STOP! Go no further…

I have found ‘the Holy Grail’ of websites. Most websites carry a distinct theme. I’ve assembled this one with you in mind. Although no specific theme sticks out, an underlying one is made evident.

It was built to share advice in a number of areas while giving you access to these same areas and in some cases for free. Free is always good.

I will attempt to describe all the nook & crannies of this site and trust me, a few exist. The website is constantly evolving as good persons like yourself keep offering me good content to add or items they would like to see.

Let me introduce it’s sister site (below) before I go any further. There you will find similar items however it has a more ‘ affiliate marketing ‘ theme. Having said that, here goes!

My website is called Monopoly Media Marketing and is divided up into 6 sub-sections. Home (Shop), Life, Politics, Education, Business, Environment.

Each Sub-section with the exception of ‘Home’ deals with news. NEWS is an acronym used to represent happenings or current affairs that goes on around the Globe.

North, East, West & South spells NEWS and that represents worldwide events. Those that thirst for Global knowledge will be in love with these sub-sections.

Right under these sub-section titles is the availability of shoes compliments of Stacy Adams but more importantly to it’s right are 2 free books written by George Kosch. The books are of a Marketing nature and chronicle the do’s & don’ts of this lucrative profession. One that describes your path to wealth from an affiliate’s perspective and the importance of having your own list.

Next on the agenda is several items used in improving one’s health. Addressing menopause, various other female issues and more. Health vitamins along with the Tahitian drink ‘ Noni ‘ with all it’s health benefits are represented.

An invitation to join us and a running count of visitors like yourself exist.

They say that you save the best for last & that we have:

The Home (Shop) page have over 3667 Products from Forex Advice, Diets, Weight loss issues & more for you to chose from.

You could spend an entire day on this site. I invite you to come often and enjoy all that this website has to offer…

Visit it’s sister site ( ) mentioned in the article above to see how well they complement each other.

You will not be disappointed!

A must see if Forex, health, weight loss, current affairs etc is your interest

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