“Should we write about this or not?”

That was the million dollar question when my colleagues and I were rewriting ad copy for the startup skincare company we’re currently consulting.

To give some background info:

We gathered market research data to find out buyers’ behaviors in the skincare industry. And we discovered that one of the top things buyers look out for when buying skincare products are the ingredients. Whether or not they’re natural, if they dry up the skin, or cause other kinds of harm, etc.

After reading some of the inactive ingredients, one of my colleagues said that some of the ingredients are known to cause dry skin or allergic reactions, and that led to a discussion whether or not we should even talk about the ingredients in the copy.

To make a long story short,

We decided to talk about it regardless. The truth is, there are no “one size fits all” skincare products. People have different types of skin, which means not all products are going to work for them. That’s why I’ll never understand people who leave one star reviews and complain about how a particular skincare product ruined their skin.

But the same goes for business.

Not everyone is going to right for you and your business. Even if you read How to Become an Email Titan and learn how to write non-boring emails, not everyone is going to like them and that’s going to lead to people leaving your list.

A lot of people see that as a bad thing, but it’s actually good.

Think of it as your email list getting cleaner. Getting rid of the inactive readers, the freebie seekers, and the complainers.

Sometimes I even pray that someone unsubscribes whenever I send a new email out. And if they don’t leave on their own, I’ll kick them out myself.

But that’ll happen another day.

In the meantime, if you want to learn how to write emails that your true supporters will look forward to reading and will make everyone else leave your list for good, “How to Become an Email Titan” is the perfect book to learn from.

Get the sample chapters of the book using this link.


About the author:

Ellisen Wang is an email copywriter and the author of “How to Become an Email Titan.” You can read the sample chapters of the book and learn how to write email copy that your subscribers will never get enough of and will make them want to buy from you by opting in at EllisenWang.com. When you opt in, you’ll also get daily copywriting, email marketing, and business tips sent straight to your inbox. If you don’t want to optin, you can also read through the blog and listen to the audios for more marketing content and training.

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