Training for marathons is a lot of hard work, whether you are already fairly fit, or are starting from scratch, you might find that staying motivated becomes a problem as you run. Part of the training as well as doing strength work in the gym is going to involve getting your body used to running those kinds of big distances. With some top-quality online running coaching, you can better understand what your body can take, and what you can push, and what needs more attention. Running these kinds of distances it is important to prepare in a healthy manner.

For some people running long distances comes naturally to them. They thrive on the high they get from distance running and that keeps them motivated and moving when things are hard. Others though need to develop mental strength and different means of motivation as they run to keep themselves from giving up when things become a bit of a struggle. There are many options, tech you can wear, joining a running club, signing up to a running club app and more. Here are four things people do to help them stay the course as they do a long run.

Listen to audiobooks or music

Many people are looking for decent earphones or headphones that allow them to listen to music. Running to music you love can be very invigorating and you can choose playlists that suit the kind of run you are doing. Some people develop some pretty interesting and well-planned playlists! But as well as listening to music you could also choose to listen to an audio-book. Or you could mix it up so you have something to break up the miles with. Choose books you consider page-turners, something that if it were a physical book you would struggle to put it down. It keeps your attention and once you are in your running rhythm you might even forget how long this run is going to last as you get swept up in the plot. This is a great way to read great books if your schedule means you find it hard normally fitting in time to just sit and read.

Set achievable small goals and reward yourself

Another great way some online running coaching tips might suggest you stay motivated is to set smaller achievable goals that you reward yourself for when you achieve. If you are losing weight it is not just about the pounds you drop. Rewards should be about distances, times, commitment and more. Treat yourself to a favorite restaurant when you do your first 5-mile run. Get a massage from an expert as a reward for getting out three times a week regularly not just two. Do not just have that one big goal of running a marathon. Build up to it.

Place a bet on yourself!

Placing bets on yourself is not a common thing but it is an option! Bet on how fast you can finish your first marathon, or reaching a certain distance by a particular date. If no professional betting site will take it, bet with your friends, coach or running team.

Use technology to keep things interesting

There is a lot of interesting tech out there for athletes and amateurs that can help with targets, monitor health and give great motivation. You could put a running club app on your phone, or get yourself one of those fancy watches!

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