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Adsy Review
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Perfect product for DIY search engine optimization.


With the recent updates to Google’s and Bing’s algorithm buying most backlink services will get you banned from search results. Adsy.com is different because you’re not buying a backlink, you’re buying a blog post on a real blog that has real traffic. Adsy is a guest posting service with thousands of blogs that have the highest quality on the market.


What’s Included when you buy a blog post at Adsy.com


  • A selection of over 50,000 blogs.
  • Real statistics on the blogs in their database.
  • Contextual backlinks with the anchor text of your choice.
  • Adsy will write the content of the post for you.
  • They will post the article on the blog of your choice.
  • Tracking of all of your backlinks to see if they art still live.
  • An automatic refund service in case your backlink disappears from the blog.


Adsy.com Compared With “Freelance Gigs”


In comparison to freelance gigs, Adsy is way better. When buying gigs on freelancing sites you usually don’t know where your backlinks are going to end up. Is your link going to be on a page with 200 more outgoing links? Is the exact content of the post found on 50 different sites? Is the blog flagged as a PBN by search engines? Is your link going to be indexed on 5,000 different pages of a blog on the same day? But when you buy a link with Adsy all these factors are in your control. You only get quality contextual backlinks. These links are so good they will drive real traffic from readers clicking on them.





Full control of your SEO
You can buy one backlink at a time




It’s a bit expensive but way cheaper than legit SEO firms



SEO is hard and when it’s not your full-time job learning how to properly rank a website on Google can be difficult. The internet is full of gurus trying to sell you SEO packages for $100. In my experience, those backlink packages don’t work. You just need a few quality backlinks to rank on search engines. These links need to appear organic just link a blog post. “Not a spammy blog comment”. If you buy one good blog post a week you will rank within a few months. There is nothing more frustrating than buying $500 worth of links and getting banned from search engines. Learn from my mistakes do SEO the right way with Adsy.com.


  1. Most marketing and advertising costs big money, but the only cost of SEO is how much time you spend learning SEO strategies and writing content, or paying an SEO specialist to improve your Google rankings. With a proper SEO campaign maintained over several months, you can expect an ROI several times greater than any Facebook or AdWords advertising, up to 800 or more. Once you get into SEO, you will start to learn that it’s all about the keywords, which are simply the words and phrases that people enter into search engines. The overall goal of SEO is to write content in which these keywords are used and focused on, making your site stronger and higher ranked when people Google that certain keyword.


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