The social media and business tycoons were absolutely taken by your decision. Reaching the pinnacle of your investment banking career most certainly helped you walk the fame carpet. However, the mental satisfaction facet was lost somewhere. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, you hand over your resignation letter. You contact a travel agent and register for one of those hiking trails. Post the research on tough phones, you buy for yourself one.

The only catch being you have absolutely zero knowledge about this nouvelle technology. Adding to it is the accessories maze that refuses to leave your brain. For the very same reason, stalwarts from all over the world have teamed up. The below information will answer your Why’ question of “Why”:

Fisheye Lens Kit: Being the self acclaimed social media junkie, you definitely wish to spam the applications with those pictures. However, have you thought as to how will you go about it? The turmoil-like weather will absolutely not join hands with the rugged technology. Agree you need the kit to brag about those picturesque moments. The seemingly invincible wide angle shots will no sooner take to the cakewalk position.

Remote Camera Tripod: Want your partner to know whom are you accompanying while on that trip? Think no more and acquire this product for those perfect groupfies! All you need to do is adjust your mobile. Also, instruct people on flashing their million dollar smiles and the rest, as they say is history!

Portable Hand Crank Charger: Worried about how will your beloved phone get its regular dose of energy? The product ensures you have a hassle free trip amidst the harsh weather.

P.S. They also come to your rescue when you are busy dreading the dark.

Waterproof Case: Are you the kind who believes in swimming through those waters when life takes a toll on you? You know it is better to opt for one of those rugged smartphones. Something known as water resistant case ensures to give the phone company. So, the next time you do the self immersion, you are aware of a high IP rating mobile having your back!

Heart Rate Monitor: Imagine being handed over your monthly report and receiving grave news. Your cholesterol is off the charts and your heart rate suggests the most adverse fact. Yes, you are on the verge of having another heart attack! Time for you to work out and have a good assessment in place, right? The monitor adjusts to the phone’s settings and encourages your inner, budding health freak.

Rugged Flash Drive: Fear your travelogues might get stolen while on that scenic journey? Put an end to your anxiety routine and choose this able-to-withstand- 10 tons of pressure products. You will be extremely elated to have a rendezvous with a damage resistant model. Not only will it brave through the ferocious flames but also battle the chilled environment! Dear sensitive data, you can now be shifted to a safer place.

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