To ease up your job a lot many regression testing tools are available in the markets that ensure the smooth running of regression test cases. But out of hundreds of tools available, which one to choose is a big question mark.

In this article, We are going to list the top 17 regression testing tools for automated regression testing. It contains both paid and open source free regression testing tools. These tools are the smooth running of regression test cases and save a lot of time in test execution.
Why should regression testing be automated?
Regression testing is for existing functionality, it requires constant repetition. Every release cycle should include a fair amount of regression testing to ensure that no new development causes bugs or breaks.

When regression testing is automated, it allows for checks into a variety of changes and frees up testers to conduct manual exploration into more unusual cases in the production environment. Not all regressions are caused by new features or the consequences of routine bug fixes. They can also be caused by database updates or new browser versions, in the case of a web app. Regression can also be an issue with efficiency and speed. Automating those cases which are stable and repeatable allows manual testers to spend more time on testing various environments and for merging more complicated cases together at a higher level.

Regression Testing Tools
Here are some of the popular regression testing tools which are popular among Regression Testers.

Ranorex Studio
IBM Rational Functional Tester
Silk Test
QA Wizard
AdventNet QEngine
Regression Tester
TestComplete allows you to create and maintain automated regression tests across web, mobile and desktop applications. It will enable you to quickly create automated GUI tests in one browser and run them in a parallel environment.

Key Features:
Data-Driven Testing
Keyword-Driven Testing
Automated Test Reporting & Analysis
Easy to create one automated GUI test for multiple browsers
It supports desktop, web and mobile apps.
Integrates with other tools
Test Visualizer
Object name mapping
Sahi Pro:
It helps automate functional testing of web applications. Sahi Pro by default supports web application and REST API automation. Sahi Pro can assist you to test Web, Mobile, Java applications and Windows Desktop.

Sahi works well with agile development environments. It is a tester focused automated regression testing tool.

Key Features:
Simple and powerful APIs
Object spy and recorder
Inbuilt Excel framework
Automatic logging and reporting
Parallel and distributed playback
Continuous integration
Test any iOS and Android, Native and Hybrid Applications
Test any browser on any operating system
Test any Windows desktop applications
Ranorex Studio:

Ranorex Studio is a powerful automation tool that accelerates regression tests for desktop, mobile, and web. Ranorex Studio is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE.

Key Features:
Data-driven and keyword-driven testing.
Integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.
Ranorex has Recorder unit to create testing scripts
Supports test activity management
easy-to-read test reports that are fully customizable
It can be run at night, in parallel or distributed on a Selenium grid.
Selenium is an open-source (free) automated testing suite to test web applications. It is one of the best-automated regression testing tools for web application testing. It supports different platforms and browsers.

Key Features:
Selenium offers high flexibility
Compatibility with Several Web Browsers
Supports Numerous Programming Languages
Ease of Webpage Navigation
Ease to Categorize and Use Web Elements
Better Handling of Dynamic Web Elements
It is an open-source Ruby library for automating tests. Watir (pronounced as water) is a short form for Web Application Testing in Ruby. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. It supports many apps developed in different technologies.

Key Features:
It’s a free Open Source tool.
Light-weight and easy to use tool
Cross-platform OS support
Technology independent
Supports on Ruby Language.
It supports multiple browsers on different platforms.
TestDrive is an automated software quality (ASQ) solution that lets you do automated regression testing rapidly. It lets you come up with dynamic, flexible and easy deployable tests.

Key Features:
Code-free test automation
Modular scripts
Reduced testing time
Easy to handle changes in the application
Allows human input
Supports multiple technologies and interfaces
Useful for testing browser apps, legacy apps, and GUIs.
Also, supports manual testing.
IBM Rational Functional Tester: Silk Test
IBM RFT is a data-driven testing platform for functional and regression testing. RFT has a unique feature called Storyboard testing in which users’ actions on AUT are recorded and visualized in a storyboard format through application screenshots.

Key Features:
Built over script assure technology
Supports visual editing
Test scripting
Earlier data detection
Assimilation with other software
Radical Script Assure technology
supports a wide range of apps such as .Net, Java, SAP, Flex, and Ajax.
Silk Test:
SilkTest was formally known as Borland Silk Test. It supports for regression, cross-platform, and localization testing of all mobile application types, including mobile web, mobile native, and hybrid applications

Key Features:
Enhanced testing speed
Uses cloud
Supports unlimited user configuration
Centralize test automation
Serenity BDD is an open-source library that helps you write higher quality automated regression and acceptance tests faster. It keeps account tests executed and the requirements they were tested for.

Key Features:
Write tests that are more flexible and easier to maintain
Works well for non-web tests
Creates illustrated, narrative reports
Check how much of your application is actually being tested
No time wastage in constructing and keep tabs on project progress
TestingWhiz is a code-less automated regression testing tool. It offers you end to end testing of Database, Web, Mobile, desktop apps, API and Cloud. It is built on the Flexible Automation Scripting Technology Automation Engine.

Key Features:
Possesses codeless architecture
Fast automation engine
Supports continuous integration very well
Object eye internal recorder and a visual recorder
The dynamic test data support
Robust reporting and logs
Inbuild job schedule
QA Wizard:
QA Wizard automates functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications, and load test web applications. It comes with resource management, full scripting, and debugging capabilities.

Key Features:
Complete IDE for scripting
Very Flexible
Works well with heavy loads
Test Track to manage test cases and to manage script execution.
Requires no Environment Reboots & Reloads
Supports all platforms & operating systems
Requires no Code Modifications
Compatible with Active Directory and Kerberos
Compatibility with Total Application & Database
TimeShiftX is a time shift regression testing tool. It allows applications to travel in the past or future to help you perform temporary or date simulating testing.

Key Features:
AdventNet QEngine:
QEngine can be used for regression testing of web applications. It is an extensive, platform-independent automation testing tool.

Key Features:
Easy to use UI.
Supports IE and FF browsers.
Parameterization to support dynamic values
Event Recording and distributed playback support
Virtual user simulation
Session tracking
Server monitoring capability
Screenster is a cloud-based platform for UI testing automation. It is primarily used for visual regression testing of web applications and websites.

Key Features:
Smart record-playback-verification
can run on a local server or on the cloud
Reusable tests and test steps.
Automatic verification of content.
It uses a concept of UI baselines that store UI screenshots and the snapshots of its DOM structure.
Support for Selenium commands and custom JavaScript code for extended functionality.
Regression Tester:
Regression Tester is a desktop tool introduced by that lets you do the regression testing of the web-based applications remotely. It allows you to conduct remote testing of web-based applications. This tool has won many awards for its software testing capabilities.

Key Features:
Saves the time spent on testing
Ensures that all parts (forms/pages) of the web app are working fine
Re-run the automated tests any number of times
Automatically runs the test and generates a professional report
Fully customizable reports.
Easy to create a list of tests
Webking is an all-inclusive regression testing tool by Parasoft. It supports the automation testing of web services. It can help you in testing and installing dynamic Web sites.

Key Features:
Ensures that the designated user paths are running correctly.
Uses a path creator browser to record and generate the application
Supports various data sources like .csv, excel, databases, webking’s internal tables.
It uses C/C++ and Java testing techniques to detect errors in a website
Integrates with Parasoft group reporting system
Supports automated code review
An ideal automated regression testing tool that suggests relevant or affected test cases after a feature enhancement/bug fix. Testsigma lets you run regression tests right after the first check-ins, automatically, within a sprint.

Key Features:
Easy scriptless testing in plain English.
Periodical executions without manual intervention.
Generate detailed reports on multiple device configurations at the same time.
Centralized object repository to easily track and rectify locator issues.
Prioritized test runs with custom filters
Integrations with CI/CD tools, Jenkins, JIRA, Slack, etc.
gives the flexibility to write custom functions, define prerequisites for regression test suites.
Bottom Line
There are many Regression Testing Tools available in the market and a few of the important tools are mentioned in this article. The best regression testing tool for your needs completely depends on your requirement and budget.

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