Who Should You Rely on for Your Business Direction? By Marvell Lawson When starting a small business don’t be fooled by people who tell you that having a strong background in business is the only way to succeed. Yes, business background can be valuable when starting and running a business, but that’s not the only piece needed to create and operate a successful business. Business acumen is like the bricks in a structure, while communication is the mortar that holds the bricks together and gives power and stability to the stacked bricks. Of course, your specialty will be the roof. That’s where you’ll shine. Starting a business based on what you know and love built on a solid foundation of business and communication will give you an edge to achieve your success. The secret to success is taking a chance on what you think is the best way to manage your business. It’s easy to find people who will tell you the “best” way to run a business. They seem always to be around, whether you asked for their opinion or not. Taking advise is great, but never forget that you are the focal point and catalyst of your business. You need to determine the direction your business will go, and what your true goal is. You will determine what procedures will increase the probability of you achieving your goals. No one else can know what your inner feelings are, thus no one will be able to plan the steps on the path that will lead to your business happiness and success. You are the leader who will lead your workers to success, even if there is only one worker, you. So, get advice, then trust yourself and make a decision. Remember, when you make a decision that doesn’t work out, you know what you were trying to accomplish, and you can make knowledgeable adjustments to help you reach your aspirations. The important thought here is people, you, are the most important decision maker for your business. What you think, the end you’re expecting, the action you’ll take, and the real control of the company is with you, as it should be. Your company will be uniquely you. It will be like no other company on the planet. It will be yours. This is the view of a communication specialist rather than a business manager. The communication expert focuses on the human elements involved with creating and developing a successful business, because it is humans that conceive, build, and produce the service or product, and it is humans who desire, pursue, and receive the service or product. It’s the people that make the company; their hopes, ideas, perceptions, knowledge, and creativity that establishes the marketing cycle. Without the people, on both sides, seller and purchaser, there can be no organization. When it’s your company it becomes an exciting extension of you instead of you becoming an easily replaceable extension of the company. *** ? Author of forthcoming book “Small Business Superstar Speaking Secrets”, professional speaker, and communication coach who works with individuals and organizations wanting to powerfully deliver winning speeches and presentations with self-confidence; and communicate more effectively grow their business, make more money, and build professional credibility. www.centerforinformationdesign.com Contact us at 303.947.0962, or marvell@centerforinformationdesign.com

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