As the little brother in Apple’s tablet family, the Mini iPad is undeniably a fantastic product to own. This attention to detail and design has extended across to the excellent battery life of the Mini iPad. The Mini iPad, by its very nature, is designed to be ultra portable and mobile, it encourages the user to enjoy the device everywhere but it also means that you’re not always near a power source, whether it’s USB, car or standard mains.

Enter the portable power charger. As our appetite for iPad Mini Accessories Online, including tablets, has increased drastically over the past few years. Portable chargers, also referred to as power banks and mobile chargers, are a recent innovation to directly address this need. For those who enjoy their regular Mini iPad fix, the power charger offers you power and convenient charging on the go. They are perfect for those who travel a lot, such as hiking, camping, relaxing on the beach, on the bus, etc. No discerning owner should ever run out of power.

iPad Mini Chargers come in a variety of capacities, generally from as low as 2,000mAh to as high as 12,000mAh. They operate by storing their charge via electrical energy from a number of sources: primarily mains, USB or solar. One issue to consider is the charging time (both storing and discharging) for your Mini iPad as you will want to buy one that offers fast, efficient charging both ways, to provide you with usable power as soon as possible. While solar chargers exist, they charge very slowly and also expend their charge slowly. Because of advancements in technology, most chargers nowadays focus on USB charging. Additionally, the number of rated charging cycles is important as this directly impact the product life of the charger. At the minimum, you should expect to be getting hundreds of charging cycles out of the portable charger.

Highly affordable and a must-buy, most cheap Mini iPad Chargers come as one of a variety of form factors including cylindrical tubes, rectangular tubes and ultra-compact power banks and dock stations. All share similar functionality as well as being pocket-sized, lightweight and easy to use. Best of all, they are generally very affordable due to high consumer acceptance.

The standard cables can still be used of course and will remain the main way you charge your mobile device. USB Mini iPad Cables can provide a dual function (charging the mini tablet as well as operating as a data cable) while the standard power adapter and plug provides convenient, faster charging for your device. The USB variation of cheap Mini iPad cables is very practical to use, but charge slower than its mains counterpart, although extremely useful combination USB and mains chargers exist to maximize functionality to ensure that all bases are covered.

A portable charger is an essential part of every Mini iPad owner’s kit, ensuring that you can always enjoy the tablet’s great features as well as your own media at all times.

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By: Jenifer CK

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