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Free Karambit Knife Review

Free Karambit Knife Review
Free Karambit Knife Review
Free Karambit Knife Review
Ease Of Use
Customer Ratings:4 Votes4.6
One of the best piece of survival equipment I have ever tested + it's free!
This free karambit knife is the perfect EDC knife. It’s 7.4 inch blade makes this knife the perfect self-defence weapon. The blade is so sharp it can cut through almost anything, making it the perfect tool to cary around.
I’ve tested this free karambit knife for two weeks. During these 14 days I cut trough endless amounts of rope, wood and plastic. After the trial period I still could cut anything with one blow. This is by far the best tool I’ve ever owned. But beware this knife is not a toy the blade is very sharp and you must be careful when handling this tool.

Why should you get this tactical knife?

  • Designed to have a discreet look
  • The blade will remain razor sharp
  • Get extreme strength with a full tang
  • Perfect size at 7.4 inches in length
  • Equipped with protective sheath
  • Has a quick access neck cord
  • Perfect fit with ergonomic design
  • EDC defence tool for everyday use
  • Rust proof with its high quality stainless steel
  • Express shipping


Do I recommend this product?

After trying this free karambit knife for two weeks I can say that it has become one of my favourite tools. Of course I didn’t use it in a self defence situation, but I have tested it enough to know it is worth carrying it around. If you don’t own a tactical knife then get this one for free you won’t regret ordering it. But hurry up because there is a limited amount of knives and the stocks available are getting low.

Why are they giving away tactical knives for free?

Americangunner.com Is a new company and they wish to make themselves know. This free offer is a marketing tactic to get the word out about this new company.

How long does it take to get your free knife?

I am from Canada and it took under fourteen days to get my order. The item was well packed and came in perfect condition. I found the delay reasonable considering the fact that I’m from another country. If your from the United States expect a shorter delay for your order to arrive.
This is a great new company and I have read only positive feedback from the web. They have a ton of cool self-defence and survival gear.
You can visit the official website at www.AmericanGunner.com to order your knife today.



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