Jamaica is a unique country that provides entertainment to a variety of people from the adrenaline junkies to those who would rather a calm and serene environment and everything in between. Jamaica provides a rich history as well as a culinary cornucopia. Just outside of Montego Bay lies the bioluminescent oasis of luminous lagoon the water contains micro-organisms that glow when agitated your tour guide will even let you swim in the water so you can glow in the water.

If you want to amp up the adrenaline you can take a trip to Negril and head to Rick’s Café where you can cliff dive in the mesmerizing blue sea below and if cliff diving isn’t your cup of tea that’s ok, you can watch them while enjoying your locally brewed beer. If you want some eerie history then take a trip to the home of Annie Palmer the “White Witch” the Rose Hall Great House located in St. James. She was a wicked slave owner who murdered multiple husbands and slave lovers legend has it that her soul still roams the halls of the Great House. Your guides will guide you through the great house and show the life of a slave there as well to her grave which is on the Great House compound.

If you decide that you just want to enjoy the flora and fauna of the country you can just decide to go bamboo rafting down a river the most famous one is down the Martha Brae. Rafting down the calm rivers will let you forget about all your worries and focus on the moment.

Jamaica has something for everyone and as such to maximize your experience it would be best to get yourself a private driver to take you around the island so that you can ask him/her questions and move on your own time instead of having to wait on other people on a shuttle bus, companies such as Island Transfer and Tours that have a superb track record.

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