These XO7 LCD / OLED Screens are Aftermarket Pro quality. Aftermarket Pro means our engineering team is fully involved in the product development, and our procurement team is engaged in the material sourcing of a replacement part. Many of our resources go towards the improvement of replacement parts, explicitly thinking about what is best for our repair industry and the end consumer. Our engineering team has excelled at it.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality and advanced technology. which is why we work so hard to improve Technology batter and batter. We assure you that we will continue to improve because we care. In the past years, we started the “XO” Series for OLED and LCD Screens. after the continuous success of XO4, XO5, and XO6 Technology, we are excited to finally launch XO7 Technology to the cell phone repair industry. XO7 Screens have no current Competitor, and our continuous research and development ensure you always have the newest and greatest technology in the industry at any point.

XO7 Technology for iPhones
iPhone XO7 has Thinner Screen Assembly as compared with other regular LCD displays. XO7 panels will be marked with the XO7 engraving right on the flex, just so we can easily identify the model and brand. iPhone XO7 Screen is now INCELL and LTPS Technology for the best performance. XO7 Screens for iPhone use LTPS INCELL Technology.
the best Features:
-> Quicker Refresh Rate
-> Fast and Responsive Touch
-> High-Resolution Displays
-> Lower Temperatures

XO7 is now available for iPads
XO7 Digitizers for iPads are now Using Casper Technology. All iPad digitizers are Strong. We promise you to be amazed. This Digitizer has a quick responsive touch and High-Resolution display.

Why XO7 iPad digitizers?
1.) Strong Glass as compared to other normal glasses. Stop worrying about customers complaining of weak glass when replacing digitizers!
2) Thickness matches OEM Specs for a Perfect and flush home button installation.
3). Digitizers Flex Bonding Technology will help to minimize Installation errors.
4). Colors are now more accurate than ever. We Implemented seven layers of Paint to match OEM Colors.

New Digitizer TPU Core. Our New Digitizer core is unreal. We have Achieved a mixture of copper, titanium, and Nickel for less visible gridline while maximizing conductivity for the more flawless end-user experience.

XO7 iPad LCD Assemblies
All iPad XO7 LCDs have remarkable Color Accuracy. Breakage risk has been reduced due to a silicon filling between the glass and LCD assembly. we have also added a Home Button Bracket alignment guide for Perfect installation.XO7 is best experienced when installing into a device and comparing the difference to what the regular suppliers are offering.

All of our Replacement parts are quality tested and will fit your device flawlessly. All OLED / LCD / Digitizer comes with Lifetime warranty. we will do our best to ship your order the same business day. Worldwide shipping available.

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