and skill of the developer.

The cost per hour is $19 to $90, as documented by the People Per Hour platform. And for a flat fee rate, Fiverr is the best platform, with the price ranging from $330 for an eCommerce site and $90 for a simple one.

Note: Overpaying is an often-reported case when building a website. And to avoid it, it’s always good to start small. Always watch out for WordPress coupons and deals to get discounts. Additionally, don’t hesitate to get a more powerful hosting configuration as well as WordPress hosting which helps in optimizing security configuration.


Building a website is a necessity, especially if your goal is to see it grow—which should be. And the cost of hiring someone to build it for you can’t be easily defined. The good thing is, now you have an estimated amount for either hiring someone or doing it yourself. That’s right! You can always do it yourself. There are tutorials and website development tools for this.


How much does it cost to hire someone to build your website?

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