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Organize and manage test cases with TestNG


What is TestNG ?
TestNG is a unit testing framework like JUnit. But TestNG has more features. When integrated with selenium, you can organize and manage your tests more efficiently. With a wide range…

What is TestNG ?

TestNG is a unit testing framework like JUnit. But TestNG has more features. When integrated with selenium, you can organize and manage your tests more efficiently. With a wide range of annotations provided by TestNG, you can achieve grouping, sequencing, prioritization, parameterization of your test cases along with listener interfaces, where you can perform a wide range of operations on a particular event. It also gives us the power to perform parallel execution of our test cases through xml. You can create multiple XML suites like regression suite, sanity suite, smoke suite, and configure these suites in the main testng.xml.
We’ll see one by one how these can be achieved through TestNG.

Writing and executing first TestNG test

In TestNG we use @Test annotation to define our test method or test case. So any method on which @Test annotation is written is our test case or test method. In this method, you will perform the test execution and perform validation i.e. whether the actual result is matching with expected using assertion. To execute this test method, you need to define the test class in which this test method is written in testng.xml.

1. Grouping

Suppose you have multiple test classes and those test classes have multiple test methods in them. Now you want only a few from each class should be executed and not all based on your test plan. Here grouping comes into the picture where you can group your test cases/test methods belonging to different test classes. For e.g. you have a regression suite and a smoke suite. You want a few sets of test methods gets executed during smoke suite execution and another set of test methods during regression. Here there is a test class called subMenuPageTest, inside which there is a test method called checkProductClick(). As you can see from the below image, this test method belongs to “smokeTest” group. 
In the subsequent image there is our testng.xml where we have included the group “regressionTest” in our test tag.

This means execute only those test methods from class subMenuPageTest which belongs to “regressionTest” group. So when we execute this xml, only those test methods from class subMenuPageTest will be executed which belongs to the regression group and not the ones which belong to the ‘smokeTest’ group. 

2. Sequencing

The sequencing of test methods can be achieved through the ‘priority’ attribute under @Test annotation. If you have multiple test methods in your test class and you want your test cases/test methods to execute in a particular order or sequence then you can use priority attribute with @Test annotation. Zero is the highest priority. For e.g.

public void testSubmit_btn(){


public void testClick_add_icon(){


here, testSubmit_btn() will execute first, while testClick_add_icon() will execute second as priority of testSubmit_btn() is highest.

3. Parameterization

You may want to execute your tests with different sets of parameters. For e.g. you want to execute your tests on a particular browser, or on a particular OS, or on a particular environment like test, QA, UAT etc., on local environment, or on cloud etc.
For this, you can define a method accepting these parameters and based on the parameters your condition will be executed. In the below image you can see there is a method which is accepting two parameters- ‘browser’ and ‘environment’. Based on these parameters, the respective conditions will be invoked ie. if you pass browser as ‘chrome’ and environment as ‘local’ then respective ‘if’ condition will be executed and chrome driver setting with local webdriver initialization will happen.

If you pass environment as ‘remote’ then respective ‘if’ condition related to remote web driver setting will execute where remote webdriver initialization will happen.

Now you might be wondering where does this parameter passing will happen? This parameter passing will be happened through testng.xml
In the below image you can see that we are passing ‘chrome’ as browser, and ‘local’ as environment.

4. Parallel execution of tests

You have seen the structure of our testng xml. There is a suite, then inside suite, there are multiple tests and these tests are mapped with test classes.
You might want to execute all your tests specified in the testng.xml in parallel or simultaneously.

To do so you can set the ‘parallel’ attribute in testng xml to “tests”. Its default value is “None”. By changing it to “tests”, all your tests starts executing simultaneously.

5. Configuring multiple suites

You can also create multiple xml suites and configure these suites in testng.xml file.
Instead of creating suite and tests in testng.xml, you can create separate xml suites and configure those suites in testng.xml.

Below are two test suites one is smoke suite and another one is regression suite.

Smoke suite:

Regression Suite:

Now configure these two suites in testng.xml
When you execute testng.xml, first smoke suite will execute and then regressionSuite. This way you can manage multiple suites as per your requirement.

6. Handling pre and post conditions in testng

You might have observed that there are some preconditions which have to be executed before executing your test case. For e.g.
Suppose you want to validate “My Account” section of Amazon, and under “My Account” you want to validate “your orders” etc.. But before reaching “My account” section you first need to login into your amazon account.

So “login” to amazon account will be one of the preconditions of your “My Account” section test case.
TestNG provides various annotations like Beforeclass, beforetest, beforemethod, beforesuite.
In the below image you can see that there is a test class called productDetailPAgeTest. This class has a test method or rather I would say a test case called addToCart().
But before adding to the cart, you need to select product or category from home page, and then select product from sub menu page and finally add the product to the cart from productDetail page.

So clicking the product on home page and then selecting the product from sub menu page are the pre conditions for executing addTocart() Test case.
So what is happening here is your previous test cases become preconditions for your next test cases. i.e. Your add to cart test case will become a precondition for checkout related test cases.
So what I’ve done is, I’ve written all my preconditions for addToCart test case under @BeforeMethod annotation.

This @BeforeMethod annotation will execute before every @Test method defined in your class. Suppose you have 5 test cases or test methods in your test classComputer Technology Articles, so the method under @BeforeMethod annotation will execute every time before execution of any @Test method of your class.

You can also put postconditions under @AfterMethod annotation which will execute every time after a @Test method is executed in a class.

7. Dataprovider

As the name suggests a Data provider method provides data to the test methods. Data provider is another attribute of @Test annotation. In the below image you will see there is a utility class “ExcelReader” which will read all the data from an external file i.e. xlsx and store the entire data into a two-dimensional array. @Dataprovider annotation will be applied to this utility method and a name is given to this dataprovider. We’ve given the name “readingLoginData” to this data provider.

Now our test method will call this utility method through the name of data provider i.e. “readingLoginData”. and you also need to specify the class name where this dataprovider resides.

Also please note that this test method testInvalidLogin() will accept as many parameters as there are columns in datasheet. For e.g. if datasheet has two columns namely “username” and “password” then the test method should accept these two as parameters.
Another point to note is this @Test method i.e. testInvalidLogin() will execute as many times as there are number of rows in data sheet. For e.g. there are 4 sets of data in data sheet or excel sheet then our test method will execute 4 times each with different sets of data.

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How to customize your computer for gaming


For serious gamers, building a custom high-level gaming computer is not just a wish, it’s needed to be done. Most gaming laptops and computers are easy to buy but they don’t end up being the best gaming computer. They are not actually built for performance, they are too slow, or their video cards are overpowered.

That’s why everyone is googling the ways to build or customize your computer for gaming. There are a lot of options for that but they will have a high price tag. So, before you drop a lot of money on the components, do some research.

Start with the gaming computers on Amazon. Check out the most popular choices and read their descriptions and reviews (especially the reviews). Make a list of your requirements and priorities.

Remember, you are going to build a custom computer because you have custom gaming needs.

Once you’ve done your research, you’re on your way to the perfect gaming computer.

Let’s make 9 steps to do that

  • Select the CPU
  • Buy the right Motherboard
  • Select the RAM
  • Choose the best graphics card
  • Slot in the hard drive
  • Install fans, a CPU cooler, etc
  • Protect with the power supply
  • Power On

Selecting the CPU

The Central Processing Unit is the brain that powers your computer. It also does a lot of leg work in gaming.

 AMD and Intel are the two popular CPU manufacturer companies. First, you have to choose the right CPU then you have to select the manufacturer and then figure out how much money you have to spend.

We recommend Comet Lake, Intel Core i9-10900k, and i7-10700. These are high-end gaming processors and the last one is really affordable if you want to save money.

Pick the RAM

Picking the RAM that actually meets your gaming needs is a bit difficult. RAM helps the computer to act efficiently when you are gaming.

You’ll need at least 32GB of RAM for high-end gaming. You can also double the size of your RAM in the future. So, if you want to save money, buy 16GB RAM and then upgrade with another 16GB in the future.

Find the right Motherboard

The motherboard is the foundation of your gaming PC. The reason we selected CPU and RAM first is that they will dictate your motherboard selection.

For Example, an Intel motherboard is for an Intel processor, and an AMD motherboard is for an AMD processor.

Slot in the Hard Drive/ SSD Drive

Hard Disk drives are the cheapest storage option but they are slow. When boosting your PC or loading games you will feel difficulty but you can use them to back up photos and videos.

SSD Drives can transfer files more quickly than traditional Hard Drives.

You can find these drives with several terabytes of capacity to hold all your games easily.

Choose the best Graphics Card

From a gaming’s point of view, the most important decision you can make is to buy a graphics card.

NVIDIA and AMD are the two big brands of graphics cards.

Install Fans or CPU Cooler

There are several small but important components you need to add to your build, including a CPU cooler, fanBusiness Management Articles, and case controls. Make sure they are compatible with the other components of your PC.

Protect with the Power Supply

A gaming computer’s power supply (PSU) is tedious but important because without power there will be no game.

A few recommendations for reliable power supply are the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2 and Seasonic XFX series.

Power ON

There you go for gaming. Enjoy!

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Reflection On History Of ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has not a very long history, but in the short period of history of ERP software there have been lots of reforms. Here, in this article, we will make a reflection on this software i.e. reflection on history of ERP software.

If we will make a reflection on the history of ERP software, we will find that ERP is a reformed form of MRP (Material Requirement Planning) and MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning). MRP was evolved from the 1960’s to manage requirement and ordering. MRP did not seem at timing, only consider requirement, so in the 1970’s MRP II was developed to bring both requirement and time phasing of the requirement into the planning process. Simultaneously, Accounting Management software were also gaining strength. In the 1990â��s ERP, developed from MRPII systems, were also integrated with financial management applications to offer a complete solution to an organization for managing their inventory, cash as well as human resources.

Let�s make a complete reflection on history of ERP software. In the early 1960s, MRP (Material Requirements Planning) come as an initial effort for planning and scheduling materials requirement for multifarious manufactured products. Initial MRP software was big, awkward and expensive. They needed a huge technical staff to maintain the mainframe computers on which they run.

In 1972, five engineers in Mannheim, Germany began the company, SAP with the purpose of producing and marketing standard software for integrated business solutions. In 1975, Bill Lawson, Richard Lawson and John Cerullo started Lawson Software. In 1976, MRP became the primary concept used for production management and control in the manufacturing industry. In 1977, Jack Thompson, Dan Gregory, and Ed McVaney formed JD Edwards. Each founder took a part of their name to create the moniker of the company. At the same time, Larry Ellison started Oracle Corporation. In 1978, Jan Baan founded the Baan Corporation to offer administrative and financial consulting services. In 1979, Oracle offered the first commercial SQL relational database management software. Then, MRP evolved into MRP-II (Manufacturing Resources Planning) as a more easy to get to extension to shop floor and distribution management functions.

In 1981, Baan began to use UNIX as their chief operating system and delivered its first software product. J.D. Edwards focused on the IBM System/38. In 1983, Oracle offered both a database written entirely in C and a VAX mode database. In 1984, Baan shifted the focus of their growth to manufacturing industry. In 1985, J.D. Edwards was recognized as an industry-leading vendor of applications software for the highly successful IBM AS/400 computers, a straight successor of the IBM System/38. In 1987, Dave Duffield and Ken Morris founded PeopleSoft and developed Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

In the early 1990, the term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is invented when MRP-II is extended to cover fields such as human resources, finance, engineering, and project management. In 1991, PeopleSoft settled offices in Canada. In 1999, JD Edwards had over 4,700 customers in more than 100 countries. Oracle had 41,000 customers world-wide. PeopleSoft software was trusted by over 50% of the human resources market. SAP employed more than 20,500 people in over 50 countries.

In 2001, 9/11 occurred creating a fall in demand for new ERP software. In 2002, the majority ERP software were enhancing their products to become internet enabled, so that customers can have direct access to the supplier�s ERP software. After that several mergers has been occurred such as

1.Microsoft: Great Plains, Axapta, Navision, and Solomon.

2.Infor: Mapics, Baan, and a slew of other products.

3.Oracle: PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, and Seibel.

4.Sage: Best Software is obtained.

Today�s key players in the market of ERP software are Infor, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Lots of other ERP software vendors are also present there and continuing to build out their products. Further, a new entry into ERP History has been made as vendors move to cloud computing. There is a trend of growth in ERP software.

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Mistakes To Avoid At The Time Of Implementation Of ERP Software

There may be lots of challenges or mistakes in implementation of ERP software. Implementation of ERP software is not fully a technical job, lots of proper planning and communication is very much required for implement of this software across the organization.

There are some common mistakes in implementation of ERP software. The common mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of software are mentioned below:

1.Poor planning: Poor planning is one of the common mistakes in implementation of this software. Just like any foremost milestone in business or in life, planning is essential. You cannot just throw any old software package and expect for the best. The first part of planning is a comprehensive review of the current business functions and processes. By this, you can recognize what is and what isn�t working for the business, what you would like to computerize, where money seems to be leaking of your business?

2.Not properly selecting ERP vendors: Not properly selecting ERP vendor is a common mistake to avoid at the time of implementation of software. You should take care at the time of selecting an ERP vendor. You should ask for at least three references for any service provider before making a deal or signing a contract.

3.Not understanding or using key features: Every ERP software has marvelous abilities. You should understand your needs, so that a good ERP implementation partner can to help you to automate business processes, complete task faster and meet business goals. Your ERP implementation partner should offer yearly reviews that reviews the key features being used and which can be the very useful.

4.Underestimating the time and resources required: Underestimating the time and resources required is a common mistake in implementation of ERP software. This software implementation can take some time and can require some resources. You should make a proper estimation of this time and resources required, with the help of an experienced ERP implementation partner. It is one of the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of software.

5.Not having the right key users: not having the right key users is also one of the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of ERP software. After deciding software implementation partner, you require to start involving key users. This includes key people from finance, purchasing, manufacturing, operations and warehouse management. Each division is going to have a special set of requirements and to help in saving time and reduce mistakes that can spoil an ERP software implementation.

6.Improper training and change management: Proper training and change management is very necessary for a successful ERP software implementation. Any lack of proper training or change management will result in misuse, misinformation and a feeling of frustration among the employees. Improper training and change management is one of the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of software.

7.Improper maintenance strategy: The maintenance and upgrades are necessary for proper functioning of this software. Improper maintenance strategy can lead to many problems in future, so it is included in the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of this software.

You should consider all of these mistakes to avoid at time of implementation of ERP software.

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Pros And Cons Of ERP Software

After an organization chooses new ERP software, in lots of cases the ERP software vendor is not only the firm to provide implementation services. There are some attributes related with different types of Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation service providers. Some of them have good attributes and some have not so good attributes. At the time of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software, lots of organizations will boost their project team with self-sufficient contractors for application consulting support, software development, and project management.

There are lots of pros and cons of Enterprise Resource Planning software. Firstly, let�s explain pros of ERP software.

Any company not using Enterprise Resource Planning software actually finds it intricate to have proper communication between each other business divisions. Even though numerous software applications are present to share the resources efficiently, Enterprise Resource Planning software overtakes all those software with the fact that are centralized service for any type of information available associated with the organization. Some of the major pros of ERP software are discussed below:

1.ERP systems have lots of software components included within it that can help in predicting data, which cannot be done more competently with other software. Because includes a lot of software that track the past history of information and predicting is done in easy way. This is helpful in managing the inventory efficiently, which ultimately increases the productivity of the organization.

2.This software enables proper communication between different business units that ensures good efficiency and productivity of the organization. This software act as medium through which proper communication between the business units can be made.

3.It is also helps in making improved design engineering. It helps in better shaping of the product. It is also one of the major pros of this software.

4.Other pros of ERP include providing the service of tracking the order and fulfilling the requirements of customer, which is a main task of the organization. ERP software provides this service with simple user interface and orders are tracked competently and delivery is also observed for the fulfillment of the customer requirements.

5.It helps to track all financial information, from the invoice to the cash receipt. So, you can easily track the revenue cycle by using this.

6.It can easily manage the matching of costs of the product, purchasing order and inventory.

7.It can easily handle and eliminate the problem of synchronizing intricate systems such as finance, human resource, sales and marketing.

8.This software eliminates the considerable amount of risk of losing important data.

9.It can reduce the production time and delivery time at a high level.

Cons of ERP software:

One of the common cons that companies face after implementing ERP software is insufficient funding for providing training for using the software. Other than these, some of cons of this software are discussed here:

1.Limited customizations options are available in the this software.

2.It is very expensive.

3.After once implementation, migration of the this software might become expensive.

4.Sensitive data about an organization cannot be shared well with this.

All of these are pros and cons of ERP software.

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Ways For Successful Implementation Of ERP Software

Successful implementation of ERP software is something that most people do only a few times in their entire vocation; others create a vocation out of implementing on a daily basis. Implementation of ERP software is a socio-technical challenge that needs a basically different outlook from technologically-driven innovation, and will depend on a balanced point of view where the organization as a total system is considered. ERP implementation is considered to rely on behavioral functions and processes. The implementation of this software is a process that involves macro implementation at the strategic level, and micro-implementation at an operational level.

Here, in this article we will see the best ways for successful implementation of this software. First of all we will discuss about the common mistake to avoid at the time implementation of this software, so you can avoid them to successful implementation of this software. Following are the best ways of successful implementation of ERP software:

1. You should not take too lightly to the time and quality of resource you need to give to an ERP project. You should find somebody intelligent in your business to manage implementation and to become the first key-user.

2. You should not be hurried in assembling your selection, particularly not on price in the early stages. You should ask sellers about the process they will undergo to get as exact figure. You should feel most comfortable with seller.

3. You should not buy ERP software that does not fit in the belief. The ERP software you buy should be able to support two or three times the volume of business you are doing at present, not very much such as 10 times. You should not waste money on buying bigger software than your needs.

4. You should not stint on training or allow it to be solely the responsibility of the seller to deliver. You should get your key users to train others.

5. You should make your decision at your best, not to make your decision on the basis of the vendor that you like the most after the first meetings. They will not be in charge of your implementation. You really need to consider that you can work with the team that is going to work with you. So you should get to meet them.

6. You should not be unrealistic in your data immigration expectations.

7. You should not exclude your key users from the evaluation and selection process. You should focus on getting your key users to be concerned in the ERP project.

8. You should be a good partner, not a bad client. You should pay on time if your seller, if you are getting the agreed growth on the project.

9. You should not take on all the responsibilities of implementation of this software. You need a sponsor at board level for successful implementation of this software.

10. You should not forget to make provision for contingencies. It will also help in future for successful implementation of this software.

All of these are best ways for successful implementation of ERP software in organizations. Some other ways or points that should be remembered for successful implementation are also here. You should stick as closely to the standard software as possible. You should only make those changes that can bring large benefits immediately. There should be at least one person dedicated 100% i.e. only to the ERP software. This person should not be the budget controller. The costs on ERP implementation should always within your budget.

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Golden Rules For ERP Software Implementation

In an organization, there are lots of business activities and process. ERP software can automate and integrate all these activities and processes with an integrated software application.

Implementation of this software is a big step ahead for any organization. The shift from the old ways of processing information and performing tasks to a modern up to date business processing infrastructure is a journey that’s as serious as functioning towards a tactical business deal. Experts consider that 9 out of 10 organizations undergo this irresolute stage, and those who are unable to check this trend, slowly find themselves wedged in a state of affairs where the huge investment made in the this software begins seeming as a waste. But, there have been lots of success stories of software implementation also.

There are some golden rules for ERP software implementation. We recommend you to take into consideration the following golden rules for this software implementation:

1.Support of the top management: There should be full support of top management in the implementation software. Every employee must know, hear, see, or feel that the implementation of software is a strategic decision at organization level and that the operational efficiency transformed into cost reduction and revenue increase is the main objective of organization. This will work as a golden rule for ERP software implementation.

2.Support in understanding the needs: As a golden rule for software implementation, you should take help from those people who know every detail of the ERP software with the significant expertise in the industry. They should be able to understand the requirements of your organization.

3.Commitment of the key users: Commitment of the future users will work as a golden rule for ERP software implementation. The responsibility of use of this software after implementation lies in hands of key users. These key users must be persuaded first that this software allows the work of employees and provides support in making the accurate decisions.

4.Complete training to employees: For being able to make use of ERP software, each user has to go through an intensive training program before getting access to the interface. An ideal training program should focus on the benefits of an ERP strategy, and should include demos and case studies, as well as actual exercises that help employees to strengthen the achieved knowledge and have the chance to ask queries to the experts.

5.Encourage the feedback of the application users: You should discuss and get feedback as much as possible with the application users. It is also one of the golden rules for this software implementation.

6.Don’t be rigid: You should not be rigid, as even the best software requires customizations and improvements to complete the usage experience, which in turn generate faster and better results.

7.The post-implementation support: After a complete training, at the time of work with ERP software, usually employees forget what they have learned. As a result the make mistakes and skip some steps in order to perform their activity. The post-implementation support checks the accuracy in using the software and increases the efficiency of employees in using the this software in actual working environment.

All these are golden rules for ERP software implementation that should be considered at the time of implementation of ERP software.

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Fortifying You Cybernetic Corridor With Computer Data Backup Services

It is a pertinent fact that your computer’s hard drive is its primary media storage device. It stores all data on your machine on a perpetual basis. A HDD (hard disk) is an integral aspect of a unit, which assembles and supplies relatively prompt access to bigger volumes of data on an assortment of surfaces or a single electromagnetically charged interface. Since hard disk issues happen for various reasons like virus infections, power failure, improper installation and auxiliary glitches, getting the right Computer Data Backup Services is an imperative in this regard.

Understanding data back-up

Talking about shielding important computer data, financial records or family photos, you need to remember that you ought to entail regular backups. A system failure can cause egregious perils for your machine. There are exemplary services that can set-up a full-fledged, automatic backup in this regard. The main term implies replicating data copies so that you can use the extra copies for restoring the original in case you lose any data. These are backups, which are mainly used for two reasons. You can restore any technical catastrophe, which is called a disaster recovery in technical parlance. You can also restore paltry number of files in case they get corrupted or deleted fortuitously.

Assessing the transfer of data

There are times when you have a new computer and require an immediate transfer of data into it, or you need to transfer data to another machine. The concerned Computer Data Transfer Services upgrade your system, bet it desktop, laptop, or Mac. They ensure a smooth percolation and transfer all data correctly. Here, the transfer is from your old system to a new one. Even if the system is dysfunctional or bogged out with poor power supply, or faulty motherboard, the services can still complete the full transfer. In cases of ‘backup old drive’, they can reinstall an application and percolate the data towards ideal directories. Besides making it encrypted, they ensure that data confidentially remains intact.

Recovering data-all ways

It is the process of recovering or salvaging data from failed, damaged, inaccessible or corrupted storage media when you cannot access it normally. The Computer Data Recovery Services take care of music, photos, documents and video. Depending on the exact situation, diagnosis and solutions involve master boot record, repairing the file mechanism and hard disk recovery procedures. You also have techniques like software-driven corrupted data recovering, hardware-software-driven recovery of affected service areas. The trained technicians also cater to hardware replacement. They know the importance of data for you and can recover it from virtually any media.

After hiring Computer Data Recovery Services, you can avail multiple recovery solutions under one roof. It will also help you to receive software utilities pertaining spyware attacks and courted operating systems alongside clean-shuttle recovery and clean-up for mechanical glitches.

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Why Should You Use ERP Softwares?

ERP is a term applied to integrated software systems used to manage the internal as well as external resources of an organization. These resources include materials physical assets, financial resources, and human resources.

There may be some questions in the mind of lots of people such as what are the benefits of ERP softwares, or why should you use this softwares? In this article the answer of these questions are given. You should use this softwares because of wide range of its uses.

There are lots of benefits of ERP softwares for an organization. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows the flow of information between all business processes inside the organization and relations to outside stakeholders such as supplier and customer systems. The main objective of implementing this software is to bring together the different functions of the organization into a single integrated system environment and consequently make the operations to run more efficiently.

The growing use of computer in everyday business activities has increased the benefits of this softwares for organizations of every size. Today, you can see that lots of companies are using ERP softwares in every department. Enterprise Resource Planning software allows interaction with each other resulting in increased productivity. Small and medium businesses can get enormously benefit from use of this softwares as it allows them to enhance their business, and focus on expansion and growth.

Big companies collect reports on large amount of data. Many experts have an opinion that in absence of ERP softwares, an average manager waste 2 hours for searching information. The main goal of Enterprise Resource Planning softwares is to integrate all the data and processes from all departments of an organization and assimilate them to ease access and to make more efficient workflow. This softwares present business leaders with information that is helpful to make insightful decisions. It is also one of the benefits of this softwares.

The other benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning softwares include:

1. Enhanced competitiveness with integrated, flexible, and fast business processes,

2. Simplified market channel, corporate structure, and business scenario management

3. Better asset utilization and improved corporate resources.

4. Better customer satisfaction.

5. Combined foundation for the latest cloud, mobile, and in-memory technologies.

6. Trusted support for industry processes in more than 25 industries, 37 languages, and 45 localizations.

Enterprise Resource Planning softwares are very helpful to take your business to the next level with powerful functionality. You should use ERP softwares also because of many other benefits of these softwares. The other benefits of this softwares include integrated business processes and information, one central database with no replication of data, easy to use, powerful reporting across the complete suite, very straightforward training and use, the same look and feel across the entire system, etc. You should also use this softwares to make your operations more efficient, to reduce costs, to grow your business, to improve business insight, to enhance collaboration and to explore industry solutions.

Thus, it is proved that there are many benefits of ERP softwares so you should use ERP softwares in the organization to avail its benefits.

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Find Reliable Sites For Apk Files Free Download On Your Device

There are so many online sites offering apk files free download and if you are new to apk files it is better that you know what apk files are before installing them into your android mobile. The apk files stand for Android application package which is a package file format used to install the application software on to the Google androids operating system just like the .exe file format to install applications on windows operating system. So by android apk files free download your mobile is ready to support all the apps that you would like to install on your mobile even bypassing the play store alone supported by Google.

Moreover, by installing the android games amp files free download on your mobile you can also access different apps that have been leaked even before their official release in the market. In this way you can enjoy advanced features of the apps and can also bypass carriers to get the updates. Moreover, when you want to install any apps other than through the Google apps downloader you shall need to enable your device to support the apk files. This can be done by first choosing a reliable site offering apk apps download files by checking the unknown sources in your settings to allow the installation of these apps.

So once your device is ready with the android games apk files free download it can easily support for you to discover many apps and games of your choice to freely download on your system. You can check out for a reliable site offering these free download apps and games in different genres for you to pick up those interesting to download on your device. Moreover, the online website offering these android games apk files free download categorizes apps based on the genre like action, education, music, social, puzzles, games etc making it easy for you to find some best apps suitable for your requirement to download on your android mobile. A description of the app and also rating by other users help you to decide on the quality and popularity of the apps before downloading onto your device.

So you can just look out for the reliable online site offering these download game android apk files to further enhance and optimize the experience of using the android platform in your devices.

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Why People Choose Open Source Web Development Services?

Nowadays, the technology is changing at a faster pace and everyone should change with time these days. This is applicable not only to individuals, but also for companies and businesses as well. To survive your business in the competitive internet world, it is important that you should choose a professional web design company, who can provide Open source web development services.

Nowadays, even though, many businessmen are aware of the benefits of open source services some are confused as to why they should choose this platform for their portal development, when there are many other alternatives available. The term ‘open source’ is something broader and it includes many services under its purview and they are detailed below:

WordPress: Generally, when you seek the help of an affordable web design company, they will most probably be using this platform for creating portals for their customers. It has now become the leading blogging platform and content management system for users from around the globe. When you get your portal developed under this open source platform, you can easily make addition of content and even you can edit them as well without having to depend on the designer for each and every task.

Magneto: This is a rich open source eCommerce solution used by many Open source web development services. The portals created under this platform will be user-friendly and here too the administrator can easily make modifications to the portal as per his requirement.

Joomla: When it comes to affordable web design company, most of them use Joomla as the platform for providing an affordable service to their customers.

Drupal: This is one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems and once a website is developed with the help of a professional web design company, the administrator can easily make the required changes. Content updates can be done then and there easily. This can be an excellent solution in this competitive internet world.

Professional web design companies these days, choose an open source platform for providing the best development service to their clients. The main reason is that they can provide an affordable service and also they can create user-friendly portals with this platform. Most of the open source web development platforms are available free of charge for the developers to use. Also, newbie developers can also easily learn the techniques of creating great looking portals under this platform. So, they can easily master as well.

Open source web Development is the best source to gain online exposure. We can enjoy plenty of benefits with this platform. If you’re looking for good open source web developer then visit

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Computer Education for Global Placements

The institution that offers various types of computer training course provides 100% practical training, personalized attention and assures 24 hour online support. Apart from the regular programs they offer a host of professional certification programs such as PHP, STP, DCS, MAD and CSPT. The Information Technology has revolutionized business, manufacturing, agriculture, learning, communication and entertainment. The computer training classes that are offered by the institution enable lakhs of students to acquire professional skills, become successful in their career and achieve higher goals in their lives. Those who have attended the various programs in computer application are acceptable not only to local employers, but also to global employers. Those who possess a good degree or certificate in computer science or information technology are of great demand in the jobs market. The courses that are offered by the institution offer practical training to the students to design, develop, apply and maintain the systems and software. The education enables them to secure highly lucrative jobs anywhere in the world. The programs offered by the institution make them qualified for prestigious positions like systems engineer, network engineer, software developer or communication specialist.

Meeting all requirements: Today, IT is a part of our life. The computer training courses that are offered by the institution enable the students to develop practical skills to design software, create website and make and manage systems. Those who have these skills are able to meet the data and communication requirements of an organization. The programs offered by the institution give thrust on problem solving skills in different areas of computing. The students are provided with the latest knowledge in IT. The curriculum is designed in such a way that there is a perfect blending of technical skills and business understanding. The employers today need commercially aware computer professionals. The institution offers various courses at different levels of cost, duration, demand, employment potential and global reputation. The students can apply for the courses online.

Compare and choose: Those who attend the computer training classes conducted by the institution are able to get proper understanding of how systems and various technologies work together. The institution offers courses in almost all popular areas of specialization. The courses are at diploma, undergraduate and post graduate levels. In addition, there are certification programs as well. Those who opt for the distance learning courses can manage their work and study simultaneously. Also, one can choose a computer course that can be combined to his degree course in some other discipline in a University. The students have to compare and find out the best courses for them from the vast list of like Computer Programming, Data Structure, Algorithms, Network and Communications, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems and many more.

If you are searching for professional computer training companies, is a premier IT training and consulting company which offers computer training courses, computer networking training under the guidance of expert instructors. For more information on computer training classes, please visit

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Sap Hr: Maintaining And Staffing Display Of Organizational Unit

Sap Hr:

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is additionally called SAP-HR. SAP HCM comprises of vital sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time, Payroll all of which will be examined in point of interest.

Maintaining Organizational Management Infotypes:

When you have made distinctive OM Objects , you should keep up Infotypes identified with it.

Gives look access to SAP-HR OM Infotype Maintenance –

There are two Methods to Maintain SAP – Organizational Management Infotypes

•Utilizing Organization and Staffing Transaction

• Using the Expert Mode.

In this instructional exercise we will investigate the Expert Mode
The Expert Mode is an interface that is perfect for looking after points of interest. Singular items areselected utilizing the Object Manager.

Infotypes for that specific article can now be kept up.

Exchange code PP01 can be utilized to keep up all item sorts. Because of approval limitations, you might not have admittance to PP01. Rather, you will need to utilize one of the accompanying exchanges, which confine access to one specific article sort:

•PO10 Organizational Unit

•PO03 Job

•PO13 Position

•PO01 Work Center

The PP01 screen is demonstrated as follows. Screens for PO10,PO03,PO13 and PO01 are fundamentally the same as

•Plan Version: It is imperative to guarantee that you are working in the right arrangement form at all times (for this you can likewise default the arrangement rendition in the client parameter

•Object Information:The object sort, ID and condensing are shown so the client can guarantee that the right question is being altered.

•Status: Select the status of the infotype you need to keep up utilizing the tab pages (select Active which has status = 1).

•Infotype: Select the infotype you need to keep up.

•Legitimacy Period: Start and end dates determine the period amid which the item exists in the arrangement adaptation chose.

Essential OM Infotypes:

1. IT0001 Description: It gives an Object’s Abbreviation and Name

2. IT0002 Relationships:

•There are a wide range of relationship sorts that you can make between item sorts

•Every individual relationship speaks to a subtype of the Relationships infotype (IT1001).

•Not all connections apply to each item.

•Relationship records can physically be made utilizing the Expert Mode interface, yet they are likewise consequently made when utilizing different interfaces (e.g. Association and Staffing, Simple Maintenance).

•While making a relationship, the opposite relationship is generally consequently made by the framework.

Organization And Staffing Transaction:

The Organization and Staffing exchange is the simplest approach to oversee SAP HR – OM(Organization Management) for an end-client who does not have a top to bottom, specialized learning of SAP.

This is an easy to understand exchange open through Human

Resources>Organizational Management>Organizational Plan> Organization and Staffing>Create, Change, Display.

SAP Transaction Codes

•Create: PPOCE

•Change: PPOME

•Display: PPOSE

For every one of the three exchanges the primary screen is separated into two zones Object Manager and Work Area.

Organization And Staffing Display:

Each of the two principle ranges is subdivided into sheets:
•Object Manager: Comprising a pursuit range and a choice region. The

Object Manager is accessible in various HR client interfaces.
•Work Area: Comprising a review range and a point of interest region.

The four zones in the Organization and Staffing interface empower you to explore for informationand stay on the same screen. The accompanying is a realistic delineation of the screen:

•Look Area: Gives you a wide cluster of hunt alternatives to find your SAP OM objects

•Choice Area: The consequences of your inquiry show up in the Selection Area.

•Review Area: The query output chose in the Selection Area shows up in Over perspective Area. The diagram zone gives you a symbol based perspective of your OM item’s chain of command.

•Point of interest Area: Attributes identified with the chose OM article can be altered in the subtle element territory.

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How Brands Are Embracing VR: Part 1-A Leap Of Faith With VR

As we mentioned in our previous blog, we will now talk about how some of the big companies are approaching Virtual Reality and changing the way things are done. And to start with this series of ours, what could be better than a community engagement and upliftment programme. Don’t you worry, we are not planning to take you down a preachy road but just on a fun run associated with a cause. Sounds exciting, right? So with this week’s blog let’s talk about how the title sponsor of Asia’s largest marathon, Standard Chartered, gave a new meaning to the Virtual Reality technology and took it to unexpected places.

Running a marathon is an experience to cherish. While many do so every year, others just dream of it. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the Asia’s largest mass participation sporting event is no less than a phenomenon now, with more than 40,000 people participating in it every year. But as we said, not everyone gets to cherish the dream of being part of such a large scale event. While many people can’t be physically present for the marathon because of individual reasons, there are a lot more who might not have heard of what a marathon is. So chalking out the same issues, Standard Chartered wondered that yes many people can’t come to the marathon but what if marathon goes to all such people? Well, however weird it may sound, the company actually managed to do this and all thanks to one and only Virtual Reality. This marked the inception of the 2016 ‘Run For A Reason’ campaign- a virtual 360-degree first digital initiative that was aimed at helping the masses connect with the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on a personal level and cherish this experience. With no intentions of bragging, this ‘Virtual Reality 360-degree run’ was made possible by SpectraVR Studios, India’s premiere full stack Virtual Reality content studio as it is the only one in the country with in-depth knowledge and experience of VR 360-degree filmmaking.

Standard Chartered launched its much talked about campaign with a short video titled, ‘Why I Run’, which focused on delivering the emotions of what running means to a Mumbaikar, bringing across the feeling of it being more than just a physical activity. The true vision of the campaign was to bring the experience of a marathon to the maximum possible number of people, standing true to which it introduced the India’s first Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) Virtual Run. With the help of a treadmill and the Gear VR, a virtual environment was created and an immersive and engaging experience was delivered where people could feel just like being part of a marathon.

Talking of the initiative, one of the heads of the company was quoted saying, “We wanted to do something beyond the usual, where we could give a taste of what it is like to be a part of the SCMM even if you aren’t a part of the actual marathon itself. Using the new and upcoming 360 VR video technology to shoot some of the actual locations of the marathon route, we created a first -of- its- kind immersive experience, aimed at bringing the Marathon to those who may not be able to physically participate on the race day.” Anyone can now experience the Virtual Run either on youtube or by connecting it to an HMD.

But, this was just a small part of the campaign. As previously mentioned, the company literally took the technology to unexpected places. In association with WASHE (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Education), Standard Chartered enabled the girls studying in municipality schools to experience the first marathon of their lives with the SCMM Virtual Run. As a matter of fact, these girls walk/run up to 5kms every day to use a washroom because of lack of facilities in the villages. But because of Standard Chartered’s initiative, for once they found another reason to run and a truly joyful one. Isn’t that so much of goodness at once? Well, do watch the video to see how this emerging technology is becoming the little bundle of joy.

As one of the organizers of the marathon rightly pointed that, “The reception has truly been overwhelming. But nothing beats the look on a 9-year old’s face when she is introduced to virtual reality. That makes everything worth it.

Like we say, the opportunities with Virtual Reality are boundless, all you need to do is try your hands at it. Do keep us updated on anything about VR that you come across and keep watching this space to know about more such amazing applications of the technology.

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Introduction To Apache Falcon

Apache Falcon Introduction:

Apache Falcon is a system to rearrange information pipeline preparing and administration on Hadoop groups.

It makes it much less difficult to locally available new work processes/pipelines, with backing for late information taking care of and retry strategies. It permits you to effortlessly characterize connections between different information and handling components and coordinate with metastore/list, for example, Apache Hive/HCatalog. At last it likewise gives you a chance to catch ancestry data for nourishes and procedures. In this instructional exercise we are going to walkthrough the procedure of:

Characterizing the bolsters and procedures:

Characterizing and executing an information pipeline to ingest, process and persevere information persistently

Download Hortonworks Sandbox:

Complete the Learning the Ropes of the Hortonworks Sandbox instructional exercise, you will require it for signing into ambari as a chairman client.
Complete the Creating Falcon Cluster instructional exercise to begin the bird of prey administration, plan HDFS catalogs for Falcon group and to make Falcon bunch substances.

When you have downloaded the Hortonworks sandbox and run the VM, explore to the Ambari interface on port 8080 of the host IP location of your Sandbox VM. Login with the username of administrator and secret word that you set for the Ambari administrator client as a major aspect of the Learning the Ropes of the Hortonworks Sandbox


We will stroll through a situation where email information lands hourly on a bunch. In our case:

•This bunch is the essential group situated in the Oregon server farm.

•Information touches base from all the West Coast generation servers. The info information encourages are regularly late for up to 4 hrs.

The objective is to clean the crude information to expel delicate data like charge card numbers and make it accessible to our showcasing information science group for client beat investigation.

To recreate this situation, we have a Pig script snatching the uninhibitedly accessible Enron Corpus messages from the web and bolstering it into the pipeline.

Starting Falcon:

As a matter of course, Falcon is not began on the sandbox, but rather you ought to have begun the administration while finishing the Creating a Falcon Cluster instructional exercise. Do the accompanying to check that the Falcon administration is begun, or to begin it in the event that it was impaired.

In the Ambari UI, click on the Falcon symbol in the left hand sheet.

At that point click on the Service Actions catch on the upper right.

At that point, if the administration is incapacitated, click on Start.

When Falcon begins, Ambari ought to plainly demonstrate as beneath that the

administration has begun:

Download And Stage The Dataset:

Presently we should organize the dataset you will use for this instructional exercise. In spite of the fact that we perform huge numbers of these document operations underneath utilizing the charge line, you can likewise do likewise with the HDFS Files View in Ambari.

Tip: You can duplicate and glue the charges from this instructional exercise.

To start with, enter the shell with your favored shell customer. For this instructional exercise, we will SSH into Hortonworks Sandbox with the charge:

ssh root@ – p 2222;
The default secret key is hadoop.
At that point login as client hdfs:
su – hdfs

At that point download the record with the accompanying charge:
wget exercise/bird of prey/

and after that unfasten with the charge:
Presently how about we give ourselves consent to transfer records:
hadoop fs – chmod – R 777/client/ambari-qa

At that point how about we make an organizer bird of prey under ambari-qa with the order:

hadoop fs – mkdir/client/ambari-qa/bird of prey
Presently how about we transfer the decompressed organizer with the summon

hadoop fs – copyFromLocal demo/client/ambari-qa/bird of prey/


To make a food substance click on the Feed catch on the highest point of the principle page on the Falcon Web UI.

NOTE : If you need to make it from XML, skirt this area, and proceed onward to the following one.

At that point enter the definition for the food by giving the food an interesting name and a depiction. For this instructional exercise we will utilize

what’s more,
Crude client email nourish.
How about we likewise enter a label key and esteem, so we can without much of a stretch find this Feed later:


Encourages can be further sorted by recognizing them with one or more gatherings. In this demo, we will aggregate every one of the Feeds together by characterizing the gathering:


We then set the proprietorship data for the Feed:
Proprietor: ambari-qa
Bunch: clients
Consents: 755

For the Schema Location and Provider, enter “/none”, then snap Next.
On the Properties page, determine to run the employment hourly by indicating the recurrence as 60 minutes, check Late Arrival Checkbox and indicate the worth as 60 minutes. Change the timezone to UTC and snap Next

Enter the way of our information set on the Locations page:

/client/ambari-qa/bird of prey/demo/essential/information/enron/${YEAR}-${MONTH}-${DAY}-${HOUR}

We will set the details and meta ways to/for the present. Click Next.
On the Clusters page select the bunch you made, then enter today’s date and the present time for the legitimacy begin time, and enter a hour or two later for the end time. The legitimacy time determines the period amid which the food will run. For some nourishes, legitimacy the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually set to the time the food is planned to go into generation and the end the truth will surface eventually set into the far future. Since we are running this instructional exercise on the Sandbox, we need to constrain the time the procedure will raced to save assets.

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Guide To The Best VR Cameras

With virtual reality finally here and in a never before form, the demand for a variety of content in 360-degree VR videos is also surging. And to help in the production of such videos, the who’s who of the tech world is coming up with new 360-degree cameras. The hardware behind VR and 360-degree content is evolving with new, beautifully designed cameras seeing releases every year.

For people who don’t want to spend a bomb on high-end cameras like a Nokia OZO, there’s quite a lot of other cameras in a decent budget which you can lay your hands on. Take a look at our list below for the best 360-degree cameras available right now. Already tried and tested, these are few of the cameras that any regular folk like you or me can pick up.

Ricoh Theta S

Ricoh has always been in the race of the best 360-degree cameras. The latest Theta S model lets you shoot in 1080p HD at 30fps for up to 25 minutes at a time. You can also live stream your videos and even transfer footage to a mobile device without connecting to a PC. And the best part is that this slim, easily portable camera comes at a great price too.

Samsung Gear 360

Combining a pair of 180 degrees f2.0 Fisheye lenses, each with 15 megapixels, the Samsung Gear 360 is helps you shoot two super wide videos or images at once which can later be stitched together and made into a high-quality 360-degree footage. There is a special app designed, to help in this. Once the 360-degree action is recorded, it can be easily shared on Facebook or Youtube by just the tap of an icon. And, as expected you can view the images or video on the Gear VR headset – for which there’s a dedicated mode.

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K

The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K has a splash-proof making and can record Ultra High-Definition content at 30FPS with the help of an ultra wide 235-degree lens. The camera can also survive 2m drops (with the company’s drop cover) and extreme temperatures. To record a 4K quality fully spherical content, all you need to do is pair two PIXPRO SP360 4K cameras together. A mobile app and stitching software is a part of the camera parcel. And just in case, you are not really looking for a 4K quality footage, you can go with the previous model – the Kodak PIXPRO SP360 – which is cheaper at $279 and delivers 1080p.

LG 360 CAM

The LG 360 CAM can easily be touted as one of the most affordable 360-degree cameras on the list that too, without falling short of specs. It comes equipped with two 13MP, 200-degree wide angle cameras, which surpasses several competitors; a 1,200mAh battery and 4GB internal memory, which can be further supplemented by a microSD card. But that’s not it. This small package will give you 2K videos along with 5.1 surround sound channel recording through three microphones. Another amazing part about this camera is that you don’t need to stitch your footage; you will be able to experience a 360-degree video with the tap of an icon on the app.

Sphericam 2

The most expensive of the lot, the Sphericam 2 makes up by recording in 4K. You get 60FPS at 4096×2048 resolution, in 10-bit color where everything is stitched internally in real time. Sphericam 2 is a single integrated camera. It’s six sensors are completely synchronized in every way. The camera and software are capable of pushing a 4K pre-stitched 30FPS h/264 equirectangular 360 degrees tagged live stream to a stream that can be configured to send up to 100mbits, making it perfect for live streaming. Maybe, all these are the reasons that even the hefty price is not stopping people from ordering it.

So, these are just a few of the best 360-degree virtual reality cameras; while there are many other high-end ones, various companies are working out to bring more advanced and budget-friendly cameras in the market soon. Get going and choose your gear smartly. And in case, you are not sure about how to go about making your perfect VR video, refer our previous blog where we have decoded the process for you.

Happy VR videoing!

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Decoding The Making Of A VR Video

For long we have been discussing the cool stuff being made in the VR industry day after another, whether it be the immersive virtual reality videos or the break through VR devices. Now, taking the story little back to basics we would like to simplify the industry for you and decode the making of a VR video. Well, it is definitely not rocket science but needs quite a bit of technique and practice. So without much delay let’s talk about how to make a 360 degree virtual reality video.


It all begins with finding the right camera equipment for creating virtual reality. The video camera one chooses; must be able to capture spherical or panoramic view, under any possible conditions. For example, the most commonly used video camera equipment to capture 360-degree videos is the GoPro series. But don’t be surprised to know that just 1 GoPro camera won’t suffice the need. GoPro Hero 4 cameras have specifically designed camera rigs which can hold 6-10 cameras to capture a spherical shape while also overlapping some portions to eliminate gaps in the footage.

Camera Location

The most important thing to keep in mind while shooting with a 360 degree video camera is that, it captures everything. Yes, that would include you, me and everyone else who is present at the location. Which is why, it is very important that while capturing a video for virtual reality environment, one must give utmost importance to the location of camera. Either you can choose to be a part of the scene or hide. Apart from this, also make sure to keep consistent lighting to avoid any kind inconsistencies and jerks.

Stitching your Video Footage

Video capturing is just half work done in the process of creating your virtual reality video. All of the footage you shot have to be downloaded and synchronized together before it can be viewed in a VR headset. The process is called stitching. The most popular 360-video stitching platforms are Kolor Autopano and VideoStitch. It lets you automatically sync your footage in a 360-degree video.

Virtual Reality Technology

The whole process is incomplete until and unless you view your product via a VR headset. You can do this by purchasing a VR headset that incorporates a virtual reality technology like Oculus technology. Oculus makes your viewing experience most immersive and realistic but there are many other HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) available in the market to suit your budget; which includes pocket-friendly Google Cardboard which provides stereoscopic view, while there are high-end HMDs like Oculus and Vive which provide monoscopic view.

So, prepare your gears and Get Set Go!

Happy VR videoing!

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Weird Yet Cool VR Inventions

Virtual Reality is definitely the next big thing and every other company is busy capitalising the forthcoming opportunity. In the last blog, we spoke about the Best Head Mounted Displays available in Indian market and they are surely giving competition to all the corporate biggies. But the industry did not stop at the thought of latching devices over our faces and teleporting us to a new space. VR world is booming, people are experimenting with out-of-the-box content and inventing the craziest of gadgets every single day. While some of these gadgets are uber cool, the others make us think if we are ever gonna try them, considering their “weird quotient”.

Even though they sound a bit weird, their specs are pretty amazing which made us bring them to you. So here we list down some of the weird sounding but interesting looking VR inventions which might hit the consumer market sometime soon.

Kat Walk

For every crazy gamer out there, Kat Walk is a dream come true. It is sort of a multi-directional treadmill which is being utilized for VR devices. Kat Walk is best for all the first person action games available in virtual reality because this amazing gadget will let you completely immerse in it while you are running, walking and jumping for real. There is also a light strap which would come around the waist to subtly remind you of the Kat Walk’s area so that you don’t exit that space. Doesn’t this sound like the coolest possible workout regime?

Every amazing product “inspires” many others, and one such inspiration is ‘The Virtualizer’. While Kat Walk comes from Japan, ‘The Virtualizer’ is European. The gadgets are very much similar, just that this one looks a little more constructive having a plastic band that wraps around your waist.


Well, let me know about one person who has never thought about flying high in the air. Couldn’t think of any, right? That’s what! It is one of those unattainable dreams, which everyone has thought about. And Birdly makes this dream a stark reality or better to say, stark virtual reality. This cool set-up takes your vertical body and puts you horizontal, arms spread like wings, fan blowing on your face and headset taking you on a soaring adventure. The breeze on your face, the reaction of the wind, the birds flying along, does it feel good? Surely it does. We are so eagerly waiting for this bird flight.


Since, workout while gaming is not everyone’s cup of tea, we aren’t gonna force you for that. But instead, we get you a nice cup of coffee. Okay! Lameness apologized. We are here talking about the ultimate swivel chair which responds to your movements when you are all immersed in your VR HMD. Like obviously, you wouldn’t want a simple chair ruining the ultimate virtual experience for you.

The Manus

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the option of feeling the things around you in a game like the ultimate way to interact with your surroundings? And the Manus VR gloves are here to make this possible too. These are a pair of gaming gloves which detects and then displays your hands in the virtual world. The Manus VR glove tracks hand movement, using a combination of high-tech sensors inside the glove. Above that, the makers claim that with these gloves, you can use your hands just as intuitively and seamlessly in the virtual world as you would in real life.

Tesla Suit

Did we earlier say ultimate way to interact with surroundings? Well, not until you read about the Tesla suit. The last one on our list has to be this amazing piece of technology. Tesla suit allows users to interact with the virtual environment, while actually “feeling” it. It enables you to feel virtual reality, whether it’s a punch from your opponent from a VR fighting game, or walking within a virtual environment and feeling the active moment. The suit is designed and built with a full array of haptic feedback sensors. This is just a part of what Tesla suit is about, there is so much more to it if we get into the details.

So, these are just some of the crazy gadgets churning out from the VR world, but frankly, there is a lot of it to fit in one list. But for now, all we hope is that these zaniest ones are available to the general public very soon. And, in case you get to lay your hands on any of these or other cool VR gadgets, do share your experience.

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Fantastic Beasts VR: Immersive Experience or Forced Interaction?

Apart from books and movies which capture our imagination with detailed other worlds, the only platform which has the ability to transport us to another world, making it feel magical is Virtual Reality. And seems like the makers of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” have found the perfect way to promote the movie and let the users experience the magical world with VR.

Warner Bros. has released a new “Fantastic Beasts” VR experience, exclusively for Google’s new Daydream VR headset. The experience lets the users enter the study of Newt Scamander, who is the main character of the movie. The experience starts with Newt informing the viewers that he has to leave for the U.S. while, instructing to take care of three of the creatures he had to leave behind. The whole VR experience involves tracing a series of figures with a magic wand, which is being controlled with the help of the Daydream controller and it is very much like drawing spells in the air. Just not that, but there’s also a little bit of potion mixing involved, and one even has to grind down a few chubby roots with a mortar and pestle.

The experience being produced by Framestore, the same VFX studio that has worked on the visual effects of the actual movie, leads to great visual details throughout the experience. Like the study is fully crammed with old books, scattered manuscripts, and mysterious potions. To say the least, having a Thunderbird spread its wings right in front of you is quite a sight.

But what the “Fantastic Beasts” VR experience offers in visual richness, it lacks in actual interactivity. The frequent spell-drawing quickly becomes boring, and the individual beasts don’t actually react to anything but two or three pre-defined spells. Even if you continuously wave your wand at the beasts, there is no effect at all, despite the fact that Scamander keeps warning that they’re easy to startle. Not just that, but the study also gets boring very quickly. Most of the objects there offer no interaction at all.

Though, Google’s Daydream system offers a handheld controller with an integrated gyroscope, meaning that it can track tilting and pointing; however, unlike higher-end systems, it doesn’t use positional tracking, so the device doesn’t actually know if and when the controller moves through the space in front of you.

Giving some points to the maker, the “Fantastic Beasts” VR experience was never meant to be a full-fledged game or a cinematic VR experience on its own, but instead a promotion for the actual movie. In that case, it very much works as an interactive experience and is better than many others. But, for the world that promises magic, “Fantastic Beasts” VR still falls short.

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How Brands Are Embracing VR: Part 3- A Luxurious Escape With VR

Rewinding a bit, last time we spoke about the good times and VR. We have already seen how ‘The King of Good Times’ Kingfisher has adopted the virtual reality tech and is helping its consumers go on an exotic vacation within minutes. But what we forgot or maybe purposely missed out is the fact that every holiday is incomplete without a nice and relaxing hotel stay. So continuing our series, we bring to you how the hospitality industry is taking small but commendable steps towards adapting VR. Well, if you still couldn’t make out what we are talking about then to simplify it, we are talking about the hospitality giants who became the first one to experiment with VR and managed to give a breathtaking experience. It is none other than The Deltin.

Choosing the right hotel for a vacation has always been a big task involving a lot of research, feedback and phone calls. But what if you could just experience the stay at a particular hotel, even before visiting it? Sounds impossible, right? Surprisingly, it is not. This is what we do with the VR. Using the VR technology, The Deltin Group has become the first one to experiment with new ways of customer engagement. Recently, The Deltin Daman released a Virtual Reality 360-degree video that gives you the real feel of a luxury hotel stay. The Deltin is all about luxury and what better than getting to experience this grandeur without having to really visit the location. So just put on an HMD and you are teleported to ‘The Deltin Daman’ which is situated just 3 hours from Mumbai.

Another very interesting part of this video is the brand’s association with Femina Miss India 2016. Like, what better than experiencing the luxurious and exuberant hotel from the perspectives of the Femina Miss India 2016 finalists! The video lets the viewers walk alongside the gorgeous ladies as they immerse in the splendour of the hotel – the opulent entry, the peaceful poolside, the day’s work in the gym and a lot more. One of the heads from the Deltin group was quoted saying, “Virtual Reality is a wholesome experience, unlike 2D/3D photography or videography. We wanted our audience to experience the opulence of The Deltin at their comfort. With The Deltin’s VR you now know what to expect before you arrive at the actual location, and implementing this idea for every potential guest is a big achievement for us.”

Well, it seems like the Deltin group is amongst the front runners when it comes to experiential marketing and consumer engagement. But wouldn’t it be equally cool if we get to experience the luxurious, heritage villas and palaces in the same way as we are getting to do with The Deltin Daman? Like, isn’t that on all our bucket lists to live the life of a prince/princess in a palace for at least once? I just hope some mighty king is reading this and considers our plea.

And, while waiting for some King to listen, you can experience the opulence of The Deltin Daman for now. Keep reading to know how VR is finding its way even to the narrowest lanes of India and do keep us updated about anything about the amazing VR that you come across.

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Five Whacky Things To Do in VR

Sky is definitely the limit when it comes to virtual reality. But, apart from going to picturesque locations and playing some intensively immersive games, have you ever thought of what else can be done with this amazing technology? Well, the answer is, ‘A lot more’! So, here we are with a list of 5 whackiest things which you can do in VR.

Marry in VR

After hearing about the likes of skydiving weddings, underwater weddings and themed weddings, we have reached the stage where we are now ready to witness a Virtual Reality wedding. Yes, you read it right! To turn one of the biggest technological thought into reality, a British couple is all set to marry in Virtual Reality. Come this May, Martin Shervington and Elisa Evans will wed physically in a Cardiff bar, but their minds will be transported somewhere else, thanks to VR. The couple will get together with friends and family at a quirky florist that doubles up as a bar; they will then don their HMDs, and join the remainder of their guests scattered all around the globe for the world’s first official VR wedding ceremony of its kind. The guests will not only be able to share the live event through VR but also continue to revisit it afterward as the ceremony will actually be filmed in VR by AltspaceVR. The couple will be present in VR as the standard “off-the-shelf” avatar but with another level of psychological connection. Talking about which, Shervington says, “You know, I quite like the idea of not being a humanoid. She’s a pink and white robot and I’m a blue one. It was different meeting her in VR to what I expected. I looked at her, with those big eyes, the way the head moves, and the lights go on and off as she speaks, and it’s cute! And it’s because she’s behind there. I love her, so why wouldn’t I love the representation of her?”

Perhaps now we can think of taking the honeymoon to next level!

Eat in VR

What if someone told you that you can binge eat now, that too without gaining any weight? Seems impossible? It isn’t anymore! There has always been a joke around if the technology is as advanced to help us eat without gaining weight. Well, virtual reality is here to solve that problem also. Project Nourished has perfected its futuristic dining that whisks users away to another world where they can smell and ‘taste’ forbidden food – without actually consuming it. Users will strap on a virtual reality headset through which they will be transported to another location where they will be indulging in their meal. A bone conduction transducer is strapped around the neck, which mimics chewing. The chomping sensation is sent from the wearer’s mouth to ear drums using their soft tissue and bones as its vessel. Once transported to the virtual world, the aromatic diffuser dissipates the smells of various foods using ultrasonic and heat. After you have got the sense of what is cooking, there is a gyroscopic utensil with sensors that tracks your movements to be translated into the virtual world. There is also a glass with built-in sensors: a vessel for beverage and creating simulated intoxication. Included in the dining package is a small cube of 3D printed food, which serves as a vehicle for articulating taste, texture and consistency. An interesting fact about the concept is that however futuristic it may sound, it has been inspired by a scene of the 1991 American film Hook, in which Peter Pan learns to use his imagination to see food on a table that appears empty at first.

Work in VR

For anyone who has had a bad day at work, there is Job Simulator to brighten up their workspace, at least virtually. The name itself sounds like a joke and the game is funny, no doubt about that. As you slide on the headset and step into the virtual world, you’ll have a choice between four jobs. You can be an office worker, a gourmet chef, a store clerk or an auto mechanic. In each of the jobs, you stand in a 3D space and complete tasks. Maybe you check your email, make a sandwich, fix a car or use a strange machine to make jumbo hot dogs. Like, jumbo hot dogs. The objects behave like they should. You can grab a grape juice bottle, pop the cork and drink its contents. You can shake a soda bottle so much it explodes and flies around the room. If you see it, most of the time you can do it, and that adds not only to the immersion but the comedy as well. The jobs are not at all, but it is about taking remedial tasks, giving players ridiculous tools and letting them goof off. For example- the recycling bin with a backboard that spurts out confetti whenever you make a shot. It is a cathartic experience that is highly recommended, at least virtually.

Freefall in VR

What is that moment like just before you pull the ripcord? The end of your free fall, your dangerous exploration of unthinkable altitude? Well, to know you can just look for a sky-diving package or go the route of a really good simulator. The world of skydiving simulation is also being explored by the virtual reality technology now. For the experience, users are strapped into a harness and leg loops, then given the hand loops for their parachute. Next, comes an HMD and you’re ready. The usual VR experience starts on a plane and as the hatch opens up, you’re pulled up into the air in the real world, so you are horizontal in the harness after you “jump”. As you open up your parachute you become more or less vertical again but you’re still floating in the real world. In some of the experiences, you will also find some circles to help navigate you to a safe landing spot, in any other case you can just keep flying over some beautiful landscapes.

Be a magician in VR

Well, I personally don’t know of anybody who hasn’t imagined what it is like to be Harry Potter! And to help us fulfil our dream of being a magician, VR is here again at the rescue. Games like Waltz of the Wizard are exactly what we have been looking for. You play a Wizard at home in his tower. Here you’re able to concoct potions, discover and cast spells to alter yourself or the world around you, and explore and interact with both your tower and…other dimensions! The game puts players in the shoes of a wizard who gathers magical spheres and dumps them into a big cauldron to obtain special powers. Like for instance, after placing a sphere into the cauldron, you could shoot bolts of lightning from your hands by flicking the motion controller. While the experience is clearly in need of a storyline, you can’t help but marvel at your newfound ability to master the arcane, something VR fans have been craving since really long.

These were just a few of the offbeat things to do in VR, but as we say the technology is emerging with every passing day; so there is a lot more coming our way. Stay tuned with us to know more about such fantastic things that VR has to offer because we are, where VR is!

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Design Your Web Page with the Help of Efficient Companies

Modern era is an era of digitization – every aspect of life is handled in the online virtual world and business is not an exception. One of the prime problems in online business is that here you do not get a chance to meet and greet your customers personally and so a strong web presence is very important in this regard. There are various design services provider who makes the task of making the perfect website Design easier for you. With the help of an attractive website, you can thus attract more and more customers to your business and thus help yourself to reach the desired goals. With regard to this, various companies are coming up with the aim to give you the best service to design your websites.

It thus becomes very easy for you to get the long desired perfectly designed error free website of your own and attract visitors to your website and proceed with the business.Make Your Website More Attractive with the Help of Professional Web Designers These companies claim to provide the best website designer for you who have experience in this field for many years. These companies also organize design contest website where they search for fresh talents that remained Website Design online suppressed for many years owing to lack of proper platform. The talented website designers ask for your requirements so that you can get the best website customized and personalized on the basis of your needs. In fact, the websites are designed is such a way that the visitors shall be forced to go through your website till the end and their impression shall be wonderful. It shall automatically encourage customers to come and work with you. The web designs are adjusted in a perfect way and attention are paid to every minute detail such as spacing, apt designing and page navigation. There is also the facility of print design and graphics design so that your website designs are perfectly adjusted and made fit for your business.

Design Your Websites at Cost Effective Rates

In case you are worrying about the cost of website design, then it is to relieve you that these come at very affordable and reasonable rates. Thus, it does not fall heavy on your pockets. Creating website design online thus becomes available to you in the easiest way. A recent survey among the customers who have sought Design contests website help from these companies reveals that they are very much pleased and satisfied with the services offered to them and in future also they would like to go to these companies for further help. The websites of these companies are very much user friendly and easy to use and so you would not be facing any problem while choosing your requirements.

Thus it seems the website design online was not as easy as it is with the help of the services offered by these companies and that too at affordable prices. You can now easily reach your business target of getting the maximum number of visitors for your company thus boosting up your business. The companies that offer such efficient services have experience of many years in the field of web designing and they would not give you the slightest chance of disappointment with the wonderful services thus offered to you. All you have to do is to look for such companies in the internet and browse through the services offered by them and then only choose the best for you. With such wonderful services available, designing the website remains no more a problem for you.

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Computer Software Services Help You Troubleshoot Technical Hassles Like Breeze

Software problems are not a new thing when it comes to computers. Your computer systems are crucial part of your business schedules as well as professional performances. You need to make it a point that your hard drive, keyboards, monitor, CPU as well as all the quintessential parts of the computer is in perfect working condition. Even the minute issues could tend to assume gigantic proportions. However, you should not feel yourself helpless at any point of time as there are computer software services to help you troubleshoot technical hassles like breeze.

Application monitoring solutions at your service

There is one particular aspect that you need to know very specifically. As it comes to software as well as streamlined hardware repair services you should take specific note of application monitoring facilities. There are in fact many application monitoring solutions available on the basis of 24*7 at your service. It is a mandate that you should be highly focused on the proper implementation of application monitoring solutions. If you are able to do this then it is going to be pretty easy on your part to prevent your systems from slowing down.

Taking care of memory as well as hard drive

At the time of operating your computer system you have to take some jerks with the hard drive. However, if you are amply fitted with the supportive functions of software as well as hardware services then you are not required to cross path with malfunctions as well as issues with the hard drives. Taking care of memory as well as hard drive is a prime forte and asset of rationalized software as well as hardware services. Apart from taking good care of the hard drive these services can also offer workable solution to overheating problems of your systems.

Taking care of data corruption issues

While resorting to hardware repair solutions you can be quite confident on the protection of your data. Taking care of data corruption issues is a prime objective and expertise of rationalized software as well as hardware services. The impeccable services are really going to agree with the condition of your computer system. You can really trust these solutions on this. Impeccable computer hardware repair services are going to rope in sanity and safety for your computer functions as well as ancillary requirements. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to choose your perfect supportive entourage and troubleshoot technical hassles like breeze.

Author Bio: Being a pro himself in the field of computer technology, the author is really an expert in the discipline of computer software services. You can get some crucial insight from his writings on this subject.

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Things That You Should Know About Apple Mac Repair Services

Owning a MAC or Apple MAC is definitely a matter of pride for all. If you have this ravishing stuff in your command you should have enough reasons to be gaga about the proposition. In fact, owning a Mac, calls for celebration. However there are some crucial facts and aspects that you need to take into consideration. In case you happen to find some issues with the contraption it will call for highly expert and sincere Apple Mac repair service providers. You really need to have some pros to work on your problem. You need people who know Mac too well.

Be in touch with support systems

One of the best things about Mac repair is that you have the option of being in close connection with the support systems as well as support communities. Being in touch with the support systems you can expect to be the gainer at the end of the day. If you take a deeper probe into the support communities you will find that there are many proactive members who know the job of Mac repairing just like the back of their hands. By dint of their intense skill sets they can repair hard drives, screens, optical drives, memory functions, logic boards, diagnostics, Mac pro etc.

Get acquainted with the extension programs

When you are trying too hard to look for impeccable and workable computer repair services for your Mac you can do something that can be really helpful. You should make your move so that you can get to know about the extension programs. You can bet that you are going to grab exceptional advice and suggestion from the end of these extension programs. Form these programs you will get a clear idea about how to set the repairing actions in motion. Get acquainted with the extension programs and you will surely and evidently be in a winning position.

High precision repairing solutions

When it is about Apple Computer Repair you cannot take your chances. High precision repairing solutions happen to be a must for sure. When it is about repairing Mac you should only get people who know what they are doing. You need people who have already dealt with the repairing of iMac as well as other classy Apple sets. You do need to understand the crucial nitty-gritty’s related to the computer repair services and solutions if you have to stay away from the acute problems. These are the things which you should know about Apple Mac repair services. writes extensively on issues related to Apple Mac repair services and solutions. Check his posts on a regular basis.

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Improving Your Business Internet Presence

When it comes to business, your Internet presence can help draw more attention to your business, and increase sales or leads. Did you know your website can make or break a sale for you depending on the design and user-friendliness of your site? Whether you are creating a brand new website or plan to upgrade your website, you want to work with a custom web design company in Utah that understands the importance of great design.

Your Design Guys is a professional web development company that will develop a custom design strategy to best meet your needs and goals. Whether you are looking for a simple website or an ecommerce website, they can help.

There are several factors that can retain your customers or send them packing before they even move to the second page of your site. These factors include a call to action button, impact statements, user-friendliness and the proper graphics. As all of these are very crucial to your website, Your Design Guys understands the importance of factoring them all into your website.

If you are looking into ecommerce development, Your Design Guys has extensive experience with various platforms including WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento and many more. Based on your business’ goals, they will decide which platform is best for you. For example, if you do not have many products or do not wish to make ecommerce the focal point of your site, you might want to look into a WooCommerce platform.

The custom web design in Utah can help answer any questions you may have. They have over 15 years of experience creating the most cutting-edge and engaging websites. They also remain up-to-date with the latest website trends and developments. This way your new business website will stand out from your competition and keep users coming back for more information or to shop.

In addition to improving your web presence with affordable custom web design, Your Design Guys also specializes in content strategy, SEO services, and conversion optimization services. They are your one-stop-shop for all of your website solutions.

If you are looking to upgrade your website or create a website for your business, Your Design Guys can help. For more information or to schedule a consultation with the affordable custom web design team, visit their website or call 888-720-0170 today.

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