Successful implementation of ERP software is something that most people do only a few times in their entire vocation; others create a vocation out of implementing on a daily basis. Implementation of ERP software is a socio-technical challenge that needs a basically different outlook from technologically-driven innovation, and will depend on a balanced point of view where the organization as a total system is considered. ERP implementation is considered to rely on behavioral functions and processes. The implementation of this software is a process that involves macro implementation at the strategic level, and micro-implementation at an operational level.

Here, in this article we will see the best ways for successful implementation of this software. First of all we will discuss about the common mistake to avoid at the time implementation of this software, so you can avoid them to successful implementation of this software. Following are the best ways of successful implementation of ERP software:

1. You should not take too lightly to the time and quality of resource you need to give to an ERP project. You should find somebody intelligent in your business to manage implementation and to become the first key-user.

2. You should not be hurried in assembling your selection, particularly not on price in the early stages. You should ask sellers about the process they will undergo to get as exact figure. You should feel most comfortable with seller.

3. You should not buy ERP software that does not fit in the belief. The ERP software you buy should be able to support two or three times the volume of business you are doing at present, not very much such as 10 times. You should not waste money on buying bigger software than your needs.

4. You should not stint on training or allow it to be solely the responsibility of the seller to deliver. You should get your key users to train others.

5. You should make your decision at your best, not to make your decision on the basis of the vendor that you like the most after the first meetings. They will not be in charge of your implementation. You really need to consider that you can work with the team that is going to work with you. So you should get to meet them.

6. You should not be unrealistic in your data immigration expectations.

7. You should not exclude your key users from the evaluation and selection process. You should focus on getting your key users to be concerned in the ERP project.

8. You should be a good partner, not a bad client. You should pay on time if your seller, if you are getting the agreed growth on the project.

9. You should not take on all the responsibilities of implementation of this software. You need a sponsor at board level for successful implementation of this software.

10. You should not forget to make provision for contingencies. It will also help in future for successful implementation of this software.

All of these are best ways for successful implementation of ERP software in organizations. Some other ways or points that should be remembered for successful implementation are also here. You should stick as closely to the standard software as possible. You should only make those changes that can bring large benefits immediately. There should be at least one person dedicated 100% i.e. only to the ERP software. This person should not be the budget controller. The costs on ERP implementation should always within your budget.

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By: Raibeart Santo

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