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Bcode Master System Review
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Best sports betting tipster online.

How to bet on horse racing?

The first step is to register with a horse racing bookie.

The latter is an organization or a company that offers multiple bets around the world and which performs betting calculations. It is sort of a stockbroker with bettors and offers different odds for the same bet.

The bookie is also the one who takes bets and returns the money won to the bettor. You must therefore take care to select your bookie because the rules and bonuses for registration are not the same. They may vary depending on your initial deposit.

Once registered with the bookie, you must make a first deposit of money to fund your account. Today, most transactions go through online banks or credit cards. There are even some bookies who can use checks. It is therefore necessary to inquire before registration.

Once your money is deposited in the bookie’s account, all you have to do is go to the betting page. Then you have to bet on the race that interests you. Generally, the odds are expressed in fractions which show how much a horse can bring in if it crosses the finish line first. Obviously, betting on an underdog means more money if the horse wins.


Choose the Right Horse

The most important factor is choosing the winning horse, to do so you must now know which horse is more likely to win on that day. The odds of the horses give you somehow their performances to be able to estimate their chances of winning.  The higher the odds, the more money you make but the less chance you have of winning your bet, because a higher odd on a horse means that the horse is less efficient than another with a lower odd.

horse race

Stay Informed Like a Pro

To become a real money horse betting pro, you have to start by getting informed by regularly reading the horse press. You can completely use the predictions and “tips” given by each other, but never blindly: You must compare them to find out what they are really worth. The odds require important powers of observation and analysis: it is necessary to know how to observe the shape of the horse and the jockey, to recognize the signs of fatigue and anxiety, and to know the ancestry and the physiognomy of the different horses.


Use a Tipster service like BCODE MASTER

Another way to stay informed is to use a tipster service like BCODE MASTER.  They do all of the analysis, and all you have to do is place bets and collect your money.  I recommend everyone new to horse betting to use such a service.



Why go to a Horse Race?

Before we get into the art of betting, let’s talk about the reasons why you would want to visit a racetrack anyway. You may be saying to yourself, “This is something my grandpa liked to do, but I’m not interested in it. “

Watching horse racing at the highest levels of the sport is a wonderful experience. I’m not really into other forms of gambling, and personally I don’t see the pleasure of losing my shorts in a dark, smoky casino. But I like horse racing, it’s like entertainment, an experience, an outing. I like being outside. I like the fact that there is a lot of history and tradition behind it. Overall, whether I make or lose money, I still have a lot of fun.

You will find a program of the day’s races at the entrance to the racetrack: take it as it will let you know the start times, the names of the races and the participants.

You can choose to attend the races as a simple spectator. The spectacle in itself is worth a look. It takes place on the track, of course, since there are sometimes breathtaking twists and turns, but also in the stands. It is quite fascinating to watch the connoisseurs write down cryptic notes and numbers in their notebooks, bite their nails when the competitors approach the finish line and, in general, experience the suspense and enthusiasm of the bettors when the horses run down the track. Depending on your curiosity for the environment, you may however be able to get tired quickly. Some will need to place a bet to take an “active” part in the spectacle …


Betting Online

1- Choose your site

For this, we encourage you to consult many websites as well as the detailed sheets for each site. Indeed, not all sites offer exactly the same services, and some may be better suited to you than others.

The top sites that come up on search engines are the most reliable and serious betting and gaming sites, all of which have the proper license, this is important to look for at the bottom of the site. This will guarantee you optimal betting conditions.

2- Deposit a sum and receive a bonus

Once your registration form is completed, the game site will ask you to credit your account. No worries, all transactions made on these sites are completely secure if the site is licensed.

The first deposits you make are generally accompanied by a gift sum (Welcome bonus) that the site offers you. This is often the equivalent of your deposit. For example, if you deposit 100 €, the site adds 100 € and you have 200 € to play.

3- Play!

Let the fun begin, now is the time for you to play. You will quickly realize that the betting and gaming sites are very intuitive. And if you are lost, customer service can always help you (by live chat, email or free phone most of the time).


Why Should I use BCODE MASTER

BCODE MASTER enables you to copy the betting strategies of horse betting professionals.  They study every element of each race.  Like how tiered a horse is, if it has injuries or has its performance gone down in recent days.  Now you’re not guaranteed to win every bet when using BCODE MASTER but you have greater chances of winning.

Using a tipster like BCODE MASTER means you’re placing your total trust in the hands of a stranger. So, I recommend you use the trial period on the site. It only costs £3 to try the membership.  And at first you can place “play money bets” to avoid losing real money.  If you like the results just switch to real money and win cash.


Visit the official website.


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