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Report from the Extraordinary General Meeting of AAK AB (publ.) on November 26, 2020

KARLSHAMN, Sweden, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Thursday, November 26, 2020, AAK held its Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, to pay a dividend for the 2019 financial year of SEK 2.10 per share. The record date for the dividend was set at November 30, 2020 and disbursement from Euroclear Sweden AB is expected to take place on December 3, 2020.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and due to the authorities’ regulations and advice, the Extraordinary General Meeting was conducted through postal voting only pursuant to temporary legislation and thus without the physical presence of shareholders, proxies or external parties.

Minutes with complete resolutions from the Meeting will be made available on the company’s website no later than December 10, 2020.

For further information, please contact:
Fredrik Nilsson 
Mobile: +46 708 95 22 21
E-mail: [email protected]

The information was submitted for publication at 3:00 p.m. CET on November 26, 2020.

AAK is a leading provider of value-adding vegetable oils & fats. Our expertise in lipid technology within foods and special nutrition applications, our wide range of raw materials and our broad process capabilities enable us to develop innovative and value-adding solutions across many industries – Chocolate & Confectionery, Bakery, Dairy, Plant-based Foods, Special Nutrition, Foodservice, Personal Care, and more. AAK’s proven expertise is based on more than 140 years of experience within oils & fats. Our unique co-development approach brings our customers’ skills and know-how together with our own capabilities and mindset for lasting results. Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and with our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, AAK has more than 20 different production facilities, sales offices in more than 25 countries and more than 3,900 employees. We are AAK – The Co-Development Company.

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Delek Group published its Q3 2020 reports – 130% Surge in Net profit to NIS 149 Million

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Revenues and net profit tripled to NIS 1.7 billion and NIS 707 million, respectively, driven by strong performance of Delek Group’s quality core assets.
  • Ithaca’s revenues in the quarter soared almost fourfold to USD 267 million and cash flow from operating activities grew by about 450% to USD 148 million.
  • Delek Drilling’s EBITDA almost tripled.
  • In the last nine months, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Group executed transactions amounting to over NIS 3.5 billion, generating cash flow of over NIS 3 billion.
  • The transaction for the sale of 70% of Delek Israel was completed in return for NIS 525 million.
  • Securitization of the overriding royalties from Leviathan in an amount of NIS 608 million was completed. 
  • The Group made a full early repayment of the debt to the securedbanks, released Delek Drilling units and pledged 40% thereof in favor of the debenture holders.
  • Yield to maturity on the Company’s debentures declined sharply from hundreds of percentage points six months ago to a range of 16%-44% now.
  • Idan Wallace, Delek Group’s CEO: “Delek Group’s Q3 reports are a strong indication of the quality of our core assets and the value they generate for us. During the last quarter, we completed a series of complicated transactions, under good conditions with short timetables, and the results reflect the yield generated by our efforts to improve the Group’s liquidity along with a sharp decline in our financial debt. We met all our commitments to the debenture holders on time and repaid all our commitments to banks in an amount of over NIS 1.2 billion. The successful performance of our core assets together with encouraging macroeconomic figures that emerged in the last couple of weeks, driven mainly by the successful efforts to find a vaccine for Covid-19, and their positive impact on energy prices, provide a tailwind to continue implementing Delek Group’s strategy and increase the value of our core assets.”

Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG) (US ADR: DGRLY) (“the Company”) published its financial statements for the third quarter of 2020. The Group’s net profit in the third quarter was NIS 149 million, a surge of 130% compared to the corresponding period last year. Revenues amounted to NIS 1.7 billion compared to NIS 566 million in the third quarter of 2019 and operating profit also increased to NIS 742 million compared to NIS 237 million in the same quarter last year.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Company repaid all its commitments to the secured banks, which at the end of 2019 amounted to over NIS 1.1 billion. During the reporting period, the Company completed transactions amounting to NIS 3.5 billion, of which it received over NIS 3 billion. The cash flow received by the Group enabled it to reduce its financial debt from NIS 9.3 billion at the end of 2019 to NIS 6.4 billion shortly before publication of the financial statements, a decrease of approximately NIS 3 billion. Among the key transactions and measures successfully completed by the Group in recent months are the sale of control (70%) in Delek Israel for NIS 525 million, reflecting a value of NIS 750 million (or NIS 900 million before distribution of the dividend), and securitization of the overriding royalties from Leviathan in the amount of NIS 608 million. Subsequent to the balance sheet date, Ithaca and Delek Drilling declared a dividend to shareholders in the amount of USD 65 million and USD 100 million, respectively, the Group’s share of which is USD 135 million.

The measures carried out by the Group and the performance of its core business are reflected in a sharp decline in the yields of its debentures, from hundreds of percentage points six months ago, to a range of 16%-44% (depending on the series) currently.

Energy Business in the North Sea

Ithaca, which is wholly owned by Delek Group, contributed revenues of NIS 810 million compared to NIS 350 million in the corresponding quarter, an increase of 131%. Delek Group’s net profit from the North Sea energy operations was NIS 55 million in the third quarter of 2020 compared to NIS 2 million in the same period last year.

Ithaca’s average daily production in the third quarter was 59,000 boed compared to 15,700 boed in the second quarter of 2019. The increase is due mainly to an increase in the quantity of oil and gas produced by Ithaca resulting from new oil assets added as part of the acquisition of Chevron assets. Production in the quarter was slightly lower than the average in the last nine months, which was 68,000 boed, mainly due to scheduled maintenance works in the summer. The Company estimates that the annual production will be 68,000 boed, at the higher range of the Company’s forecast of 63,000-68,000 boed in 2020, and the average production cost will be USD 15. The Company’s hedging transactions contributed USD 86 million to its revenue and profit in the quarter.

Cash flow from operations in the third quarter increased more than five times compared to the corresponding quarter and amounted to USD 148 million. The strong cash flow enabled Ithaca to continue reducing its financial debt in the quarter by a further USD 100 million, to about USD 1.2 billion as at September 30, 2020. In total, Ithaca reduced its net financial debt by USD 330 million in the first nine months of the year. The strong cash flow also supported the distribution of a dividend of USD 100 million to Delek Group at the beginning of November, three times higher than the dividend estimated by Delek Group in in its forecasted cash flows published at the end of August. Ithaca is continuing to maintain high liquidity with an available RBL (reserve-based lending) facility of USD 380 million (before distribution of the dividend). The net debt to EBIDTA ratio is 1.5.

Delek group is continuing to act to execute a capital transaction in Ithaca and is reviewing merger transactions with international energy companies, a sale of a stake to a partner a partner, an offering, or a combination of those with the intention of executing a transaction in the first half of 2021.

Energy operations in Israel

Delek Drilling posted a record quarter supported by strong demand in the local and export markets. The sales quantities were 4.6 BCM compared to 2.8 BCM in the corresponding quarter and to 2.9 BCM in the second quarter. In the third quarter, sales from Leviathan amounted to 2.2 BCM compared to 1.5 BCM in the second quarter this year.

Revenues amounted to NIS 810 million in the third quarter, a 130% increase compared to the corresponding quarter, and EBITDA grew 178% to NIS 718 million. The net profit attributable to the Group’s shareholders was NIS 127 million compared to NIS 139 million in the corresponding quarter, mainly due to an increase in financing expenses as a result of start of production from the Leviathan reservoir and cessation of discounting of these expenses.

In the quarter, Delek Drilling completed refinancing of the Leviathan project by issuing Leviathan Bonds in the amount of USD 2.25 billion. The successful offering gained demand of USD 7 billion and closed at lower interest rates than expected.

The strong demand in the quarter and the successful refinancing enabled Delek Drilling to distribute profits in the amount of USD 65 million (NIS 216 million), of which Delek Group’s share is NIS 120 million. The dividend will be paid at the beginning of December 2020.

Fuel operations in Israel

Delek Israel’s Q3 results indicate a significant improvement compared to Q2, which were affected by the lockdown policy due to the spread of Covid-19 and inventory losses. Net profit from ongoing operations was NIS 26 million compared to NIS 23 million in the corresponding quarter, an increase of 13%, and compared to a loss of NIS 17 million recorded in the second quarter of 2020.

Delek Israel’s convenience store operations continue to show resilience with revenue of NIS 144 million compared to NIS 138 million in the same period last year.

During the period, the Pi Glilot sale transaction was competed in return for NIS 720 million and a dividend of NIS 150 was paid to Delek Group.

Subsequent to the reporting period, on October 16, 2020, the Group signed an agreement for the sale of 70% of Delek Israel for a consideration of NIS 525 million, reflecting a value of NIS 750 million, or NIS 900 million before distribution of the dividend. As at the publication date of the report, the transaction for the sale of control of Delek Israel has been completed and out of the consideration, NIS 450 million has already been transferred to the Company and used to repay the Group’s commitments to the creditor banks and to significantly reduce the debt of a subsidiary of the Group to a foreign bank.

Idan Wallace, Delek Group’s CEO: “The current year has posed business and managerial challenges for Delek Group, but all along we asked to be evaluated according to results and bottom line.  Q3 reports are a strong indication of the quality of our core assets and the value they generate for us. Despite the Covid-19 crisis and the market volatility, we succeeded in executing complicated transactions, under good conditions with short timetables, and the results reflect the yield generated by our efforts to improve the Group’s liquidity along with a sharp decline in financial debt. We continued to meet all our commitments to the debenture holders on time, and made early repayments to banks, as per our undertakings to the debenture holders, in an amount of over NIS 1.2 billion. The successful performance of our core assets together with the encouraging macroeconomic figures that emerged in the last two weeks, driven mainly by the successful efforts to find a vaccine for Covid-19 and their positive impact on energy prices, provided impetus to continue to implement Delek Group’s strategy and increase the value of its core assets.”

About The Delek Group

Delek Group is an independent E&P company with activities in the UK North Sea and the East Mediterranean. Delek Group has significant holdings in the Leviathan and Tamar natural gas reservoirs in the East Mediterranean (Israel’s territorial water), with reserves and resources of more than 30 TCF and annual production capacity of more than 20 BCM. These reservoirs are a major natural gas supplier to the growing markets of Israel, Egypt and Jordan and Delek continues to lead the region’s development into a major natural gas export hub. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Ithaca, Delek Group holds high-quality oil and natural gas assets in the UK North Sea totaling approximately 260 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) and producing more than 20 million boe per year. Delek Group is one of Israel’s largest and most prominent companies with a consistent track record of growth. Its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (DLEKG:IT) And its ADRs are traded on the US OTC market (DGRLY:US).

For more information on Delek Group please visit




Limor Gruber

Head of Investor Relations

Delek Group Ltd.

Tel: +972 9 8638443

[email protected]

SOURCE Delek Group Ltd

Proxymity ID Shareholder Disclosure Solution Launches Ahead of SRD II Implementation Deadline

Digital platform enables end-to-end compliance with new EU regulation, and eases the compliance burden for CSDs, brokers, custodians and other intermediaries. State Street (NYSE: STT) and Citi have already signed on as customers.

Press Release updated: Sep 2, 2020

Proxymity, the digital investor communications platform announced today that it has launched its shareholder disclosure solution, Proxymity ID, in all EU Markets ahead of the implementation date of the EU’s Revised Shareholder Rights’ Directive (SRD II) with State Street (NYSE: STT) and Citi as customers.

Proxymity ID is the first new product to launch from the London-based FinTech since it announced its investment raise of $20.5m from a consortium of world-leading financial institutions earlier this year.

SRD II takes effect on Sept. 3, 2020, reflecting the need for transparency between public companies and their shareholders. The new regulation introduces stricter rules to ensure that issuers wishing to know the identity of their shareholders receive a timely response to disclosure requests. Intermediaries (CSDs, custodians, brokers, etc.) must now respond to these requests in a machine-readable format by the next business day, with non-compliance leading to potential fines or even jail time.

“We’re confident that Proxymity ID will make it easier and more cost-effective for custodians and intermediaries to manage the new burdens imposed by SRD II,” explained Dean Little, CEO and Co-Founder of Proxymity. “With Proxymity’s enhanced technology and digital onboarding experience, intermediaries can sign up and start using Proxymity ID within 24 hours and immediately comply with the SRD II legislation, without having to develop their own solution. We expect this to be an incredible value add as financial institutions navigate this new legislation.”

Proxymity ID allows any participants in the custody chain to automatically forward shareholder disclosure requests in a compliant digital format and respond to them instantly (or within a compliant timeframe). A key feature of the product is that Proxymity ID automatically verifies that disclosure requests come from an authorised source, which prevents unsolicited and unapproved requests from being processed, avoiding risk and wasted effort.

“We are excited to implement Proxymity ID in advance of the SRD II deadline. As this new regulation rolls out across the EU, this will help us efficiently address disclosure requests and maintain a strong focus on delivering solutions for our clients,” said Akbar Sheriff, Global Product Head for Custody at State Street.

The new disclosure solution complements Proxymity’s core proxy voting solution, Proxymity PV, which was launched last year to acclaim from issuers, investors and intermediaries in Europe and Australia.

For any media enquiries:
​Kobi Omenaka


About Proxymity
​Proxymity is an end-to-end digital investor communications platform that directly connects issuers, investors, and their intermediaries to provide accurate, transparent and more immediate data to improve business relations. Proxymity is an enterprise-ready solution that provides real-time transparency, allowing instant amendment of instructions and much sought after confirmation that votes have been recorded at shareholder meetings. Eliminating manual input and interpretation of data, Proxymity helps remove potential data corruption and reduces risk for all participants. Proxymity was founded by Dean Little and Jonathan Smalley through Citi’s D10XSM program, and named “Best Innovation in Service Provision” by Global Custodian.

For more information, visit

Source: Proxymity

Saluda Grade Asset Management Issues $308 Million HELOC Securitization

Press Release updated: Sep 15, 2020

Saluda Grade Asset Management (“SGAM”), a private alternative real estate investment firm, is pleased to announce it has sponsored a $308 million unrated securitization backed by home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) originated and serviced by Figure Technologies. The transaction, GRADE 2020-FIG1, closed on Aug. 31, and is the largest securitization of HELOCs since the 2008 housing collapse.

As a Saluda Grade Ventures (“SGV”) portfolio company, Figure has worked closely with Saluda Grade Advisory to lower its cost of capital and gain access to scalable institutional capital partners.  SGV is also invested in Figure’s proprietary blockchain platform,, that provides blockchain-powered efficiencies to asset originators and financial services counterparties.

Saluda Grade sees home equity as one of the largest opportunities in today’s domestic mortgage market. Nearly $7T of American home equity remains trapped because of strict lending regulations and a lack of convenient borrowing options for the American homeowner. Aiming to solve this, Figure’s HELOC product delivers home equity liquidity through a seamless digital underwriting process, and a very fast turnaround for up to $150,000 of funding.

“Saluda Grade Asset Management has now matured to the point where we are able to help support our portfolio companies like Figure through securitization issuance and create more exposure and liquidity in their origination via our GRADE platform,” said Ryan Craft, CEO of Saluda Grade. “Figure is one of the most innovative fintech lenders in the market, and we deeply believe in Mike Cagney’s mission of disrupting the asset-backed capital markets with blockchain and Provenance. We are honored to be part of their amazing growth story.”

The Saluda Grade Opportunities Fund seeks to benefit from opportunities created via the Saluda Grade ecosystem that focuses on delivering alternative lending to the institutional real estate debt investor community. By providing flexible capital in unique formats to their portfolio companies, Saluda Grade has created an accreditive model to fuel growth, while seeking to give debt investors an above-market return in a sector that Saluda Grade specializes in.

About Saluda Grade:

Founded in 2019, Saluda Grade is a boutique real estate advisory and asset management firm focused on the alternative “non-bank” lending sector. Saluda Grade Advisory advises small to mid-sized lenders seeking institutional capital markets expertise and delivering institutional capital to private lenders. Saluda Grade Ventures, the firm’s equity investment arm, currently manages two private funds. Saluda Grade Asset Management manages debt funds investing in transitional mortgage loans and distressed securitized product assets.

With offices in New York and San Francisco, the company is driven by a core mission to identify alternative lending sectors needing institutional capital to fuel growth. Its management team has more than 85 years of combined experience in the mortgage and securitized credit space. The firm has deep relationships with both private lenders and capital providers that allow Saluda Grade to bring attractive assets to institutional investors.

Source: Saluda Grade

Bryant Park Capital Secures a $25 Million Senior Debt Facility for Fast Cash Legal, LLC

Press Release updated: Sep 14, 2020

Bryant Park Capital (“BPC”), a leading middle-market investment bank, announced today that Fast Cash Legal, LLC (“Fast Cash” or the “Company”) recently closed on a $25 million senior debt transaction with a leading institutional investor to the specialty finance space.

BPC served as the exclusive financial advisor to Fast Cash in connection with this transaction.

“Bryant Park Capital was a valuable asset to our team throughout this process. Their wealth of industry knowledge and experience proved crucial in representing Fast Cash Legal’s interests and specific needs. Litigation Finance is a unique product and BPC’s team exhibited the market expertise necessary for reaching a successful outcome. Every step of the way they provided guidance, resources, and advice to ensure a smooth process. We feel confident we made the right choice having them on our team,” said Zamir Kazi, CEO of Fast Cash. 

About Fast Cash Legal, LLC

Fast Cash was established in 2016 as an originator in consumer litigation finance, specializing in providing pre- and post-settlement legal funding to plaintiffs nationwide. In its early history, Fast Cash has already originated a successful and diversified portfolio across multiple states leveraging a team of professionals who have extensive operating experience in the sector.  

For more information about Fast Cash, please visit

Bianca Estevez, COO

About Bryant Park Capital

Bryant Park Capital is an investment bank providing M&A and corporate finance advisory services to emerging growth and middle-market public and private companies. BPC has deep expertise and a diversified, well-founded breadth of experience in a number of sectors, including specialty finance & financial services and healthcare services. BPC has arranged lines of credit, raised growth equity, and assisted in mergers and acquisitions for its clients. Our professionals have completed nearly 300 assignments representing an aggregate transaction value of over $35 billion. ​

For more information about Bryant Park Capital, please visit​


Dan Avnir, Managing Director

Matt Pennino, Managing Director

Source: Bryant Park Capital

Zoe Financial Advises on How to Find the Right Financial Plan

Press Release updated: Sep 15, 2020

Successful financial plan stories are not uncommon; maybe one’s neighbor was able to retire early or their brother finally bought his dream house. For those who have seen it up-close, it may have led to questions about how exactly their financial plan led to such success. Unfortunately, financial plans are not the same for all. What works for one person may not be successful for the next. That’s why each financial plan is customized to an individual’s unique situation. Since every plan is different, people may not know whether or not their financial plan is right for them. To better understand if a financial plan is a good fit, first they should understand the main elements of a financial plan, which includes financial goals, personal cash flow, retirement planning, tax strategy, and investing.

Top 5 Elements of a Financial Plan

For those who aren’t sure what a financial plan should cover, it may be difficult to understand whether or not the plan covers all the bases. Zoe Financial, the leader in connecting clients with advisors, identifies some of the main elements that should be included in a high-quality financial plan.

1.    Financial Goals

This is one of the main reasons why financial plans vary from person to person. One person may have recently lost their job and need to find a way to make their money stretch. The next person could have just inherited a lot of wealth and need advice on how to invest their money. This is why it’s so important for a person to define their short-term and long-term goals to their financial advisor. The financial advisor will then customize a client’s plan with their unique goals in mind.

2.    Personal Cash Flow

Another one of the main elements of a financial plan is a person’s cash flow. Their cash inflow will include their salary, interests from savings accounts, dividends from investments, and any other source of income. Cash outflows generally include any type of expenses, such as rent, mortgage, groceries, gas, and even entertainment. If a person’s financial plan doesn’t consider their cash flow, then it may be time to reconsider the plan. Without this information, it’s nearly impossible to make an accurate financial plan fit for you.

3.    Retirement Planning

No matter what a person’s situation or financial goals are, one of their top priorities should beplanning for retirementAndres Garcia-Amaya, founder of Zoe Financial, states, “There isn’t necessarily a wrong way to save for retirement, as long as you are saving.  That said, there are approaches and account choices that will make building that nest egg a lot easier. These approaches will depend on your current situation, your age, and your goals.” A good financial plan identifies how much the individual is able to save each month and which account has the best benefits for their personal situation.

4.    Tax Strategy

For anyone who asks themselves, “What does a good financial plan look like?”  The answer is a plan that has a greattax planning strategy. This strategy should review a person’s income, timing of purchases, planning for other expenditures, and even their retirement accounts. Zoe Financial recognizes how important it is to have a good tax strategy, as it can save their clients thousands of dollars. This is another element that isn’t a one-size-fits-all, as everybody has a different income, investments, goals, and accounts. The best way to figure out an ideal tax strategy is to connect with a high-quality fiduciary advisor who understands one’s holistic financial situation.

5.    Investing

Investing isn’t for everybody, but it’s never a bad idea to consider it. As Zoe Financial says, “By investing, you put your money to work.”  Rather than just saving money, investing allows people to grow their wealth. As a matter of fact, investing can actually help people to reach their financial goals. Even if a person doesn’t include it in their financial plan, they should review their choices with their financial advisor.

About Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial understands that each client has a different financial situation. This is why fiduciary financial advisor’s in Zoe’s Advisor Network never create generic plans for their clients. A noteworthy aspect of Zoe’s advisor vetting process is an in-depth review of the types of plans advisors often create for their clients. In fact, Zoe Financial rejects 95% of advisors who are unable to build holistic and thoughtful financial plans.

Zoe Network Advisors take the time to understand what their clients’ needs are, what their current financial situation is, and what their financial goals are. Individuals can feel confident that their financial plan is right for them when all of this information is taken into consideration. Additionally, Zoe Financial works hard to match their clients with the right advisor. 

Not only do they hire the top 5% of fiduciary financial advisors, but they also pair their clients with advisors with similar experiences. All the client has to do is fill out a short form and Zoe’s algorithm will choose the top three advisors that are best equipped to assist them. From there, they caninterview the financial advisor to confirm that it’s a good fit. By hiring the right financial advisor, the client has completed the first step in making a financial plan that’s right for them.

Press Contact:

Source: Zoe Financial

Social Security Solutions, Inc., New Updates and Innovation to Leading Social Security Planning Software, SSanalyzer

Press Release updated: Sep 15, 2020

Social Security Solutions, Inc. has launched a new version of its #1-ranked Social Security software, SSanalyzer. Winning the top-ranked Social Security planning tool by financial advisors in the T3 technology survey three years and running, SSanalyzer offers the most robust analysis for Social Security claiming strategies with an intuitive workflow and clear client deliverables. SSanalyzer calculates and suggests the most optimal strategy for any household situation on all subscription levels, assuring all users receive the best possible solution for their client.

With continued research and innovation, Social Security Solutions, Inc. leads the industry, supporting advisors with the most up-to-date methodology, strategies and training. Head of Research, Dr. William Reichenstein, Ph.D., says, “Social Security is still complicated, especially with varying circumstances for different household types that get missed in other tools. Claiming strategies for singles, widows, and married couples each have unique implications that should be considered to best optimize their Social Security income.” CEO William Meyer follows up with, “In the current COVID environment, retirees have urgent questions related to claiming early. Our software showcases the alternatives and options on how to garner more benefits or fix a claiming strategy even if you start early. Advisors are expected to address these concerns with knowledgeable suggestions.”

The newest release showcases a complete overhaul of the user interface and client reports – increasingly important elements in today’s digital climate for successful client meetings and communication. In addition, they have added new digital education and marketing resources for advisors to conduct client education and prospecting. This supports the advisors’ new challenge of growing their practice in a digital world. Extending their commitment to research and education, they present a new Virtual Education Series of lectures on current hot topics such as Social Security funding fears, re-do strategy options for clients who need money now, and dealing with the earnings test for clients who are still working. Social Security Solutions, Inc. not only prides themselves on being leaders in research on the subject of Social Security, but also on offering the service of Social Security-trained experts on staff. Advisors can utilize these experts with the Premier Level subscription for clarification on Social Security rules, case-specific questions, and for an additional fee, online filing assistance for clients.

SSanalyzer continues to showcase how life-expectancy impacts claiming strategies. The easiest way to assess optimal claiming strategies based on analyzing life expectancy ranges is with what SSanalyzer refers to as the “SS Zone”. The patented tool, the “SS Zone,” allows advisors to view a digital map that compares which strategy is best during which life expectancy zone, to assess across ranges when a strategy begins and stop being optimal for a client situation. Learn more about the new redesign, features, and education of SSanalyzer at or call 866-762-7526.

Media Contact

Lisa Mullinger


Source: Social Security Solutions, Inc.

Tech Wei Corp, S.A. Acquires Panda Payment Solutions Ltd in 54M EUR Cash Deal

The purchase positions Tech Wei as a strong competing force in the marketplace technology sector.

Press Release updated: Sep 17, 2020

Tech Wei Corp S.A. (Tech Wei), a Panamanian company with regional offices in Hong Kong, announces the acquisition of Panda Payment Solutions Ltd (Panda) in Hong Kong., a PSP and payment technology company.

The cash purchase of 54,000,000 EUR fits into Tech Wei’s strategy to enhance and expand its marketplace platform. By purchasing the company, Tech Wei will provide customizable pipeline platforms and a wide range of payment solutions to its white label licensees.

“The acquisition of Panda complements Tech Wei’s overall offerings. They can now provide a full service, end-to-end platform to merchants in Latin and North America. Welcome to the era of anything, anytime, anywhere,” said David Solomon, CEO and Sole Proprietor of Panda.

“This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to offer instant payment solutions to companies engaged in the pipeline business model. Not only will it enable Tech Wei to satisfy the new digital customer, but it will give marketplace merchants the ability to consistently maximize profits and stay competitive.”

David Solomon will continue on-board for an additional three months to oversee the seamless transition of the company. 

About Panda Payment Solutions Limited Hong Kong

Founded in 2015, Panda Payment Solutions Ltd, based in Hong Kong, is the leading provider of payment technology and payment solutions in Asia. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides direct acquiring solutions to merchants worldwide. It is also a leading developer of bespoke CRM and payment platforms. The company processed a record 3.25 billion EUR in transactions in 2019. The company’s customers include Fintech Companies, Merchants and PSPs. To learn more information about Panda Payment Solutions HK visit

Tech Wei Corp S.A. 

Founded in 2008, Tech Wei Corp S.A., is a Marketplace driven company. As a pioneer in the concept of the pipeline business model, the company launched in 2009. It currently provides white label marketplace platforms to over 5,000 merchants in Asia, Latin America and North America, competing head-on with rivals such as Ali Baba and Amazon. 

For further information, contact

Source: Panda Payment Solutions Ltd

The Benefits of Wealth Management: Does It Pay Off in the Long-Run?

Press Release updated: Sep 22, 2020

Ever wondered if wealth management is a worthwhile service? Fiduciary wealth managers take the financial stress off their clients by both managing their clients’ wealth while also creating a customized plan that enables them to simply not have to worry about their financial future.

Not only do they consider their client’s immediate needs, but their future growth goals as well. One of the main benefits of wealth management is that it pays off in the long run, while helping clients achieve their financial goals. Two of the main goals wealth managers help their clients achieve include properly planning for retirement and managing their investments.

Planning for Retirement

When a person thinks about their financial future, their retirement should be the first thing that comes to mind. Most people retire at age 65, meaning that they have 20 to 30 more years with no working income. Retirement planning isn’t something that should be done a year before retirement; it takes years of planning. Wealth management that focuses on holistic advice will ensure their clients are financially comfortable when they retire. The right wealth management firm will ensure their clients investment strategy and asset allocation align with this holistic financial plan and their clients’ overarching financial goals.


When a person invests their assets, they put their money to work with the hopes that it’ll grow in the future.  As with most investments, there are risks. The investments with the highest risks are the ones that people expect a larger turnover from. A wealth management firm will help their clients identify what risk level is optimal for their particular situation. When an investor invests to grow their wealth in the long run, rather than trying to time the market, they’re able to spend valuable time in the market. This ultimately reduces risk and maximizes returns over a longer period of time for clients.

Holistic wealth management ensures that clients’ investments are an integral part of their long-term financial plan. A true fiduciary wealth manager will ensure their client’s investment strategy is planned with their best interest in mind.

Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone wants to look back on their lives and feel proud of their accomplishments. Holistic wealth management is a key factor in helping people to reach all of their goals, short-term and long-term. Everyone should have more freedom with their money. Wealth managers can help their clients buy their “forever home” to raise their kids, buy their dream car, or go on the vacation that they’ve always wanted, to name a few. These types of accomplishments, no matter how big or small, make wealth management worthwhile in the long run.

Zoe Financial knows how important it is to plan for the future. Fiduciary wealth management ensures a successful financial future that looks beyond just one’s wealth and dives deeper into each of one’s unique goals and needs. Zoe takes the time to match their clients with the right wealth manager by using an award-winning matching algorithm. Zoe Financial clients can schedule free consults with multiple advisors and work with advisors using various fee structures that work best for their specific situation. Zoe’s network of wealth managers then create a customized financial plan so that their client can be better equipped to reach their goals, while also being more financially prepared for the future.

About Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial’s award-winning algorithm enables individuals to discover and connect with highly vetted, top fiduciary advisors in their area. All financial advisors in the Zoe Network are vetted and verified fiduciaries, along with having top credentials, education, and experience. Zoe’s service provides support from start to finish during an individual’s financial advisor search. All consultation calls and interviews with Zoe’s network of advisors are completely free and are offered via video chat or traditional phone call depending on an individual’s preference.

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RIMES Takes Top Places at Waters Technology’s Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards

Panel of expert data management journalists award RIMES first place at prestigious event

Press Release updated: Sep 21, 2020

RIMES, the global leader in Managed Data Services (MDS) and RegTech solutions for financial institutions, has been named the Best Managed Service for Reference Data at Waters’ Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards.

Waters Technology’s annual Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards recognise industry excellence within market data, reference data and enterprise data management. The winner of the Best Managed Service for Reference Data was selected by Waters Technology’s expert editorial team.

Alessandro Ferrari, CMO, RIMES, commented: “Our MDS offering is designed to deliver sustainable and quantifiable improvements in business performance for our clients. Being recognized by the Inside Reference Data Awards shows that we’ve done exactly that, in what has been a very demanding year for the industry.”

The win takes RIMES’ total number of awards won this year to four, with RIMES’ MDS offering most recently crowned Best Data Management Product at the HFM European Technology Awards 2020.

RIMES MDS is a comprehensive suite of scalable, fully managed services, helping firms fulfill their needs for the efficient delivery of accurate and timely data, while also helping them realize strategic aims, such as managing business change and becoming more responsive to their clients’ needs.


RIMES is an award-winning data management and regulatory technology specialist that truly understands the challenges faced by its customers. It serves over 350 asset managers, owners, servicers and banks in 45 countries including 60 of the 100 largest global asset managers by AUM and 9 of the top 10 asset servicers in the world.​

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Two Local Firms Merge to Form a Financial Service Powerhouse in Northern California

Press Release updated: Sep 28, 2020

Two independent financial services firms operating as general agencies of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) have announced they are joining together to create one of the largest life insurance firms in Northern California. MassMutual Pacific and MassMutual Northern California will be operating as MassMutual Northern California.  

Robert Fakhimi and Greg Cohn, who bring a combined 54 years of financial services expertise to the local community, will lead the MassMutual Northern California firm as general managers, with a team of over 341 advisors, managers, and support staff. The firm’s headquarters will be based in Walnut Creek, California.

“Bob and Greg are visionary leaders who each bring unique experiences and leadership to the financial services industry at large,” said Joe Sparacio, head of Field Management, MassMutual. “Building on their excellent reputations and history, I am confident that MassMutual Northern California is well-positioned to maximize the tremendous opportunities for residents and businesses across the markets they serve. The resources available in the larger firm will provide a tremendous opportunity to invest in progressive strategies to serve the evolving needs of customers.”

Robert Fakhimi CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® has been the CEO of MassMutual Northern California since April 2001 and has led the agency to 17 Chairman’s Trophy Awards (14 gold, two silver and one bronze) and 16 Crystal Achievement Awards, an honor he has earned every year since the award’s inception in 2003. The award recognizes agencies that have demonstrated solid performance and growth over the previous year. Fakhimi received GAMA’s coveted First in Class Award in both 2011 and 2012, and this year is a GAMA Master Agency Award recipient. Over the years, Fakhimi has demonstrated an ability to recognize and recruit talented people to his agency. In eight of the last 12 years, at least one of the company’s Freshman Five members (top five recruits out of 2,400 total) has come from MassMutual Northern California.

Greg Cohn CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® has been the General Agent of MassMutual Northern California, alongside Bob Fakhimi, for several years. Greg has been in the financial services field since 1996. A graduate of the San Diego State University Business School with an emphasis in Finance, Greg began working with individuals and business owners in helping them to achieve their financial goals. He has been dedicated to helping his clients in the areas of Wealth Maximization & Preservation, Investment & Retirement Strategies, and Insurance Protectin. Starting in 2001 with MassMutual, Greg’s focus was on building his firm through recruiting, developing, and coaching his advisors to success. During the period between 2004 and 2013, Greg rose from being recognized as third overall Sales Manager in the MassMutual system nationwide to first, receiving the Gold Bowl. Greg is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) professional and has also earned the CLU and ChFC professional designations from the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He is a past President of his local National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors.

To learn more, please visit or email

Local firms are sales offices of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and are not subsidiaries of MassMutual or its affiliated companies. Securities and investment advisory services offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC OSJ: 3003 Oak Road, Suite 250, Walnut Creek, CA 94597. (925) 979-2300. CRN202209-271525

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Context Labs Announces Mark McDivitt to Join as Chief Operating Officer

Distinguished thought leadership and guidance will help position Context Labs’ Immutably™ Data Fabric Platform in ESG and Sustainability markets.

Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2020

Context Labs today announced that Mark McDivitt, a leading expert on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and financial markets, has joined the team as Chief Operating Officer.

Mark comes to the company from State Street Corporation, where he spent the last decade of his career, demonstrating global thought leadership in ESG, culminating in his tenure as global head of ESG at State Street, where he focused on data analytics and carbon trading. Prior to that, Mark served as the head of ESG Solutions for State Street Global Exchange and Managing Director of US Hedge Fund Sales. Mark also served on the advisory boards of Greentown Labs, CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative, Self Help Africa and was a SASB Alliance member and remains an active Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society program.

Before joining State Street in 2010, Mark was Founder and President of CarbonCCY Management executing environmental attributes on behalf of renewable energy infrastructure companies. Mark began his career with Fuji Bank in Tokyo, Japan trading interest rate swaps followed by fifteen years with Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in Tokyo, Singapore and London as Head of Hedge Fund Sales. In addition, he held an eight-year term with AIG and CS in Hedge Fund FX & Derivative Sales.

Context Labs Founder and CEO, Dan Harple, stated, “Mark brings a wealth of financial markets experience to the Context Labs/Spherical|Analytics team. His leadership, guidance and passion for ESG will help drive the evolution of our Immutably™ Data Fabric platform, providing a new higher-trust/higher resolution for ESG. His deep understanding of the need for ESG in financial markets will accelerate the competitive differentiation of our AI and machine learning-enabled Asset Grade Data, Analytics, and ESG signal. We couldn’t be more excited about adding a leader and expert of Mark’s caliber to our growing team.”

“Understanding ESG is like learning a new language; a narrative derived from the evolution of disclosure seeking greater transparency into the value drivers of a company. It’s all about the Data; the provenance and veracity of that data, to be able to quantify risk and generate quantifiable insights. Context Labs/Spherical|Analytics is transforming ESG into a real-time quantitative AI-driven signal, based on Asset Grade Data, a journey that I am thrilled to be joining. This team is moving the needle on ‘Measurement’ to better ‘Monitor and Manage’ the environmental and societal challenges that we face today,” according to Mark.

About Context Labs-

Context Labs provides solutions for customers who demand trusted provenance in their data, tracked veracity through the data’s supply chain of use, and a requirement for trusted insights. Its purpose is to provide the world’s trusted data fabric platform for asset grade data, using its Immutably™ Data Fabric platform, deploying machine learning, and AI-driven asset grade analytics, for context-driven insights. With its subsidiary company, Spherical|Analytics, it is dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and contextualizing the world’s ESG information, enabling data to become trusted, shared, and utilized as asset grade data (AGD) to provide insights and solutions through asset grade analytics (AGA) that informs markets.

Contact: | |@contextlabsbv​

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The Importance of Saving for Retirement Early

Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2020

It’s no secret that saving is a key element in preparing for retirement. Yet a recent survey found that 66% of young adults are not meeting their savings goals when it comes to retirement saving. Often, when goals feel too far in the future, there is less motivation to actively save. That’s why it’s crucial to start saving for retirement as early as possible. Zoe Financial is the leader in connecting those looking to save for retirement with top financial advisors who can help them create a custom retirement saving plan. Saving for retirement early allows for more financial freedom, reduced income taxes, and higher likelihood of investment growth.

Find Financial Freedom

Most people retire in their 60s, meaning they likely have 20 to 30 more years with no working income. During retirement, most people expect to live off of their Social Security. Unfortunately, many have reported that their social security isn’t enough to maintain their lifestyle. Too often this means having to downsize their home, miss out on fun outings, become very cautious of spending habits, and constantly worrying about healthcare expenses and financial emergencies. This is why saving for retirement early is so important, as no one wants to feel financially unstable, especially after they retire.

Reduce Income Taxes

When money is withheld from an individual’s paycheck and placed in a 401(k) or 403(b) account, it isn’t taxed until it’s withdrawn. The advantage of this is that most people are in lower tax brackets when they retire, meaning the amount of taxes that they have to pay are reduced. Other accounts, such as Roth IRAs, also have tax benefits. Although the deposits are made with taxed dollars, they can grow tax-free once it’s inside the account.

Zoe Financial knows how important it is to choose the right retirement account. Since there are so many different options, Zoe’s Network of fiduciary financial advisors always work with their clients to find the right account with the best tax benefits.

Grow Investments

When a person makes an investment, they’re putting their money to work. All they have to do is invest some money and allow the compounded interest to grow their wealth. Let’s use a stock index fund as an example. If someone invests $500 a month into an investment account, it equates to an annual investment of $6,000.  Based on a 10% return for 30 years, his account would grow to over $1 million. This is significantly more than he would have if he didn’t make those monthly investments or take advantage of compounding interest.

Investing may seem intimidating as there are so many different routes that a person can take. Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO & Founder of Zoe Financial, acknowledges that, “Investing isn’t one-size-fits-all! Your financial goals, unique financial situation, time frame, risk tolerance, and comfort levels are all part of your investment strategy.” That’s why Zoe’s financial advisors help their clients choose the right way to invest, depending on their situation. In doing so, their clients have an extra income when it comes time to retire.

Sandwich Generation Planning

The sandwich generation is the middle-aged generation who financially supports both their children and aging parents. This is a huge responsibility that most people are not financially prepared to handle. Many retirees have even been part of this generation earlier in life when their own parents reached the age of retirement. For those that have, they know how difficult it is to support two generations, as well as themselves. One of the most important reasons that a person should save for retirement early is to prevent putting a financial strain on their children.

Saving Early for Retirement with Zoe Financial

As Zoe Financial states, “Saving for retirement is going to be one of the biggest savings goals you will have in your lifetime.” They know how important these savings are, which is why they recommend including it in one’s financial plan. Part of a financial plan will include picking out the right retirement account. Additionally, the financial plan created alongside your fiduciary advisor should include different strategies so that the individual can be more financially stable in the future.

Along with investing, one of the other approaches includes making a greattax strategy. This strategy maximizes all of the elements of a financial plan. By looking at the plan from a tax perspective, financial advisors can save their clients thousands of dollars every year. This extra money allows their clients to reach their short-term and long-term goals, which includes being financially secure when they retire.

The sooner a person starts saving for retirement, the better prepared they’ll be for the future. By doing so, they can live the life they want to live, even after retirement. For anyone who needs to build their financial plan, Zoe Financial will match them with one of their experienced financial advisors.

About Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial’s award-winning algorithm enables individuals to discover and connect with highly vetted, top fiduciary advisors in their area. All financial advisors in the Zoe Network are vetted and verified fiduciaries, along with having top credentials, education, and experience. Zoe’s service provides support from start to finish during an individual’s financial advisor search. All consultation calls and interviews with Zoe’s network of advisors are completely free and are offered via video chat or traditional phone call depending on an individual’s preference.

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Roberts & Ryan Investments Welcome Wall Street Veterans, Joseph Oricoli and Thomas O’Neill to the Firm

Press Release updated: Oct 1, 2020

Roberts & Ryan Investments Inc., America’s first Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVO) FINRA registered broker-dealer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph Oricoli and Thomas O’Neill as Senior Managing Directors.

Joseph Oricoli

Joseph Oricoli, a Wall Street veteran with more than 40 years of experience in all facets of global capital markets, has extensive expertise across origination, sales, and trading of fixed-income and derivative products.

During his 40+ year career as a senior executive, Oricoli helped establish Lehman Brothers in New York as a recognized dealer by the Federal Reserve. At Lehman, Joseph traded short-term Treasury and federal agency securities and ran the Government trading business. He developed a market in the U.S. for short-term foreign securities. He played a critical role in Morgan Stanley’s emergence in the global money markets sector that culminated in their attaining “global top three” status. He also directed CS First Boston’s resurgence in the global short-term money market during the 1990s. At CS First Boston’s peak, they represented more than 850 proprietary clients with $900 billion in annual volume, a 30-percent increase from their previous high.

Prior to joining First Empire in 2005, Oricoli was integral in growing out significant businesses for Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, CS First Boston and Lehman Brothers, serving as a committee member of Debt Capital Markets Management and Capital Commitment Committees during his tenure. He was also a founding partner of Fore Partner Capital, an independent asset management company, and Strategic Investment Management, a global macro hedge fund.   

Joseph joined Stifel Financial in 2019 as part of its acquisition of First Empire where he served on the Board of Directors and held senior management positions at several of its affiliates, namely as President of First Empire Asset Management, a $4 billion SEC investment advisor. He was also founder and manager of LPC Services Inc in 2005, a non-regulated entity which transacted more than $10 billion of whole loan transactions. 

He attended New York University, and holds Series 7, 24, 53, 63, 66 licenses from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 

Thomas O’Neill

Thomas O’Neill is an Operating Partner of Izar Capital Group (“Izar Capital”), a leading specialized middle-market corporate finance advisory firm. O’Neill is a well-regarded, global thought leader and execution professional in investment banking for the middle-market, having built numerous corporate finance advisory firms and merchant banks over the last 48 years. The historical core of O’Neill’s expertise is coverage of community and mid-sized banks, which has expanded over the years to include all aspects of corporate finance investment banking.

Thomas co-founded Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. in 1988, the largest private investment bank serving the financial services industry, providing M&A, capital markets, fixed income sales and trading, equity sales and trading, equity research, balance sheet management, mortgage finance, consulting services, and publishing research on about 300 financial institutions across the United States.  In 2019, O’Neill’s firm was sold to Piper Jaffrey.

Most recently, Thomas was Co-Chairman of First Empire, and orchestrated the growth merger with Stifel Financial Corp., a $47 billion market cap investment bank.

O’Neill serves and has served on multiple Boards of Directors, including Archer Daniel Midland, NASDAQ Group, BankFinancial Corp, and Misonix, among others.

Prior experience includes being Founding Member of Kimberlite Group (merchant bank), CEO of Ranieri Partners (residential and commercial real estate investment platform), Sandler O’Neill, L.F. Rothschild and Bear Stearns.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from New York University and is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

About Roberts and Ryan Investments, Inc. 

Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) broker-dealer with execution capabilities in the capital markets, equities and fixed-income trading. The firm was founded in 1987 by a United States Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

Roberts & Ryan engages in underwriting and trading of corporate municipal and agency mortgage debt as well as, equity agency trade execution, stock buybacks, and equity underwriting. 

The majority of the firm’s employees are veterans. The firm is active in donating to charitable foundations that make significant positive impacts in the lives of veterans and their families. Roberts & Ryan will directly support veteran-focused charitable organizations that are best positioned to aid the veteran community.

Source: Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc.

Zip Co – Buy Now Pay Later Helping Small Businesses Through COVID-19

The way people shop may have changed forever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. An accelerated shift to online shopping and changing trends among young shoppers have seen the rising popularity of alternative credit firms.

Press Release updated: Oct 6, 2020

New research into buy now pay later services commissioned by Openpay and reported by Mozo found that over 50% of Australians have delayed essential spending in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. The survey of 1,000 people living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney found that 61% of those living in Sydney and Melbourne have limited themselves to essential spending. 

The research report also showed that more than 60% of Australians are now using a buy now pay later service such as Zip to take care of essential spendings including car repairs (31%) and healthcare (60%). One in 10 are using a buy now pay later service to pay for groceries and education expenses.

With two-thirds of survey respondents from Melbourne and Sydney and 56% from Brisbane reported using less cash than they were six months ago, small eCommerce retailers are discovering how leveraging buy now pay later (BNPL) can help boost not only customer engagement and loyalty but also their bottom line.

Installment payments can allow those customers feeling the pinch of the economic downturn to pay off their purchases over time while providing steady revenue streams for small businesses that keep them afloat. Buy now pay later offerings have also proven to increase the average order value by placing items within financial reach for customers who would probably have called it quits on the spot.

Fortunately for SMEs, many of which are financially fragile, there’s more good news on the horizon. The booming buy now pay later sector, led in Australia by Zip Co, is now making its way into the small business market.

In an ASX statement, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Zip Co Peter Gray said a series of products and solutions for the SME market would soon be introduced as Zip Business becomes established. 

The newly launched Zip Business product was designed to allow merchants to access their purchase inventory, cover short-term expenses and manage their cash flow via access to flexible lines of credit.

“We are excited to formally launch a suite of products for the small business community,” Gray said. “[We believe it is] a segment that has been underserved by the traditional lenders in recent years.

“A thriving small business community is critical to the health of the Australian economy,” he added. “It comes at a time when Australia’s small businesses are confronting the extreme challenge of COVID-19.”

The “buy now pay later industry is evolving rapidly and we can expect to see the expansion of the offering to many more businesses over the next six months.

Contact us

George Campbell
​Level 14, 10 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000​
(02) 8294 2345

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Award-Winning Wealth Manager Expands Offices Into Park City, Utah

Jodi Vleck brings decades of experience and top advisor awards from Forbes, Barron’s, San Diego Magazine and many others to her new office.

Press Release updated: Oct 5, 2020

​Beta Wealth Group (BWG), a leading financial planning and wealth management firm, is pleased to announce its expansion to Park City, Utah. Founder and CEO of BWG Jodi Vleck opened the office in Park City earlier this month, is a proud member of the Chamber, and is accepting new consultations. The decision to bring over two decades of experience to Park City came from the joy she’s had living part-time there and recognizing the opportunity for residents to benefit from her depth of knowledge in financial planning. For 15 consecutive years, San Diego Magazine readers have rated Jodi as a top wealth manager, and she is regularly featured in Forbes for Best in State / Best Women Advisors. Jodi is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, fee-only advisor and member of NAPFA.

“The residents of Park City are much like those we have serviced for 20+ years in San Diego,” said Jodi Vleck. “They enjoy being outside, are outgoing, social and environmentally conscious. They are savvy and strive to make their money work for them to continue to enjoy the things they love to do. We take the time to know our clients, their aspirations, and long-term financial goals. I have no doubt we can do the same for people in Park City.” 

Client First with an Impressive Niche

Beta Wealth Group, founded in 2009, believes that while managing wealth is a science, supporting the personal goals of its clients is the true privilege behind its work. BWG’s main client demographics include engineers, executives, scientists, and technology professionals. The firm utilizes a holistic planning process to focus on maximizing the positive outcomes of their clients. 

“Beta Wealth Group is so much more than portfolio construction and management. We aspire to ensure that our clients truly understand what we are doing and why. That is how we build trust and life-long relationships,” proudly stated Jodi Vleck.

The Exciting Opportunity for Residents

Beta Wealth Group offers consultations in Park City to those interested in services such as retirement, holistic personal financial planning and socially conscious, environmental social and governance (ESG) investing. Jodi also uniquely understands the specific needs of women when conquering events such as striving for financial independence, making your money work for you, navigating a divorce, or dealing with the loss of a partner. Jodi is making waves in the finance industry, where fewer than a quarter (21.9%) of senior leadership roles are held by women. She is leading progress on gender diversity in the workforce and shifting mindsets with her hard work and commitment. ​

Call (858)207-3377 or email for additional information. You can also visit See news about Beat Wealth Group or learn more about our team

Contact: Victoria Tichy

(858)207-3377 ext 104

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BCS Announces Expansion of Risk Navigator Solution Set With Acquisition of Medical Risk Managers, Inc.

Acquisition joins two specialized Stop Loss Insurance and Excess of Loss Reinsurance underwriters

Press Release updated: Oct 6, 2020

BCS Financial Corporation (BCS) announced today it has acquired Medical Risk Managers, Inc. (MRM), a market-leading provider of Stop Loss pricing and underwriting services. 

As a market-leading insurer and reinsurer, BCS protects more than six million medical, supplemental, and travel customers. With this acquisition, MRM’s comprehensive managing general underwriting service model becomes an additional feature included in BCS’s Risk Navigator solution set, a highly predictive and actionable approach to managing carrier and employer large claim risks.

“For three decades, BCS has provided our customers with a portfolio of products and services designed to help flatten the growth of large claim risks,” said Peter Costello, president and chief executive officer of BCS Financial. “BCS’s acquisition of MRM advances our efforts to provide a comprehensive solution-set for our customers.”

In conjunction with MRM, BCS and its customers immediately gain access to market-leading Stop Loss pricing, underwriting, and case management capabilities. MRM and its customers, meanwhile, benefit by gaining increased access to BCS and its broad portfolio of complementary products, including Excess of Loss, Stop Loss, International Health, Limited Benefit, and Group Supplemental insurance.

“It’s undeniable that the volume and severity of High Cost Claimants is a growing problem for self-funded employers,” said Mehb Khoja, president of MRM. “Our new alignment enables both BCS and MRM to grow by sharing strengths, capabilities, and market access.”

Under BCS’s ownership, Khoja will continue as president of MRM, which will remain headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut.

About BCS Financial Corporation (BCS)

For over 70 years, BCS Financial Corporation has delivered a wide-range of insurance and financial solutions primarily designed for Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations and their customers nationwide. Through its subsidiaries, BCS Insurance Company and 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, BCS is licensed in all 50 states and is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best. BCS Financial is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Learn more at

About Medical Risk Managers, Inc. (MRM)

For over 35 years, Medical Risk Managers, Inc. has underwritten Stop Loss insurance on behalf of its insurance carrier partners. As a managing general underwriter, MRM has underwritten over $4 billion in Stop Loss premium since its inception. Among its capabilities, MRM is able to price Stop Loss coverage at any deductible level, over any network, and in any zip code nationwide. MRM is headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut. Learn more at

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Certent Empowers Financial Reporting Centers of Excellence With Certent 365

Certent 365 delivers an advanced report production experience with innovation that accelerates the process and simplifies project management

Press Release updated: Oct 13, 2020

Certent, Inc., a leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions for financial disclosure management and equity compensation, announced today the launch of the new Certent 365 web-client for the Certent CDM Disclosure Management Platform.

With the Certent 365 web-client, Certent has created faster and more efficient ways to manage the reporting cycle with convenient access to Certent apps, project dashboards and management tools, and the new Certent 365 Reviewer. Financial reporting teams can now move beyond a narrow view of individual financial statements to a holistic view of reporting projects driving consistency, clarity, and improved communications, for regulatory reporting, and crucial internal performance reporting.

“Members of the reporting team have access to pixel-perfect versions of reports for review, comment, and approval through the web-accessible Certent 365 Reviewer with Certent’s industry-leading HD ReportingSM technology,” said Brett Alexander, Certent SVP Products. “The Certent 365 Reviewer will provide insight into the final version of reports with support for in-line XBRL, for regulatory documents and Adobe In-Design for publication. Having this insight into the status of reports throughout the reporting cycle, saving time and allowing them to catch issues before they become costly errors.”

Certent 365 provides a hub for project activity with dashboards for at-a-glance review of milestones, metrics, project status, and all the reporting project team members, expanding communication to the whole team, including managers that are not involved in the day-to-day report creation.

“Today’s reporting projects require a team to be successful. Analysts and accountants drive the data, designers put on the final touches, and financial leaders craft messaging,” said Certent CEO, Jorge Martin. “With Certent 365, our customers can create a Reporting Center of Excellence, where financial teams build reports faster and with less risk. Finance teams can now manage end-to-end narrative performance reporting by combining people, processes, and technology in a unified environment that allows for collaboration and continuous improvement.”

To learn more about Certent 365 and how it improves the reporting management process Join our Webinar: Igniting Centers of Excellence for Financial Reporting with Certent 365.

About Certent

Certent, Inc., founded in 2002, helps customers elevate their business with smart, intuitive solutions for modern finance. Our advanced solutions for disclosure management, narrative reporting, and equity management help business and finance leaders improve accuracy, save time, and get more done. Deploy with confidence over the cloud, backed by our end-to-end support services, deep expertise, and global reach. Integrate easily with existing systems and data sources. Certent helps you redefine your approach to governance, risk, and compliance. The company operates in seven countries and serves over 2,400 public, private, and pre-IPO companies around the world. To learn more, go to

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Nick Talbert

Source: Certent, Inc.

Regal Software Announces RegalPay One to Simplify Payments for the B2B Space

Regal Software’s latest solution is the first cloud product that can seamlessly integrate 85+% of corporate accounting systems

Press Release updated: Oct 14, 2020

Regal Software, a MineralTree company, announced today RegalPay One, a cloud-based solution that allows financial institutions to offer white-labeled, integrated payables to corporate customers. The new platform builds on the success of its predecessor, RegalPay, which has been on the market since 2008, with over 160 ERP systems integrated. The platform is compatible with most major banks in the U.S.

The RegalPay One application will enable regional and community banks to instantly provide a white-labeled platform for their corporate customers to automate their accounts payable function without a huge investment in technology. Business users can simplify their payments processing with the ability to transmit all payment types, including virtual cards powered by Mastercard In Control for Commercial Payments (Mastercard In Control), as well as check, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and wire from their accounting system, without double entry. Reconciliation is also included.

“Unlike solutions on the market today that only offer a handful of ERP integrations and require a manual intervention to complete a payment, RegalPay One offers a bank-branded platform that connects directly to their corporate customers’ ERP system,” said Ed Wertzberger, Vice President, Solution Delivery, Regal Software.

By providing banks with the choice  to integrate either with cloud solutions or directly into on-premise applications, combined with the security of AWS bank-level encryption, RegalPay One enables banks to compete on product with an easy-to-use, efficient, and secure platform.

For more information about RegalPay One, please visit

About Regal Software​

Regal Software, a MineralTree company, is a FinTech provider in the corporate electronic payments industry. Regal offers the most robust on-premise and cloud-based solution for connecting corporate ERP systems to financial institutions and suppliers for accounts payable payment processing. Regal Software’s technologies make it effortless for corporations to add a corporate payment solution for virtual card, ACH, wire and check to their portfolio.

Contact Information:
1 (866) 606-4183

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Source: Regal Software – Buy Now, Pay Later Helping Australians Stretch Their Dollar Further

The health crisis has transformed the buying behaviour of consumers, along with their willingness to spend, their prioritisation of products and, given ongoing lockdown measures, the method in which they spend.

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2020

Recent data in the Zip Weekly Spending Index compiled by buy now pay later provider, Zip, shows that Australians are exploring new ways to improve their savings, as the fallout from the health crisis weighs on consumer confidence.

With more consumers seeking payment options to stretch their dollar as far as possible, retailers are discovering that buy now, pay later (BNPL) offerings can give consumers the financial flexibility they desire. As a result, BNPL services are seeing a surge in popularity as cash-conscious Australians search for new ways to stretch every dollar.

Consumer comparison site Mozo reports that buy now, pay later platforms are now being used by 30 per cent of Australians. Mozo’s data also shows that around 2.9 million Australians are using BNPL services to cover the cost of essential expenses, such as food.

According to Zip’s Weekly Spending Index even though panic buying was shelved in July, Australians have continued to spend unseasonably high amounts at supermarkets and grocery stores. Zip saw a 20% increase in this essential spending in July alone.

Clothing maintained its position as the most popular spending category for these services, accounting for 30% of BNPL transactions. This was followed by spending on groceries and food and beverage items, each accounting for 12% of transactions.

This data comes as new figures point to the potential for Australia’s unemployment rate hitting double figures. Deloitte Access Economics has already warned that unemployment is likely to remain above pre-coronavirus levels until 2024, weighing on incomes and wages growth.

Buy now pay later usage has grown across all income brackets, but not only for those experiencing cash flow problems stemming from unemployment. Data analytics company illion found that higher-income households were adopting the services at a faster rate than their lower-income peers. However, this could be a signal of increased time spent at home — particularly as costs associated with travel were all down significantly.

According to Zip, other trends accelerated by COVID-19 continued throughout Australia’s second wave. These include the move away from physical cash and towards eCommerce; away from public transport and increased adoption of bicycles; and on home entertainment, computer and video game systems.

Co-founder and COO of Zip, Peter Gray, said this continued trend away from cash was one that retailers shouldn’t ignore.

“For businesses to continue to thrive, owners need to ensure that they’re offering their customers payment choice and the options their customers are demanding,” Mr Gray said.

Larry Diamond
Level 14, 10 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8294 2345.

Source: Zip Co

SmartFX Launched Its Daily Market Analysis for Clients

Press Release updated: Nov 5, 2020

SmartFX, the retail forex brokerage company, has recently launched its own Daily Market Analysis for clients.

While having a team of experienced analysts, the company is working on enhancing the experience of traders by helping them to analyze the market and decide their next move. From now, SmartFX’s clients receive fresh market insights on the most traded instruments with its forecast on the price movements on a daily basis.

The Analysis includes five major currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and AUD/USD), three indices (US30, UK100, DAX) and three commodities instruments like Gold, Silver and US Oil. The instruments are analyzed for main indicators such as trading range, take profit, stop loss, support and resistance levels.

“We just want our clients to stay up to date and grab opportunities to get in and out of the market”, Arun Kumar, Director of SmartFX, added.

The Daily Market Analysis by SmartFX available on its website, and also sent daily to customers’ emails and WhatsApp accounts.

SmartFX is owned and operated by Smart Securities and Commodities Limited. Company is Regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commissions (VFSC) and Authorized to deal with securities and providing all kinds of financial services to their clients. Visit our website for more details.

Source: SmartFX

FirstClose Launches Digital Lending Platform

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2020

​FirstClose, Inc., a leading Fintech provider of lending solutions for banks, credit unions, and lenders nationwide, announces the launch of the FirstClose ONE™ Digital Lending Platform (DLP), the first and only web-based home equity calculator and branded application management solution.

DLP modernizes the lending process from “Hello” to “Here’s Your Money” to help lenders deliver actionable data into their digital lending strategies. The DLP expands the Equity IQ™ lead capture platform which gives consumers instant access to their home equity position and PDF access to a detailed home equity report which includes local neighborhood comparable homes used in its value assessment. Transparently consumers can review Loan Product offerings, check rates and browse the estimated monthly payments based on the CLTV qualification requirements all without officially applying.

Today, loan approval has never been easier than with FirstClose ONE™’s DLP. This one platform provides a world-class borrower experience utilizing customized application pages with upfront conditional loan approvals. All loan submissions are instantly delivered with data and documents integrated into the LOS.

This streamlined workflow helps manufacture loan files, eliminates touches, and lowers the cost to produce this type of loan.

Successful lending strategy involves leveraging property and borrower data intelligence instantly and in innovative ways to create One Solution that brings together today’s best lending practices, verified data, and robotic process automation to meet today’s demanding consumer needs.

“The demand for digital automation has significantly increased,” said Tim Smith, CRO, and Lending Luminary. “We listened to our customers and created an optimal digital lending experience delivered through our FirstClose One platform, enhancing the customer experience and dramatically reducing the time it takes to fulfill a loan request. Do more, be lean and close more loans with less touches.”

About FirstClose

FirstClose is a highly respected financial technology provider of best-in-class property & borrower data intelligence and settlement services nationwide. FirstClose ONE™, an award-winning SaaS solution, built by our in-house software engineering teams, combines everything from application to closing (credit, valuation, title, tax, flood, income verification, automated decisioning, closing, and recording) on ONE easy-to-navigate platform for residential lending. FirstClose ONE™ technology platform leverages property data, borrower provided data, and industry-leading partners to simplify vendor management by consolidating vendors within ONE platform. FirstClose enables residential lenders to compete for and close mortgage and consumer loans, unlike any other industry solution. For more information, visit, email or call 1-877-677-DATA (3282).

Media Contact:

Michael Hammond JD, CMT
Founder & President
​NexLevel Advisors

Source: FirstClose

Should you invest in American Airlines, MicroStrategy, Carnival Corp, Square, or Zebra Technologies?

NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for AAL, MSTR, CCL, SQ, and ZBRA.

Click a link below then choose between in-depth options trade idea report or a stock score report.

Options Report – Ideal trade ideas on up to seven different options trading strategies. The report shows all vital aspects of each option trade idea for each stock.

Stock Report – Measures a stock’s suitability for investment with a proprietary scoring system combining short and long-term technical factors with Wall Street’s opinion including a 12-month price forecast.

(Note: You may have to copy this link into your browser then press the [ENTER] key.)

SOURCE InvestorsObserver

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IsoPlexis to Present at Evercore ISI’s 3rd Annual HealthCONx Conference on December 2, 2020

BRANFORD, Conn., Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IsoPlexis, the leader in single-cell functional proteomics, announced today that Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Sean Mackay, will present at Evercore ISI’s 3rd Annual HealthCONx Conference on Wednesday, December 2nd at 9:40 a.m. ET.

A live webcast of the fireside chat will be made available on the company’s website at


IsoPlexis ( is dedicated to accelerating the fight against cancer and a range of the world’s toughest diseases with its uniquely correlative, award-winning, single-cell proteomics systems. By revealing unique immune biomarkers in small subsets of cells, we are advancing immunotherapies and targeted therapies to a more highly precise and personalized stage. Our award winning integrated systems are used globally to advance the field of immune biology and biomarkers as we generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases. 

Jon Chen 
VP of Marketing 
[email protected] 

SOURCE IsoPlexis

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Altais Clinical Services and Brown & Toland Physicians Combine Forces To Accelerate Improvement of Physician and Patient Experiences

Studies recently cited by JAMA Network demonstrate that widespread physician burnout is a major contributor to the current shortage of physicians in the United States. Some of the factors creating this burnout include the significant time required by physicians to manage electronic health records and the increasing complexities of operating a practice. These and other pressures take physicians’ time away from caring for patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Brown & Toland Physicians will continue to operate under its current brand and continue to service all payers. As part of Altais Clinical Services, Brown & Toland Physicians now has access to additional capital, services and a wide range of programs and tools for physicians to operate independent practices under a value-based model. All Brown & Toland Physicians’ patients can continue to see their physicians with no interruption in care. 

As part of Altais Clinical Services, Brown & Toland Physicians will continue to provide a clinically integrated system of coordinated care to ensure its physicians spend time doing what they do best – caring for patients. This includes sophisticated clinical tools and a technology management platform to enhance clinical and service quality for physicians and their patients.

“Altais Clinical Services and Brown & Toland Physicians share the vision of a reimagined physician practice experience. We will serve as an innovator for independent physicians, providing deeper levels of support and the tools they need to deliver high-quality, affordable care to their patients in this increasingly value-based world,” said Robison. “Physicians will benefit from a more robust practice management platform that uses an advanced set of data, insights and tools to care for patients where and when they need it.”

“We at Altais Clinical Services are delighted to have Brown & Toland Physicians join us. Together, we look to bring even greater value to physicians. Our goal is to accelerate the capacity of physicians and the clinical community to maximize the health and well-being of their patients and set practices up for long-term success,” said Jeff Bailet, M.D., Altais’ president and chief executive officer. “Our focus is to restore the vibrancy of independent physician practices, so they can direct more of their focus on patient care.”

About Altais
Altais is a healthcare services company that helps physicians and the clinical community maximize the health and well-being of their patients in an affordable and sustainable way. Altais has two divisions. Altais Clinical Services offers a range of affiliation and employment models for physicians, and high-quality, affordable care for patients. Altais Health offers a broad platform of clinical support tools and technology, along with high-touch support. Altais seeks to enhance the vibrancy of physician practice and strengthen the heart of medicine – physicians connecting with patients and providing personalized, high-quality care. For more information about Altais, please visit

About Brown & Toland Physicians
Brown & Toland Physicians, a subsidiary of Altais Clinical Services, is a leading network of independent doctors focused on delivering personalized and high-quality healthcare to the San Francisco Bay Area. Its network of more than 2,700 physicians, serving more than 350,000 HMO and PPO patients, is dedicated to improving care and reducing costs through innovative care management and care coordination programs, use of healthcare technology and population health management strategies. Brown & Toland collaborates with leading hospitals and health plan providers to deliver high quality care in the Bay Area. To learn more, please visit:

Media Contact: 
David Cumpston
Landis Communications Inc.
[email protected]
(415) 902-4461


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