Best Emergency Phone Charger

Are you afraid of running out of power in an emergency?  If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done the work for you by reviewing the top 10 emergency phone chargers.

Get emergency power any time with the help of these devices.  Some are even solar, and hand-cranked.  So, you will always have power no matter what. 

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American Red Cross Charger

✔ USB smartphone charge with 2600mAh battery

✔ Receives AM/FM (digital radio)

✔ Broadcasts in emergency weather alerts

✔ Hand turbine in emergencies

✔ Solar power charging in emergencies

✔ Long-lasting LED flashlight

✔ One red LED flashing beacon




✔ Cell phone charger with a 4000 mAh li-ion battery

✔ Charges more than one smartphone

✔ NOAA weather radio

✔ Solar charge; Hand crank; Micro USB charge

✔ Electricity label shows power reserve

✔ Super-bright 3 mode flashlight



 FosPower Emergency

✔ 2000mAh power bank capable

✔ Charge small tablet or phone

✔ Crank lever and solar panel

✔ 4 LED reading light and 1W flashlight

✔ Weather forecasts and emergency news



Eton American Red Cross

✔ Crank Powered Charger

✔ Power your smartphone, no batteries needed

✔ Easy to Use & Portable

✔ Charging current output of 500mA at 5V

✔ USB power while you are cranking the handle

✔ Crank Powered Flashlight



Solar Charger Yelomin

✔ High Quality Portable Solar Charger

✔ 20000mAh high capacity polymer battery

✔ Charges smart phones, Tablets + USB devices

✔ Dual USB

✔ Powerful Flashlights

✔ Steady-SOS-Strobe mode



Midland ER310

✔ Quickly charge your portable devices

✔ Solar Panel, Hand Crank, & Rechargeable

✔ NOAA Weather Scan

✔ Flashes SOS Morse code

✔ 2600 mAh Battery

✔ Ultrasonic dog whistle for rescue team



FEELLE Solar Power Bank

✔ 24000mAh Power Bank

✔ Large Solar Panels and Fast Charging

✔ Waterproof USB Outputs

✔ The solar charger has a bright flashlight

✔ 10x the capacity of regular devices



INIU Charger

✔ Ultra Slim 10000mAh

✔ Highest-grade materials

✔ iPhone, Android and all upcoming USB C devices

✔ Fast charging

✔ Flashlight



iPhone Charge Tab

✔ Emergency Chage Tabs

✔ 4 hours of charge per pack

✔ Works on apple devices only

✔ Waterproof pack

✔ 2 Year shelf life

✔ Disposable



USB-C Charge Tab

✔ Emergency Chage Tabs

✔ 4 hours of charge per pack

✔ Works on usb-c devices only

✔ Waterproof pack

✔ 2 Year shelf life

✔ Disposable


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