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Ai Video Creator Review

Ai Video Creator Review
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Create videos to promote any niche in seconds.


Ai Video Creator is a software released on the ClickBank platform in October 2018.


So what’s so special about this software? It simply outperforms any other video creation methods. You can tap into 1,500 different voice-overs in seconds, a single voiceover done by a freelancer can cost you $250-$1000 and you have to wait up to a week to receive the final cut.


You’ll have access to 15 different profitable niches, ready-made voice-overs and a bunch of captivating animations. MIx and match over 500 scripts to create endless possible combinations.


Get your videos indexed in search engines within hours. You can tap into the power of youtube. Have you noticed recently that there are almost no website results at the top of Google? Videos have taken the top 5 spots in almost all niches. And still, there is almost no competition for video marketing. That’s because creating a video is time-consuming and people are usually shy and don’t want to be seen promoting products on the internet. With Ai Video Creator you don’t have to feature in your videos any more. You simply select a niche, select a voice-over you like and do a bit of editing and presto you have a video that’s worth $1,000. Your competition will have to pay a fortune to keep up with you!


Can you really make money with this product? Like I said before: video is the future of online marketing, people don’t want to read any more. They are starting to Youtube subjects instead of Googling them. Imagine seeing the impact of Search Engines before they became popular. The same breakthrough is happening with video streaming sites like youtube. They are becoming the go-to place for finding information. Now how much can this software generate in revenue? Simply put, if videos are worth $1,000 on freelance websites it means that you can still make a profit after paying such a price. So technically you should be able to generate above $1,000 for each video you create.


Is it simple to use? The interface is user-friendly and does not require any special skills. It may take a few minutes to figure out all of the options and settings but basically, anyone can use this software. It can be run on both Windows and MacOS.


How much does it cost? I find the price very reasonable. It only costs a one-time payment of $17. And you have 60 days give it a try, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can get a full refund.


Visit the original website: www.aivideocreator.com