What is myIMUniversity 2.0?

myIMUniversity 2.0 is a new online platform where you can sell pre-made online courses and keep all the profits.  We all have seen sales pages offering the resale rights to digital products, and to be honest, these products are worthless 99.9% of the time.  But myIMUniversity 2.0 offers something completely different; it’s a whole platform with intergraded online courses about online marketing.  The topics are hot, and they sell very well because people want to learn about these subjects.  We’re talking about Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and Video Marketing.  These niches are currently generating hundreds of millions in sales.  Want a piece of the action?  Look no further myIMUniversity 2.0 is the key.



Course Overview Example:

myimuniversity courses


Is it easy to setup myIMUniversity 2.0?

If you can copy and paste, you are set to go.  It’s as simple as that.  Setting up your E-Learning site like Udemy is now fast and easy, and you can keep all the profits.


Don’t want to spend money marketing your E-Learning site?

If you don’t want to spend money on marketing and advertisement, myIMUniversity 2.0 is the right product for you.  It has a special feature, and when you activate this feature, you can turn it into an affiliate site.  Thousands of affiliates are going to promote your affiliate site for you, and you won’t have to spend a single dollar on ads.


How well do the myIMUniversity 2.0 courses sell?

Not only are the courses informative and knowledgeful they sell like hotcakes.  Marketing experts have spent weeks creating the sales funnels. These funnels have been tested over and over on real people.  They are proven to convert and in some cases have generated tens of thousands of dollars in a few weeks.



myIMUniversity 2.0 Features

  • Free subdomains let you personalise your URL.
  • Get 20 sales pages and funnels proven to convert.
  • Hosting is free, and you won’t need a domain name.
  • Have access to HD training videos and tutorials on how to get everything set up.
  • With myIMUniversity you will get pre-made marketing material for yourself or your affiliates, including ready to use email copies and banners.
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimisation to appear at the top of Google for free.
  • Get a support system, including ticket management for your customers.
  • The user interface looks like “Udemy” and other popular e-learning sites.
  • Works with all major autoresponders on the market.
  • myIMUniversity has payment and affiliate integration with– Jvzoo, ClickBank, Warrior Plus, PayDotCom and Direct Payment Platform – PayPal.



Owning a website is expensive, and you can expect to pay around $200 per year in hosting fees.  But with myIMUniversity 2.0 there is no hosting cost, and you only pay once.  Join today for the small one time payment of $27!


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What is the TrafficXPro Software

TrafficXPro solves a major problem that affects affiliate marketers and online product owners. This problem is time; not having enough time in a day to create content is the number one problem all online marketers have. Creating quality blog posts and articles is a lengthy task. I sometimes spend up to 8 hours researching, writing and optimising a single blog post. But then again there is a solution to this problem and its called TrafficXPro.


The TrafficXPro cloud software automatically creates content for your blog. Most importantly, it gathers VIRAL content and then publishes it on your site. Thus making sure your blog post is worth being indexed by search engines such as Google. After all, viral content is what Google loves the most. Of course, search engines love fresh popular news because it generates a lot of traffic; consequently, it generates revenue. Therefore if you publish viral blog posts, you will get tons of free traffic. And since TrafficXPro enables you to create trending posts in under 2 minutes, it’s no wonder it has the power to generate so many visitors. One of the software’s best feature is the ability it gives you to integrate your affiliate links automatically.


TrafficXPro Features

  • Create Unlimited Content Easily
  • Earn Passive Income from 100% Free Traffic without any work.
  • No writing, no technical work, no social posting or video making.
  • Works in Any Niche you want – no manual work.
  • Your Site will grow automatically & get free traffic + content too.
  • Start seeing results in 24 hours – see real proof from real users.


TrafficXPro Review income


My opinion on TrafficXPro

I have seen the power of viral content, and it will blow your mind away. Your offers will get so much traffic you won’t believe your mind! We are talking about thousands of clicks to your affiliate links and products every day. Make sure your server can handle the load, I recommend upgrading to a dedicated hosting plan.



The early bird price starts at $21, which is worth every penny. PPC traffic costs up to $5 a single click, and TrafficXPro can get you thousands of targeted visitors worth the same price for less than $1 a day. Imagine the money you will save and the revenue it will generate! And of course, this offer comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund.



I recommend this product to anyone wanting loads of targeted traffic to there offer or service. After seeing the results, I am amazed at the power of TrafficXPro. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!

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What is DFY Hero?

DFY Hero is a done-for-you site builder. You might have heard of site builders in the past, you might even have tried one or two, they all claim to be easy to use, but it turns out they are quite difficult to work with, and it is hard to get a professional-looking site using these common site builders. But DFY Hero is different. It’s extremely user-friendly meaning that anyone can create a stunning website with this service. With over 100 different templates to customise, you are sure to find one that fits your business. I asked my 75-year-old grandma to try DFY Hero, and she managed to build a website within 60 minutes.


What does it do?

You will be able to build a site with all of the necessary features including; premium looking images and graphics, contact forms so your customers can contact you from your website, intergraded maps to help people find your business, social media integration, opening hours and the ability to connect your custom domain name.

dfy hero

Did you know that other website builders charge you a monthly fee after you have built your site? They lure you in with a FREE website, and once you have spent hours building your design they charge you an average of $25 a month to connect your personalised domain, and without that domain your site is useless!

Moreover, professional designers will charge above $1,500 to design a custom website, but most of them use cookie-cutter templates that anyone can buy for under one hundred dollars. Not everybody can edit those templates, but with a bit of experience, it takes your “designer” a couple of hours to build your site. If they are using templates, why don’t you do the same and use DFY Hero to design your website instead of paying some stranger thousands of dollars?

dfy hero templates


How does DFY Hero work?

Choose what kind of wite you want.
Modify the template with the easy graphical interface. “Drag and Drop” “Point and Click”
Publish your site for the entire world to see.


DFY Hero Features

  • The easy user interface makes building website easy and fun for everyone.
  • No coding experience needed.
  • 100% fluid design makes your website compatible on all devices, smartphones, tablets and all computers.
  • Still not sure how easy it is? You will have access to a full tutorial on how to use this website builder.
  • You can make small changes to your site with a few clicks; let’s say your opening hours change.
  • And the most important feature is the One Time Fee. You won’t have to pay a recurring fee. Pay once for unlimited use.

Price of DFY Hero

You will be charged $26.93 once to get unlimited access. The competitor’s charge this amount every month, but with DFY Hero you pay only once! And they offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied you will be refunded the total amount you paid.



DFY Hero

Do I recommend this product?

Over the years, I have reviewed my fair share of products, and this is by far one of the best. Shop around and try to find a website builder with free hosting that charge no monthly fee. All this with the ability to connect your domain and without random ads. DFY Hero is the best website builder; anyone can now create a professional-looking website within minutes at a small cost.

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Can ProStudioFX Help Grow Your Business?

Content delivery on the internet has changed over the last few years, and more people are watching videos instead of reading about the topics they research. More and more people are Youtubing subjects instead of Googling them. Let’s face it, videos are informative, and they can explain things faster and better than text. Prostudiofx harnesses the power of video, and it enables you to create videos in just a few clicks. You don’t need to have any prior experience to use this software; Prostudiofx’s user interface is so easy anyone can now create stunning videos. Studies show that with the help of this software, you will convert your visitors into customers 15X more than with regular text.


Don’t miss out on the current trend.

Are you currently being left out of the loop? Are your marketing tactics obsolete and outdated? You may prefer reading, but did you know that 90% of people under 35 years old prefer watching videos instead of reading articles? Maybe its time you start converting this younger audience and with the help of Prostudiofx its easier than you might think.


Don’t pay others to create your graphics. Do it yourself!

Online video creation services charge thousands of dollars to create simple five-minute videos for businesses just like yours. And people are buying them like hotcakes because they work. But you don’t need to buy a video gig because these freelancers are using this exact software to create their videos. Yes, most video creating agencies are using Prostudiofx to create their projects. So instead of paying them thousands year after year for up to date content, why not just buy the software and do the job yourself saving you tons of money.

This software is easy to use because it has hundreds of predesigned templates. Just select the type of business you run, fill out your information in the template and the software will create a stunning customised video for your business.

But you don’t just get a video software when you buy this product; you also get a series of visual assets for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and online ads.


ProStudioFX Features

  • Step-by-step help and training
  • One time payment
  • Hundreds of templates for every type of business imaginable.
  • Over 500 studio-quality sounds for your videos
  • Dozens of animated backgrounds
  • Free developer and commercial license. The license allows you to start your own video creation agency.
  • So user-friendly anyone can make professional-looking videos with this software.


Get it today for the unbelievably low price of $21.95; a single image can cost you this price on stock-image sites. This product is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but you can buy it today for $21.95. Say goodbye to graphic designers and video producers that charge through the roof fees for something you can make yourself in minutes.

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What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System in a Nutshell

Affiliate marketing is a big industry. Therefore learning how to promote other peoples products online can pay lots of money. 12 Minute Affiliate will help you learn how to market other people’s products online.  Essentially an affiliate marketer promotes products that belong to other companies, in return for doing this the affiliate earns a commission on every sale he or she generates. Simple, you might think. But not so fast, this type of marketing is very competitive, and there are millions of people doing affiliate marketing online. So how do you succeed in such an environment? With the 12 minute affiliate system, all you have to do is drive website visitors to a link, and this system will take care of the rest.


What does the 12 minute affiliate system do with the traffic you send?

1. It sends your visitors to a custom-made landing page based on their demographic.
2. It collects the visitor’s email.
3. It sends tailored emails to the lead — these emails made by professional copywriters are proven to convert leads into buyers.
4. An autoresponder kicks in, and your visitors are sent emails regularly but don’t worry this is a newsletter, and the recipient can opt out, so the process is 100% legit.
5. A tracking system will give you statistics on every visitor you get, tracking the progress until the visitor purchases the product you promote.
6. You get a huge commission that can be up to 75%. Some products even generate ongoing monthly commission.


But what if you don’t know how to send visitors to your link?

Don’t worry the 12 minute affiliate system also has a course on how to drive free website traffic to your link!

The sales page says you can make $460 a day with this system. Is this true?

I have done my share of affiliate marketing, and I can say this for sure; If you invest time in generating free traffic to this system, you can earn way more than $460 a day. But let’s say you only spend 12 minutes a day. I estimate you can easily make $75 to $100 per day within a few weeks. But nothing stops you from spending 12 minutes here and there throughout your day, in this case, you can earn much more money.
12 Minute Affiliate Review
I recommend this system to anyone new to affiliate marketing. You won’t have to worry about all the technicalities of converting a lead into a customer. All you will need to do is focus on driving quality traffic to your link.
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Soppers are Buying Online

More people are shopping online and Daily Profits takes advantage of this new trend.  Did you know that last holiday season U.S. shoppers bought $126 billions worth of products online? This number increases every year, and it will soon surpass in-store shopping. 69% of people say they have recently purchased an item online. Last Cyber Monday hit a record for most money spent on the internet in a single day, with nearly $8 billion spent online in the United States alone. Now wouldn’t it be fun to get a piece of those profits?


Owning an Online Store is a lot of Work

There is a lot of money to be made selling merchandise online, but there are lots of downsides. In most cases, you need to own an online store and building one is costly if you can’t do it yourself; it can range from $5,000 to $15,000 in web design costs. Not to mention having to pay for the hosting, maintenance and payment processing fees. Owning an online store is like owning a real store, you need inventory and stocking up on inventory can cost a fortune. You also have to take the risk of stocking up on items that might not sell. And if a product sells very well, there is always the risk of running out of that particular item. On top of that, you need to take care of the logistics; ordering, shipping and inventory.


Introducing Daily Profits

But what if there was a loophole? What if you can sell anything without physically handling the product. Yes, its possible and Daily Profits will show you how you can ship other peoples products without handling them yourself, keeping a huge chunk of the profits in the process. This loophole is simple; you order from the manufacturer and ship directly to the customer with your address as the sender. You will buy at a wholesale price and sell for up to 75% profit, and most manufacturers offer free shipping. All you do is process the order which takes a couple of minutes.

How Much Can you Earn With Daily Profits?

You can easily earn up to $500 per sale, imagine selling a 75 inch 4K TV and keeping 75% of the profits. You only need a couple of sales like this a week to earn a decent income from home. The Daily Profits website will show you exactly how to tap into this loophole, getting set up only takes a few hours and you could start making money today.

Note that this is not affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing with physical items only pays 5% in commission. This type of job is much better than affiliate marketing; you will make from 50% to 75% in profits on every sale you make.

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. If you want to earn money from home, then I recommend you to join and start profiting from this marketing loophole today.

Daily Profits


How can you make money with Influencer Playbook? As you may know, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. With 1 billion active members, the marketing exposure possible on this social media app can generate millions in sales for any small business or individual, and this is why thousands of its members are making a fortune just by posting images daily. You don’t need the most glamorous pictures or the most exciting lifestyle to earn an income off of this app. All you need is to connect with your audience the right way, and The Influencer Playbook will show you how to do just that.

Overview Of The Influencer Playbook

1. Homepage:
2. Product name: The Influencer Playbook
3. Vendor: Clickbank
4. Front-end price: $37
5. Release Date: 2019-04-11
6. Release Time: 10 PM Eastern Time
7. Recommended: Yes
8. Skill levels needed: None
9. Support: Great
10. Refunds: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is The Influencer Playbook

The Influencer Playbook is a step by step guide that will help you grow the number of followers you have on Instagram. All this by using organic methods that will generate real followers and potential customers. This guide will explain how to convert followers into leads that will purchase your affiliate products. You won’t need a website, if you have an Instagram account your all set to go. The methods taught are all free and easy to follow, and most of them only take a few weeks to show results.


The Influencer Playbook

Included features

  1. How to reach 100k followers
  2. Instant boost of real followers
  3. Get big companies to hire you
  4. Generate affiliate sales
  5. Start your own business from Instagram
  6. Top 25 trends on Instagram 2019
    And much more

Why should you buy The Influencer Playbook

There are thousands of online courses that promise to teach you how to become a millionaire using easy systems that anyone can follow. 99.9% of them don’t work. This guide is different because it’s not a system. It’s a series of instructions and tips that explain how to gain popularity on Instagram. Most influencers on social media make a lot of money, and this is no secret. Now The Influencer Playbook will show you how to become popular and teach you how to use this popularity to earn money online. This guide is not a “magic software” that will make you rich overnight. The Influencer Playbook will show you how to “work” with Instagram. Being an Influencer is a Job, it can pay lots of money, but you will need to work to make that money.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase their popularity on Instagram. If you have always dreamed of making social media your job, purchasing this book is a big step in the right direction. It is well worth the $37 it costs because it has the potential to change your career. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this book, you will have 60 days to ask for a full refund no questions asked.

Please visit the official website at


The Overnight millionaire system is real.  Let’s face it; there are thousands of internet millionaires in the world, and they all have one thing in common. Their minds all work the same way when it comes down to success. What if you could start thinking like them? This system will explain how to think like a millionaire, and this is the key to becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams. Read this review to find out more about the overnight millionaire mind hacks.


What is the overnight millionaire system mind hacks?

This product is a well-crafted bundle of digital resources — the Overnight millionaire system teaches how to focus your energy in the right direction. It will explain the key to having a successful mindset. What you should change in the way you think to accomplish great things. Wealthy people all have these character traits in common, and you can become rich just by thinking the same way they do. This product explains how to change your thought process to achieve your dreams.



What do you get when you purchase this product?

This money-making system has multiple modules, and I will cover them all in this review. Each part of this product is priceless and well crafted.

5 Overnight Mindset Hacks Audiobooks

This series of audiobooks are meant to be played at night when you are sleeping. They will subconsciously alter the way you think. As the days go by, you will see a change in the way you respond to daily life. You’ll feel more confident, and you’ll accomplish more in your day. These small changes are only the beginning because these audiobooks are modifying your cognitive behaviour. But don’t worry, they only have positive outcomes that will contribute to your wealth.

The Mindset Hacks Guided Transcendental Meditation Bundle

Many wealthy people, such as Richard Branson practice meditation and have incorporated it in their daily routine. Meditation can give you the power of extreme focus, and this is helpful when you’re trying to succeed in life. People practising meditation have experienced life-changing out of body transcendence were the path to their goals was revealed.

The Overnight Millionaires System Execution Guide

This guide is inspiring and is the go-to resource to accomplishing great things. Whether you’re looking to gain more money or get a new position at work, this guide can help you achieve your targets. It’s simple yet effective, and yields result extremely fast. You can use this guide daily to accomplish small goals. But don’t be mistaken this guide is powerful.

Visualise and Manifest techniques to get what you want.

This part of the overnight millionaire system is a technique used by athletes all around the world. When properly done, you can achieve goals by visualising them. By imagining yourself accomplishing something, you train your brain into realising what you visualise. This method can be perfected to maximise the results.

Steps to become an important person in the eyes of others

Having confidence and projecting trustworthiness can make you very successful. Wealth is built by having people looking up to you and trusting you. No one is going to invest in you or buy from you if you appear insecure. By becoming someone of high importance, you’re creating wealth from your image and appearance; something actors do all the time.

Generate income streams without investing money.

Once you have focus, confidence and insight, all that is left is to earn money, and this system teaches that too. There are hundreds of ways to earn money online without having to invest a single penny. This guide teaches you how to generate income from the best sources on the internet. Being an internet marketer myself I can vouch for these techniques because I have used them and they work. These methods are simple, and anyone with a tablet or computer can generate income from them.


Overnight Millionaire System

Why should you use the overnight millionaire system mind hacks?


  • If you have the desire to achieve great things but don’t know where to start, you should consider buying this guide.
  • You want to make money fast, but have little to invest, then definitely buy this guide.
  • Having problems accomplishing your dreams? This guide is for you.
  • No matter where you come from this guide will help you succeed.


My review after trying this product

I have reviewed dozens of products this year, and this is by far the best one yet. It helps you focus on your dreams and make them a reality. You might want a better car or a big mansion, and that’s ok because if you put your mind into it, it’s achievable. The Overnight Millionaire is a great tool to make your dreams possible.



Should you buy the overnight millionaire system?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive system that can completely change your life and make you wealthy beyond your dreams. Then yes, buy this guide. It all comes down to how you think and the overnight millionaire will change the way you think and turn you into a cash-making machine! You need the right mindset, and this product will give you that and much more.



What can you get nowadays with $20? You barely have enough to watch a movie. This entire system will change your life forever and only costs $20! And as if it wasn’t enough, you have a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If your not satisfied for any reason you get your money back!



The overnight millionaire mind hacks system is one of the best products in which you can invest. Pay $20 and learn how millionaires think and act. Who knows you might become a millionaire yourself after following this guide.
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Amazon is a multi-billion dollar business that is only getting richer every day. How would you like to get a piece of the profits? With the Bulletproof Profits System making money off of Amazon is fast and easy. You won’t even have to own a product. Companies are willing to ship their product to any given address without revealing from where the product came from, this practice is called drop shipping and all you have to do is post your product on Amazon and place the order once you have sold an item. You only take care of the paperwork and leave all the physical work to Amazon and the drop shipping company. This step by step system will show you exactly how this is done, don’t worry its easier than checking your emails or chatting on social media sites.


2.Product name: Bulletproof Profits System
3.Vendor: Clickbank
4.Front-end price: $9
5.Release Date: 02/25/2019
6.Release Time: 10PM Eastern Time
7.Recommended: Yes
8.Skill levels needed: Beginner
9.Support: Great
10.Refund: 100% 90 Days

How does it work

How can this money making system be possible? Well, there are thousands of products on the market and not all companies have the time or English speaking staff to post those items on sites like Amazon. It takes a lot of manpower to place the orders from every customer, so by taking care of this you save these companies time and money. They can then sell you the items for pennies on the dollar, this product is then sent to the customers address and you keep all of the profits. You will never physically handle the products you sell, you will only act as a logistic hub between the product and the customer.

The Bulletproof Profits System will include a detailed guide on how this works, it is built to be an over the shoulder guide that anyone can follow. You are not going to make millions a year off of this system, but you can make a decent income while working from home or anywhere else in the world. Just by selling ten items a day you can make $250 in profits per day, that’s over $90,000 a year.

Why does it cost money?

Why are they charging you money to access this system? Think of this as an online course, a short and easy to follow online course on making money with Amazon. Well online courses cost money, the instructors need to cover website operating fees and they need to pay for marketing as well as their time hard work. So yes, there is a small fee to pay to access this online course, but its worth every single dollar, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with this course you can get a full refund within 60 days.


This is not a get rich quick scheme that doesn’t work, thousands of people are earning money from this type of business model. It is 100% legal and ethical, you’re simply going to ship products directly from their warehouse to the customers. It’s like being the middle man without the work.



Video Traffic Genie is mind-blowing, its one of the most powerful traffic generating tool on the market. It finds broken links on YouTube that have their domains available for purchase. Why is this so incredible? Well, some videos on YouTube receive thousands of visitors per week, but for some reason, the owners of the channels have abandoned them. So the videos still receive traffic, and people are clicking on the links. But these links are empty and point to nowhere. Video Traffic Genie enables you to find these links and purchase their domain. You can then receive tones of traffic for the price of a $10 domain name.


So it all looks good in theory but does it work? The answer is yes! I tried the software for about a week and found dozens of domain names. I purchased the most promising domain based on the stats provided in the software. The results are incredible; I receive around 70 targeted visitors every week to the domain name which is now redirecting to an affiliate link. So far I have made one sale of $27 with that broken link.


Scaling up is easy, it’s just a matter of reinvesting your profit to buy more abandoned domains. The software makes this incredibly easy. You pick a niche, find a keyword and input the information in the Video Traffic Genie software. The software then shows you detailed stats of broken links in that niche. After that, it’s just a matter of registering a domain name. The membership area has a tutorial on all of the steps you need to follow.





  • No website required
  • Easy step by step instructions provided
  • Fast results
  • Fully scalable
  • Extremely targeted traffic with a high conversion rate




Video Traffic Genie compared to PPC

While testing the software for a week, I received a total of 70 targeted visits to my affiliate link. After checking with Google Keyword Planner, I found that these 70 visits would have cost me $95 if purchased through a PPC campaign. So I estimate that my $10 per year domain name will generate $4,940 worth of free traffic every year!



Pros and Cons




  • Almost free traffic
  • Scalable
  • Works in any niche
  • Send traffic to any link




  • Easy but some basic skills are required





Software like this is expensive to produce, and with this much potential, the $97 price tag is steep but acceptable. I’ve seen website traffic tools cost well above this price and they don’t come close to being as resourceful.





If you want quality website traffic at an affordable cost, this tool is a must-have!


Visit the official website at by clicking here