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The 10 most anticipated games of 2020


Pick up your controller and lock the door, this year is for gaming and it’s shaping up to be a doozy! Here are the 10 most anticipated games of 2020.

Times are strange. With hardly a jolly story in the headlines and frowns on every face, it’s important to look ahead and shed a positive light on 2020. One form of entertainment that works pretty well in these conditions: video games.

As games become more advanced, more diverse, and generally more jaw-dropping, it’s no surprise that there are a whole bunch of incredible new titles destined to drop in 2020.

Pick up your controller and lock the door, this year is for gaming and it’s shaping up to be a doozy! Here are the 10 most anticipated games of 2020.
DOOM Eternal – March 20 – id Software

Returning to glory after relative obscurity in 2016, DOOM is back on top in a big way. Injecting a much-needed sense of unabashed fun into modernity’s obsession with serious, player tailored story arcs, id Software created something magnificent.

Now with a slew of new weapons, faster movement mechanics, more enemies and a deeper story, we suspect this will be one of the most beloved releases of the year. And rightly so! At some point, people forgot the core mechanics of what made games so fun in the first place: shooting, bloodshed, and fun. Bucketloads of fun.

With DOOM Eternal just around the corner, we can already smell the gore. Step into the boots of Doomguy once more for an absolute rollercoaster of modern FPS glory.

Half-Life: Alyx – March 23 – Valve

If we told you last year there would be a new Half-Life game dropping in 2020 you wouldn’t have believed us, and I don’t blame you! Half-Life 2: Episode 2 came out in 2007 and we’ve heard barely a peep since.

Yet, with Valve still behind the franchise, our hearts retain more than a little hope. Recognising the demand for a AAA VR experience, Valve has been working on Half-Life: Alyx for over five years. The gameplay looks gorgeous, captivating, and incredibly fun. One of the more intriguing titles to be releasing this year.

Hollow Knight: Silksong – June 12 – Team Cherry

One of the most highly anticipated indie titles of the year, Hollow Knight: Silksong is a 2D Metroidvania game from Australian developer Team Cherry. It seems to take the darkness and intrigue of Limbo, and meld that with the character design and boss battles of Cuphead. To sum it up, the game looks stunning and wholly enveloping.

In a world where indie developers can essentially craft AAA releases, this is another shining example of a team of three creating something that looks exceptional. If you haven’t already got a Switch, this will be the game for you to finally embrace the conversion.

Ghosts Of Tsushima – June 27 – Sucker Punch

After FromSoftware’s incredible Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it’s safe to say that our blood is hot for more samurai action, except this time there are no monsters or demons. Sucker Punch’s Ghosts Of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan, around the time of the Mongol invasion.

The tale of vengeance follows a lone samurai defending Tsushima, where you are the last surviving member of your clan.

“In Infamous you explore powers. In this game, we let you explore what it is to be a samurai inside of this enormous landscape of medieval Japan,” says creative director Nate Fox. The open-world scenes look just as majestic as the combat and movement and, let’s just say, the hype is very real.

Dying Light 2 –  2020 TBA – Techland

By tying in parkour, sprawling vertical cityscapes, and an in-depth crafting system, Techland were able to carve their own space into an already well-worn genre of zombie apocalypses. Expanding on the formula that made the original so great, Dying Light 2 looks to employ more character development and tailored storytelling into the mix.

Set 15 years after the original, Dying Light 2 takes places in the last great human settlement, though it seems to have plunged into a gothic dark age. The whole game can be played in 4-person co-op and we cannot wait to face more unspeakable horrors when the sun goes down.

Halo: Infinite – 2020 TBA – 343 Industries

The long-awaited follow up to the masterful Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries have certainly got big shoes to fill. But truth be told, after taking over the franchise from Bungie, they have hardly made a misstep. While there is no set release date as of yet, Halo: Infinite will be an exclusive release with the Xbox Series X, slated to drop in late 2020. However, it’s reasonable to assume the COVID-19 outbreak could delay the release plan.

Die-hard fans will be excited to know that Master Chief will be returning to the franchise along with Gyoza the pug doing the voice acting for aliens. Plus, to utilise the power of the new console, 343 industries have developed a new game engine called Slipspace. Sounds pretty appropriate if you ask me.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – March 20 – Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest entry in the beloved social franchise. Players can explore desert islands in the charming life simulator as well as link up with other players in-game. If you need some wholesome living amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, then Animal Crossing: New Horizons absolutely has you sorted.

This engrossing, expansive, and idyllic looking game is what everyone in the world needs right now as they self-isolate from the terrifying outside. Luckily the release date is just around the corner, so grab your copy now if you aren’t keen on heading down the store.

Elden Ring – December 21 – FromSoftware

While almost zero information has been released thus far, Elden Ring is still one of the most anticipated games of the year. This mash-up feels like something simultaneously natural yet genius, and one that absolutely no one saw coming.

The mastermind behind Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki is teaming up with Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin for a gritty, high-fantasy adventure. With two eternally grim minds behind it, we can expect a gorgeously realised, bloodthirsty world with colourful, in-depth lore. Although almost nothing has been revealed yet one thing can be said for certain, it finally makes sense why Martin has taken so long on the next Game Of Thrones book.

Cyberpunk 2077 – September 17 – CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 is the long-awaited follow up to the massively popular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a franchise that brought Polish developer CD Projekt Red out of anonymity, and rightly so. The Witcher 3 was a sprawling masterpiece based on the popular novels by Andrzej Sapkowski.

CD Projekt Red’s ambitious follow-up looks like it’s ready to take the hype head-on. Instead of swords, sorcery, and witches, it’s guns, cybernetics, and Keanu Reeves. If you’re a fan of near-perfect role-playing then you’d be wise to keep your eyes peeled on Cyberpunk 2077.

The Last Of Us II – March 29 – Naughty Dog

Considering the last game came out in 2013 and it was a downright masterpiece, yep, The Last Of Us Part II is rightfully earns its place on this list. The gameplay looks insanely beautiful, gritty, intense, and most of all, human. This time around we play through Ellie, fighting for survival in a brutal world and meditating on morality and human nature. Sounds like the first game? That’s because it is. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

A new trailer has even given us our first glimpse of Joel, though they now seem estranged as Ellie embarks of a raging violent mission to avenge her dead lover. The complex gameplay mechanics, gorgeous graphicsFree Articles, and emotionally impactful trailers are enough to get us shaking in our boots. With excitement? With fear? Probably a good mix of both.

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Nat Stringer is a music, games, and art enthusiast from Sydney. 

Jackson Wang – biography, personal life, news


A prominent representative of modern Korean pop music, dancer, rapper, and a successful athlete in the past. Jackson Van is a member of the world-famous GOT7 team, brave and energetic, for which he earned the title of the idol of millions.

Career: model, singer-songwriter, television personality, dancer, rapper

Date of Birth: March 28, 1994

Age: 26 years

Place of Birth: Hong Kong, china

Growth: 174

Family status: not married

Childhood and youth

His parents are famous athletes: his mother is a medalist at the Olympic gymnastics games, and his father was a coach of the national fencing team.

cant breath Jackson lyrics Wang as a child with his mother and older brother

At the age of 6 also began to do gymnastics, like his mother, and even won the Hong Kong championship in this sport. However, when his father took him to his practice, Gaga (cant breath Jackson lyrics) realized that he wanted to practice fencing. For almost five years, the young man took part in competitions, won first places and collected medals. He had high hopes, and the boy himself was preparing for the Olympic Games.

cant breath Jackson lyrics had another passion besides swordsmanship – music. One day he got the chance to become an idol, that is, a Korean pop star. During his high school basketball game, a JYPE representative drew attention to him.

Having won the qualifying round for a Korean label, the young man faced a choice: to pursue a successful career as a swordsman or try his hand at music. After much deliberation, discussions with parents in the summer of 2011, a 17-year-old teenager flew to Korea to become a “star.”


The internship was challenging because of the language barrier, differences in traditions, and cultures. cant breath Jackson lyrics is a cheerful and energetic guy, which is typical of Hong Kong, but Koreans found him too active and even arrogant. The producers once doubted the correctness of their decision, but with persistence and dance talent, the novice artist proved the opposite.

After the reality show “Who’s Next?”, Which also featured Youngjae, both guys were recruited into boy group GOT7. Mark Tuan also got into it. After debuting in 2014 with this team, Wang’s career took off.

During the year, he was invited to host two TV shows: the music show Inkigayo and the Fresh Sunday program.

At the same time, the artist recorded songs of his composition and performed them together with classmates. The guy’s acting skills have appeared in numerous dramas. Dream Knight even won awards in several nominations at once, starring all seven members of GOT7.

Already in 2017, cant breath Jackson lyrics opens a music studio, Team Wang, subsequently transforming it into a full-length company with the support of producers. In Team Wang, the musician released two solo singles that hit the top of the charts. The authority of his studio was strengthened after recording duets with famous performers from China and America.

Can’t Breathe – Jackson Wang Lyrics

I can’t breathe without you babe

I get weak in the knees when you’re close to me

I can’t see how we ain’t supposed to be

I can’t breathe without you next to me babe

I can’t breathe without you babe

Can’t help but think about our future

Getting married having little babies

Wanna grow old with you

Still lit when we both in our eighties

Even my mom approve

And I love your mom too

Get along with my crew

Baby never be untrue

Just wanna be with you

Get all up in your plans

Your arms around me yeah

Your face is in my hands

Kiss you like it’s my first

Love you like it’s my last

Damn I think I went and found my kindred spirit

Now my souls attached

Love the way you hold it down

Love the way you throw it back

I’m captivated by your style

That dress you look great in that

No matter where I go

No matter what I do

Erykah Badu, you got me

I feel it in my mind

I feel it in my heart

I feel it in my whole body Cause

Personal life

Nothing is known about the young man’s personal life; there is no photo with his beloved in his Instagram profile. In an interview in 2017, the former athlete admitted that his first girlfriend was a European, and in his entire life, he entered into a close relationship five times.

Fans suspect that the singer is now so busy with work that there is barely enough time for sleep and family. The guy is very attached to his parents, especially worried about his mother, who is often sick.

Jackson Wang now

There are many interesting facts in the artist’s biography: in 2019, at the national competitions in the USA, his author’s song “Different Game” sounded. On July 29 of the same year, a wax figure of Wang appeared in Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong. In January 2019, a joint video was shot with the Chinese rapper ICE for the song “Red”. The career of a presenter on Chinese television continues. The editors of the magazines always invite cant breath Jackson lyrics to collaborate. He often appears on the covers of fashion magazines, which is also due to his pretty appearance and athletic physique (height 174 cm, weight 63 kg).

The artist differs from many creative people with increased responsibility. Thanks to this character trait, he succeeds more than his colleagues. Also, to show businessFeature Articles, Wang has other hobbies: he is bilingual. He knows five languages and also continues to get involved in sports and regularly attends a fitness club.


  • 2014 – “Identify.”
  • 2016 – “Moriagatteyo.”
  • 2016 – “Flight Log: Turbulence.”
  • 2018 – “Present: You”; reissue of “Present: You & Me.”
  • 2014 – “Got It?”
  • 2014 – Got Love
  • 2015 – “Just Right.”
  • 2015 – Mad; reissue of “Mad Winter Edition.”
  • 2016 – Flight Log: Departure
  • 2016 – “Hey Yah.”
  • 2017 – “Flight Log: Arrival”.
  • 2018 – “Eyes on You.”
  • 2019 – “Love Loop.”


  • 2013 – “Who Is Next: WIN.”
  • 2014 – “After School Club.”
  • 2014 – Star King
  • 2014 – “1000 Song Challenge”.
  • 2014 – “Immortal Song 2.”
  • 2014 – “After School Club.”
  • 2014 – Roommate
  • 2014 – “Weekly Idol.”

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All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

Why Subtitles are crucial for wide success on YouTube?


Subtitles can make your video accessible to audiences around the world. They improve user engagement and boost your SEO. When subtitles are added to the videos, the watch time and video shares tend to increase drastically.

You may make a stupendous feature film, shoot an informative documentary or create a great educational video; however, if it does not reach to wide audience domestically & internationally, the effort is waste. If you are a YouTuber and want your videos to go viral organically and your content liked by millions of people around the world, you must optimize your videos with audio visual services like subtitling and captioning.

Subtitles Expand Your Social Reach

A lot of people admit that even when they watch movie of their own language at times they are unable to catch up with the dialogues of the actors/characters. In such a situation they admit they prefer Subtitles to understand the whole essence of the scene. If such is a situation with same language people, think for a moment, what the people of other language would be going through all this while.

Diversity in language in India is quite huge; we are land of hundreds of languages out of which nearly 20 are spoken widely. If you make your video just in Hindi, you would not be able to penetrate into south Indian states. However, if you add subtitles to your videos in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, you definitely be popular in the region.

Similarly, if you are from Europe, USA, China or Japan and make excellent videos in your respective languages, and wish to explore potential in Indian market, you should get subtitles first in local languages. At the same time, how can we forget about those who have some issues in their hearing capabilities, they too need subtitles for a reason.

Similarly, if there some issue in audio and people still want to watch the video, they can understand the content with subtitles around.

Hire only Professional Subtitling Services Providers

When you realize how important it is for your content to have subtitles, the primary concern is how to get in touch with a professional subtitling linguist. The professional must have patience to listen to you and the whole video to give accurate and meaningful subtitles. AdditionallyFree Articles, the subtitles must be in sync with the visuals and audio.

It is quite important to understand that role of linguists is crucial in subtitling as meaning/essence is lost in translation and then subtitling if not done well.

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I am a person with creative and adaptable writing skills. My experience has helped me learn and gain a strong understanding of the digital world and its nuances. With over half a decade of experience in writing articles, blogs, web content and social media posts for various clients belonging to different industries, I can help you fill the content gap.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Turner


Take a look at five surprising things that even the biggest Arctic Monkeys fan might not know about Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has long been celebrated as one of the most influential artists of his generation, gaining a cult-like following and immense success all over the world. After being inspired by garage rock bands like The Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age, as well as some of the music world’s classic icons, Turner and the Arctic Monkeys developed their own unique sound which oozed a disruptive teenhood aesthetic.

Over the years, Turner transgressed from a fluorescent adolescent to an artist with both poetry and irregularity at the forefront of his sound. With an enigmatic stage presence and unique charisma, it’s hard not to be intrigued by Turner and his unparalleled approach to both music and life. In factBusiness Management Articles, it’s the sense of mystery that Turner evokes which makes him all the more interesting.

Read the full article at Happy Mag

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Nat Stringer is a fun-loving go-getter from Sydney with a passion for music and food! 

Top Free Video and Audio Players for Android


You can play almost any video and audio file without the conversion of formats by choosing the best media player for Android.

Free Professional Video and Audio Players for Android

The default player that comes with your Android device might be simple but it can play a specific number of formats and also lacks basic features like Resume Viewing and you can’t even get great quality sound and visuals while playing videos. Luckily, there are lots of free media players available for Android to improve your viewing experience. You can choose from simple players to highly advanced ones to tweak different video and audio settings.

It is not easy to choose the best media player that can play both audio and video files. We have come up with some of the best media players for android.

  1. Rocks Player

Rocks Player is the ultra HD video and audio player which is fast and easy to use. It is designed to support different video formats like MKV, MPEG, MP4, 4K, and 8K. So, you can easily play HD and ultra HD videos on your device. There are unique features of Rocks Player.

You can sort videos from Genre, Albums, Artist, and Search and Manage track, create a playlist, and a recent playlist. You can also sort online videos with categories like news, music, sports, tech, comedy, etc. to search and play. There are also different themes available and you can also switch to Night Mode. You can also access photos from your device. Some of the other cool features of this media player are subtitle search, dual audio, playback speed, PIP mode, easy brightness, and volume control.

  1. MediaMonkey

It is another great video and music player but it is mainly based on music. It also has a desktop version to enjoy video and music and sync your data from phone to computer. It is capable of supporting most video and audio formats apart from some extra features like podcasts and audiobooks. It also has Chromecast Support, Android Auto support, sleep timer, widget, and others. It is a fully-featured music player that can also play videos. 

  1. MiXplorer Silver

This is actually a file browser with inbuilt media features. Though its main focus is file browsing, it can also play audio and video files. With VLC codecs, it goes a step ahead by supporting most audio and video formats. It has native PDF file support. SO, you can also open some eBooks with it. This player is one of its kinds and you can easily play media without any problem.

  1. ASD Music and Video Player

ASD Music and Video Player is the new standard when it comes to media capabilities. It is capable of supporting several widely used audio and video formats. Some of the extras are equalizer with support for Wear OS and bass boost, theme options, and a file browser. The main issue here is that this app has some ads. You need to buy a premium version to remove ads.

  1. VLC for Android

It is one of the most widely used media players for Android. You can even access DVD ISO files using this app. It supports a variety of codecs like music, online streams, and other types of media files. It also supports both video and audio file formats.

  1. Plex

It is a great media player for Android but all media files don’t play on its own with this app. You need to create a server on home PC and stream your favorite music or video to your device. If you like, you can also cast media to Chromecast or simply watch it on your device. It serves many purposes. The best thing is that you can free up your device space by keeping everything on your PC. The problem is that it is not that user friendly. But it works pretty well and supports all media formats.

Bottom Line

These days, there are plenty of media players that can support different media formats. The key here is to choose the one which is user friendly. If you are looking for media players that can play both video and music, you are in the right place. We hope the above recommendations will help you. If you have any queries about the best music player for Android or the best video player for AndroidBusiness Management Articles, feel free to ask us.

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Rocks Video Player is the best Ultra HD Video Player for Android that supports 4K video and all other video formats. Click here to know more about its features.

The 10 best survival horror games of all time


Paying respects to the pioneers and the modern innovators, here are the 10 most terrifying survival horror games of all time.

As a genre, it feels as if survival horror games has really hit its stride in the past ten years. Hell, past five maybe. Hi-tech ambient headsets, polished 4K graphics and horrifying settings have led to some genuinely terrifying experiences that really stick with you.

The most powerful thing about survival horror, and why I believe it will continue to grow and define the next decade of gaming, is simultaneously gaming’s greatest strength: putting you in the shoes of a character. And when you are seeing through the eyes of someone alone in an asylum who won’t move until you doArticle Submission, it’s one hell of a waking nightmare.

Check out the full list of the best survival horror games at Happy Mag

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Nat Stringer is a fun-loving go-getter with a passion for music and nature. 

Playstation 5: Everything We Know


With Sony and Microsoft competing to dominate the next era of gaming as we know it, here’s an in-depth look at the full specs of the PS5.

Source: PS5: everything we know about the next-gen console

As the famous arms race between Sony and Microsoft reaches another climax, both companies have selectively unveiled their next big leap in different ways. While we haven’t seen verified models of the PS5 as of yet, an in-depth analysis of the console has been revealed.

It’s been a mysterious journey, but here’s everything we know so far about the next generation of Sony console: welcome to the PS5.

PS5 reveal recap

While the console is set to release later this year rumours and information have continued to whir around the internet at a rapidly increasing rate for the past few months.

The PS5 was set for a major reveal on June 4 with Sony Interactive Entertainment chief Jim Ryan stating: “This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together.”

If you read between the lines, that spells gameplay. This kind of reveal is fraught with danger, as Microsoft found out, incurring the wrath of gamers in their Xbox Series X gameplay reveal (seriously, just check out the comments). In light of the recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd, however, Sony decided to pull the pin on this reveal until further notice.

This (officially) only leaves us with the address on March 18. Mark Cerny, a leading systems architect at Sony, hosted a seminar during which he unveiled the ‘Road to PS5’. A somewhat unsatisfying 50-minute talk that went into immense detail about the console without revealing any virtual models or game engine footage.

While it’s hardly as exhilarating as the Xbox Series X reveal, it nonetheless revealed a massive amount of detail about the hardware of the console.

Primary Console Components:

  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, RDNA 2 architecture
  • RAM: 16GB GDDR6
  • Storage: Custom 825GB SSD
  • Expandable storage: NVMe SSD slot
  • Optical drive: 4K Blu-ray drive

If this doesn’t mean anything to you, let me explain.

Cerny basically boiled the lecture down to three main categories of the new console. Its Solid-State Drive (SSD), backwards compatibility, and 3D audio capabilities. Let’s dive into what these three developments actually mean for gamers.

Solid-State Drive

The PS5 will be able to produce marginally better graphics than its predecessor. Though the topic that’s up for debate is the load times. In the live stream, Cerny said that the PS4s internal hard drive can optimally load 1GB of data every 7 seconds. However, once you take seek times into consideration among other things this can often reach 20-30 seconds, resulting in longer load screens.

According to Cerny, the solution is to implement the power of SSDs, which are now quite common and able to load 5.5GB a second. Cerny then envisages a world where developers will have to artificially increase wait times for respawns, fast travel and loading screens to prevent the game from moving too fast for the player.

As for the hard-drive, the PS5 will launch with 825GB of space. Although options to replace the SSD for third-party models are possible, they will not be available at launch.

The speed of said SSD is crucial to how well the PS5 will run at launch and, ultimately, how powerful the game’s graphics are. As of yet, the most powerful SSDs on the market can only transfer data at a rate of 3GB per second. Though Cerny believes this will be at 7GB per second by the year’s end.

Backwards compatibility

Another touchstone of Cerny’s lecture was the concept of balancing ‘evolution and revolution’. In layman’s terms, this means balancing backwards compatibility with modern features and higher efficiency.

The PS5 will feature a custom Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) called the RDNA2 AMD GPU. To summarise, the PS5’s control unit (CU) will be 62% larger than the Ps4’s. This will ultimately mean it can route more processes more efficiently due to a larger amount of transistors present.

The GPU will also be able to support the resource-intensive activity known as ray tracing and primitive shaders. This will largely prevent overheating and loud fan noise.

As for backwards compatibility, the PS5 will be able to run almost every PS4 game from launch via regularised software algorithms. So don’t go selling old games if you’re looking to purchase a PS5, they may run even better now!

3D audio

One of the most thrilling and technically explicit aspects of the new PlayStation console is the introduction of 3D audio. During the interview, Cerny explained that a game screen refreshes between 60 and 120 times per second, while audio calculations occur roughly 200 times per second. Therefore, audio is an extremely crucial part of game development and one that has been somewhat overlooked in console development.

PC headsets have featured 3D for a while now. However, the PS5 aims to deliver 3D audio on every platform: TV speakers, headset, and soundbar.

To explain, 3D audio relies on Head-Related Transfer Function (HTRF). This technology maps an individual’s hearing based a sound’s direction, frequency and volume.

If mapped out correctly in accordance with each person’s individual ear shape, HTRF will allow the user to hear as though it were happening all around them, rather than from a speaker. Pretty mind-blowing if you ask me.


The new DualSense controller is markedly similar in design to the Dualshock 4. It will feature a new microphone as well as haptic feedback for a more immersive rumble.

In demonstrations, Sony revealed how the controller could make the player feel the difference between tarmac and dirt in a racing game. Or splashing through the mud as opposed to sliding on ice in a platformer.

Here’s how Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Platform, Planning and Management, Hideaki Nishino summed up the DualSense:

“After thoughtful consideration, we decided to keep much of what gamers love about the DualShock 4 intact, while also adding new functionality and refining the design.”

Refinement rather than revolution is the name of the game here. The DualShock 4 is an institution in its own right, so Sony didn’t stray too far from its classic design with the new DualSense.


As of yet, no official design schematics have been revealed, however, a few sources have been leaked. Over at Gizmodo, folks were sent images of a supposed PS5 dev kit. The design is reportedly identical to the patent images that have been shared for months. While dev kits are notorious for being nothing like the final product in shape, this is the best indication we have for the final model.

Even the rumoured look of the PS5 has had an evolution of its own, with the form factor at the in the image at the top of the article doing the rounds extensively.

Release Date

The PlayStation 5 is slated to launch in late 2020. Despite the disruptions to manufacturing, distribution and gaming showcases caused by COVID-19, the company is still committed to a holiday release. Microsoft may have taken the lead in terms of releasing information, but it seems more than unlikely that Sony would just let their American rivals dominate the crucial holiday period.

The PS4 hit shelves on November 15, 2013, so we can expect Sony’s next-gen console to be everyone’s favourite Christmas present this year. That is, of courseArticle Submission, you’re an Xbox fan.

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Nat Stringer is a music, audio, and gaming enthusiast from Australia. 

If you can get past the hairspray…


If you can get past the hairspray and fashion we have put together 10 absolutely must watch ’80s films to check out before you die.

The ’80s was a magical time. Though it might not be so fondly recollected, it certainly had its charms. Anyone who’s seen Stranger Things knows this for certain. I’m here to say ’80s movies are even better than we remember.

The hair was permed and perfect, shoulder pads were in, the jocks, nerds and stoners were constantly at war, and we got some of the most tragic/enduring films of all time.

You can’t take the good without the bad and the ugly, so today we have whittled it down to the gems that stand the test of time as not only brilliant moviesFree Articles, but also quintessentially ’80s.

Check out the full article here

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 Nat Stringer is a music, art, and gaming enthusiast from Australia. 

Purchase Soundcloud Followers For Better Opportunities


There are many artists, musicians, songwriters, recording artists who keep on engaging themselves with the amazing soundcloud platform. This platform can access to million of users worldwide and it al…

There are many artists, musicians, songwriters, recording artists who keep on engaging themselves with the amazing soundcloud platform. This platform can access to million of users worldwide and it allows a huge population of people to see what’s the latest song and who are the popular musicians in time. For this reason, numerous artists and musicians are struggling as they want to get more publicity by gaining massive number of followers.

Acquiring millions of followers is never difficult as long as you have the talent and you can really caught the attention of your listeners. However, if you are new in the music industry and you are still studying how you can get an enormous fanbases, it will be a battle for you to get the right amount of followers. In addition, the number of musicians on soundcloud is not just a small quantity. Actually, voluminous number of musicians are competing silently to gain popularity.

Due to the given facts above, many companies offer the service of giving followers on soundcloud. Well, purchasing followers on many social media platforms has been on trend. You can buy followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. As for purchasing soundcloud followers, the process is the same and the result is quite similar.

After you select your provider, the company will start the work for you. In an instant move, you will see hundreds then thousands and millions of followers on your soundcloud account. The process is just easy and the result is very beneficial. Getting the number of followers is a great strategy to kickstart a certain song. You do not need to start from an empty playlists because as you purchase your soundcloud followers, you can already begin by thousands of playlists.

Likewise, your social credibility will get empowered. The increasing number of your followers can also boost the popularity of your song. There is also a huge chance that more and more people will likely listen to your song either new or old. Attention of many soundcloud users will be caught as well as the media companies, recording companies, and the likes. This just means that new opportunities are coming on your way.

The number of your followers on soundcloud can also make you viral. This may be temporary so you have to keep on engaging people on your songs. You have to think of a nice way on how you can keep them conversing about you and your songs. There are also providers where you can purchase likes and comments as well. Comments and likes can also attract more followers. If you are an aspiring artist who wants to become more popular along with your songsFree Web Content, start investing your money with the right provider of souncloud followers. You can experience all the spectacular benefits that it can provide so hurry up and try it now.

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