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Assistive Technology Education Made Special!


The word “disability” should be removed from the entire language system! Nobody is ever disabled, they’re just differently able! Coming up short of a single capability or function is always compensated by some other power in abundance. A lot of children out there are stigmatised and considered inefficient due to the difference in their abilities. A big chunk of them isn’t even able to acquire good education because of the lack of acknowledgement of their special requirements at schools, colleges, and universities.

However, assistive technology has proven to be a breakthrough in this. It has helped in creating inclusive classrooms that cater to children of all kinds of abilities and potentials. Assistive Technology is any kind of equipment, device or software that aids people overcome the challenges and learn and function in a better way. It includes both the simplest of tools and complex technology. Catering to the problems of blindness, hearing loss, chronic health diseases, Autism, Motor disabilities, learning disabilities, psychiatric illnesses and more, it’s a blessing for all. There are some astonishing equipment and tools out in the market to assist students with these problems. Some of the bests from them are arrayed below.

E-Books and Audiobooks

E-Books are great solutions for people who find it difficult to read from normal books. These are the digital books that have a bunch of options of highlighting, colour selection, zoom, font style and size, annotations and more. It all makes it easy for students to read books with big and highlighted texts and more.

Audiobooks are the recordings of a book that are available in CDs, cassettes, audio files and more. They help students with reading problems or those who have impaired vision by letting them hear the texts and providing them with educational independence. Many of them are now readily available online as well at fantastic discounts.

Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software has become quite popular now. Also called as Speech-to-text, these have an astounding technology incorporated in them that makes a human voice the leading player while using a computer. Besides, this fantastic software has also made its way to smartphones now, making it even more convenient for people to get their work done and exchange their thoughts and communicate efficiently. For people who have severe learning disabilities and motor problems, this splendid advancement in technology has barged in as a wonder!

Personal Listening Devices

Many students experience trouble in hearing what their professors or teachers are saying in a class. For this, Personal listening devices have emerged as excellent solutions. PLDs include the teacher wearing a microphone which transmits the teacher’s voice directly to students through a personal earpiece. It helps them hear what is being said in classrooms more clearly. In the newer models of PLDs, the facilities of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also fused in to provide with a better learning experience.

Talking Calculators

For students who go up against the difficulty in processing the written numbers, Talking Calculators are tremendous devices for them. It has a built-in speech maker that reads the numbers, operation keys, and symbols aloud to make them clear to the user. These calculators come in various styles having in large and small number keys, different languages, large screens, volume adjustments and more. Some of them also include headphones to help children with impaired hearing. These amazing calculators are now widely available at reasonable rates making it easily accessible and affordable for children with special needs.

Phonetic Spelling Software

The spelling system that has the letters written and expressed in the way of their spoken sound is called the phonetic spelling system. Students having dyslexia and other learning problems usually phonetically spell words. The phonetic spelling software helps them with it and recognise the phonetically spelt words converting them into their correct spellings. It has turned out to be an excellent technology for children requiring special assistance at schools for reading and writing.

Alternative keyboards

Alternative Keyboards are phenomenal solutions for people with physical, cognitive or visual problems. These keyboards are available in the market in a variety of styles and forms including the colour coordinated ones, compact ones, touch sensitives and others. They have made typing easier for these students with their well-spaced, touch-conscious and large keys. Some of them also include the cursor controls and specialised software that eliminate the need for combining keys for specific functions. Moreover, it also lets the users access the keyboard with their feet. The astounding technology they are incorporated with has made it uncomplicated and effortless.

Electronic worksheets

A lot of children struggle when it comes to math! Many of them suffer from learning inabilities such as dyscalculia, and more which make it tough for them to understand numbers, symbols, equations and other math facts. The software programs called the electronic worksheets are an impressive way to help these students. Through these sheets, the student can work on their math problems and questions in a more organised and aligned way. Many of them also support visual issues and provide features like background colour changes and magnified fonts.


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