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App Coiner Review

App Coiner Review
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This product enables you to make money by reviewing and testing apps.


Here’s what I really think about Appcoiner.com

Every single time I want to buy something online I check to see if someone wrote a review on the product I about to buy. Just to get a sense of what I’m getting into. I rather do that then to purchase the item and ask for a refund if I’m not satisfied. This saves me time and money. The guys over at AppCoiner.com know this shopping behaviour is common, this is how and why their website has so much success.


How can you make money reviewing apps?

Nowadays almost every product online has an affiliate program. People make money selling products through these programs. This is a great way for big companies to outsource their marketing efforts. Since apps are getting more and more common app developers have turned to affiliate platforms to promote their new apps. You can now promote phone and tablet applications through these networks.

Appcoiner.com is the first affiliate network where developers publish apps that can be promoted by anyone. The site also gives you a list of sites where you can write reviews to promote your affiliate links. So you basically test apps, write reviews and get paid!


What’s included in the member’s area?

  • Full access to the entire database of App Developers
  • List of places where you can write reviews
  • Tutorials on how to set up your affiliate links
  • Tutorials on how to write a great review
  • Payment system with affiliate tracking so you can get paid



App Coiner compared to traditional affiliate networks.

Reviewing products on the internet used to be about testing and writing reviews on different types of software and websites. But let’s face it, the software industry has been replaced by apps. And app reviewing is an untapped market that pays a lot of money. You don’t need to do ad marketing, social media marketing, video marketing or SEO, all you need is an honest opinion about apps you’ve tested and you’ll get paid big money. The more experience you’ll have writing reviews, the bigger your paychecks are going to be.


App Coiner Pros & Cons


There is a small investment of $27 to cover the costs of operation. (The network itself does not make a commission, only the independent developers and the affiliate make money when there is a sale.) This is why App Coiner charges a small membership fee to cover the operation costs: Domain, Server and maintenance.


This is an untapped market and it’s a gold mine, there is almost no competition in App Affiliate Marketing.


Membership price

Like I said before there is a small membership fee of $27 to cover App Coiners operation and maintenance costs. But don’t worry its risk-free. You can get a refund any time within 60 days of your purchase.