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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies like bitcoins. These currencies can be traded just like regular money. The value of coins like bitcoin fluctuates, so you can buy them when they are worth less money and sell them when they are worth more money. With the Crypto Renegade membership and the Booster Bot, you will learn how to automate this process.


What’s Included With Crypto Renegade and Booster Bot

  • Video tutorials on how to set up your account
  • Video tutorials on how to trade Cryptocurrency
  • A trading account
  • A virtual trading robot called Booster Bot
  • A smartphone app to set up your bot and change some settings
  • Cloud-based access to your account on any device



Cryptocurrency trading compared to regular trading.

The Cryptocurrency market is not yet regulated, meaning that you can start trading with $20. This type of currency started online; this is why trading it online makes so much sense. Since big banks are not taking their share of the profit trading crypto is much more profitable. This market fluctuates in a way that allows you to earn 20% profit in a single day. Trading is hard, and you usually need some experience to achieve success in this field. But with the Booster Bot, you can copy the trades of the best crypto traders. It also keeps track of the most popular currencies every day, trading only successful picks.


Pros & Cons


You only need a small investment of $50 to cover your membership costs of the Crypto Renegade, the Booster Bot and your first few trades.
Automatically trade all day and all night.
Almost guaranteed profits of 20% or more.
No particular skill required, you will learn everything you need to know in the member section.


Although you are almost guaranteed to make money, this is still currency trading, and there is a small risk involved.



Crypto Renegade and Booster Bot is an excellent product for a small investment. I recommend it to anyone wanting to make a low but steady income online. If you reinvest your profits, this steady income can increase exponentially. Some crypto traders make millions trading currency on the internet. Now don’t get me wrong I do not promise you millions in revenue from this program. Beginners usually make around $25 a day depending on how much they have initially invested. But it’s an entertaining way to make an extra income.


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There is a new trend brewing, and it’s hotter than ever! You might have heard of Cryptocurrency and how it’s turning regular people into millionaires. Well, you heard right, and I will show you how you can ride the crypto wave and make some real money!


Hi there! I’m William Denver, and my job is to review new products sold online. Over time I have seen lots of “money-making” products. Most of them don’t work, but sometimes I find a gem like this one. Read the full review to find out why the Crypto Suite is such a great find.


We are currently in the stone age of cryptocurrency. And even though many have made a fortune off of trading bitcoins, it’s still time to profit from this new trend. Did you know that the first bitcoin transaction was in 2010? Back then Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC initiating the start of this new digital currency. Fast-forward today and those 10,000 BTC are worth $41,418,500 us dollars! That’s an average Return On Investment of 624% per day! Don’t you wish you where the owner of that pizza joint?


About The Product

The Crypto Suite is a product created by Luke Maguire. This software is for anyone wanting to automate the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. It gives detailed predictions of which coins will increase in value. Some predictions can multiply your investment by 100X in a single day. How does this computer program work? It analyses data from multiple sources, and it predicts the value of a coin telling you when to buy and sell the currency. It’s also an excellent source of information with tutorials that explain everything you need to know about crypto investing and trading.


When I first tried the Crypto Suite, I only had an idea of how this type of trading worked. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can successfully exchange coins and make a profit. Not all of my trades are profitable, but I managed to double my investment in two weeks.


I think this product is for anyone who is passionate about numbers and money. After all its the only thing you will see in the tutorial and software. If you don’t like math or investing, don’t bother buying into this program.


You can find these features inside the membership area.

  • Cryptosuite Picks The Winning Coins Daily
  • Live notifications on WHEN to invest on the hottest coins.
  • Make 5x To 100X overnight With ICO’s & our predictor
  • Instant Profit Arbitrage
  • Cryptowatch analyser module
  • Track your profits instantly
  • FULL handheld training series
  • VIP Cryptosuite group
  • Keep up to date with the world news in Crypto
  • Individual coin Alerts
  • Free Wallet To Keep Your Cryptocurrency safe
  • 24/7 support Monday-Sunday


Crypto Suite compared to Binary Options Robots

Unlike Binary Options Robots the Crypto Suite is an actual trading platform where you invest your money. Trading “binary options” is similar to Gambling, and Casinos usually operate them these platforms. But not the Crypto Suite because it works like the forex though only with cryptocurrency. You can exchange at any moment, and your funds are always accessible.


Pros and Cons


Fast profit
Always have access to your funds
Exponential return if you reinvest
The tutorials make it easy to understand
Get all the tools you need in one place
14-day money back guarantee
Double your money guarantee


The membership is not free



At $47 a month, the Crypto Suite is a bargain. You can make that money within one hour of using the software once you get the hang of it. However, to some people, this is a lot of money, and for this reason, Luke the founder of this product offers a double your money guarantee. If you haven’t doubled your money within 60 days, Luke will refund you twice what you’ve paid!



Crypto Suite is one of the best products I have tried so far. Get onboard the crypto train while it’s still time. If you like seeing your capital grow in front of your own eyes and you’re passionate about numbers and money, this is a must-have. It’s so easy and fun to use its almost addictive. I strongly recommend the Crypto Suite to anyone who is interested in trading cryptocurrency.

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Victory Crypto is an Alt Coin trading tool. It will tell you when to buy and sell Alt Coins on the CryptoCurrency market. Alt Coins fluctuate more than standard CryptoCurrency this makes them the perfect for trading. In a single day, you can turn a $10 investment into $1,000. Victory Crypto analyses the market and alerts you when its time to trade a specific currency.


When I tried the software, I invested $50. The first few trades were not successful, but on my fourth trade, I made an 800% return on my investment. I am still trading, and so far my $50 investment turned into $124.75 in three days. It’s not quite what the sells page advertised, but it’s a reasonable profit for a few clicks of a mouse.


You can get a $30 discount when you join now, and this deal is for a limited time only. I would start with a small budget if I were you. Gradually increase your trade amount as you get to understand the software. It took me a few tries, but its relatively simple and I’m sure anyone can learn how to use Victory Crypto. The user guide was helpful in understanding how crypto trading works. One of the main reason I tried this software is that it offers a 60-day money back guarantee, but so far I’m not planning on getting a refund; I plan to reinvest my profits to make more money.


Included features

  • Crypto Currency Guide
  • Victory Crypto Software
  • Great Support
  • Free Trading Account
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Victory Crypto Compared With Binary Options

Binary Options trading compares to gambling. Online casinos own most binary options platforms. But cryptocurrency trading is different since it runs on software it is predictable with the right algorithms. The trends can be followed and foreseen. It also fluctuates more than money making it more profitable.


Pros and Cons


A small investment is required, as low as $5
The software and course is not expensive $17
You can make money on your first day
Withdraw your money anytime
High return on your investment
You can reinvest your profits to make more money


A bit hard to understand at first
The software is not automatic you have to place your trades manually



The software and course cost $17. But you also have to invest a minimum of $5 to start trading. The $17 is refundable but not your $5 so keep that in mind.



It works because I made money on my first week of trading with Victory Crypto. I know that $74.75 is not much but its a good start. The guide helped me understand how cryptocurrency works and I look forward to making more money from the software. I get a rush every time I receive an alert from Victory Crypto telling me to invest in a coin. I recommend this software to anyone wanting to make extra money online.