This golfing method enables you to increase your swing distance by an average of 35 yards, you will be able to do this without having to change the entire way you golf. Instead, you will just have to make a few key adjustments to increase the distance of your swing. You won’t need to invest in new equipment because this is a technique that uses physical dynamics and it does not require on any special gear. The best part is that by following this method you will have less chances of injuring yourself. Your drive will be so good you will be able to win against men half your age.

Add distance and accuracy to your ball by hitting it 300 yards down the fairway exactly where you need it to putt a birdie.


Overview of The Simple Senior Swing System

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2. Product name: The Simple Senior Swing
3. Vendor: ClickBank
4. Front-end price: $39
5. Release Date: January 21 2019
6. Release Time: 10PM Eastern Time
7. Recommended: Yes
8. Skill levels needed: Beginner to Expert
9. Support: Great Support
10. Refund: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


I personally think that this product is perfect to increase your golf skills without using an expensive personal trainer or buying gear that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It’s normal to have less strength when you age and this technique enables you to use focus instead of brute force. By concentrating on the technique you will be able to swing further without using strength. Instead, you will simply need to slightly change your posture when hitting the ball to increase its distance by up to 70 yards.


What’s Included in The Simple Senior Swing System course?

  • Step-by-step self-paced home course
  • Videos that can be viewed on any device (cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, tv…)
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
  • Master the kinetic chain to add up to 70 yards if distance to every drive
  • How to eliminate skulls, shanks and slices
  • Change your posture to drive exactly where you want the ball to land
  • Learn how to micro-adjust your swing
  • Drive farther with less effort
  • The best way to grip
  • Take advantage of your momentum to increase the distance of your drive



The Simple Senior Swing System compared to coaching and equipment.

Obviously you could take lessons from a golf coach and learn some of these methods. But at what price? The best coaches ask hundreds per hour and only teach a couple of these tricks. You could buy fancy equipment to increase your drive by 15 yards at best, but it won’t help correct your accuracy. This course only costs $39 and you can take it at home at your own pace. And the best part is that it works!


My results

After following this course for 7 days I was able to increase my distance by 25 yards at the driving range. That’s on every single ball I drive, I can now hit the ball with such accuracy its mind blowing. After just a week I still have a lot to learn from this system, but I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve their golfing skills.


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Simple Senior Swing System



The secret death touches program is the ultimate crash course in martial arts. Learn how to incapacitate any opponent with one of these 11 easy moves. These techniques don’t require strength so anyone can learn how to defend themselves without a firearm. The best part is that you don’t need years of training to learn the 11 death touches; in fact, it only takes half an hour to master these lethal moves.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and never feel intimated or harassed again. Some people train for up to fifteen years to master martial arts, and they don’t even learn the Secret Death Touches. These techniques were kept a secret for thousands of years, and only the elite learned these moves. But now, thanks to Robert Lawrence, these secret death touches are out for anyone to learn and master.


Secret Death Touches Program – Overview

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  • Product name: Secret Death Touches Program
  • Author: Robert Lawrence
  • Vendor: ClickBank
  • Release Date: August 9th, 2019
  • Release Time: 10 PM Eastern Time
  • Recommended: Yes Highly
  • Skill levels needed: None
  • Support: Good Support
  • Refund: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Secret Death Touches Program

Does the Secret Death Touches Program Work

Before trying this program, I had doubts and didn’t believe it would be of any help. I’m not a young guy anymore, and I have a hard time bending down to tie my shoes. I was surprised to find out that these techniques work for anyone. The moves work with your body weight and the momentum of your opponent and yourself. The techniques also rely on specific areas of the body that are vulnerable.


Do I recommend the Secret Death Touches

Yes, I recommend this program to anyone wanting to defend themselves and their loved ones. It will give you so much confidence your opponent will feel intimidated before you even through the first blow. No matter what age or physique you have, this program is for you. It beats martial arts classes, which are costly and take a long time to master.


How Much Does It Cost

The Secret Death Touches Program cost a one-time payment of $49, but don’t worry, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase, you will get your money back no questions asked. Payment is secure and encrypted through ClickBank.

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