There is no lack of experts, analysts and industry watchers who provide ERP reviews of ERP software. We are providing a review of ERP software including features and functions of this software.

ERP software review has a tendency to focus on features and functions of this software, along with the technology used and capability of the ERP system. A less number of individual reviews of particular products are available, but most of the competitive information is in the form of comparative charts, grids, spreadsheets, or selection tools, which compares a list of desired features of software against lists of features contained in the particular software. Such reviews of this software will likely comprise all of the major vendors and their products, and possibly some of the lesser-famous vendors, but will likely not contain open source software. These reviews of software may or may not be totally purpose-full. Some review of ERP software are sponsored by vendors or supported by advertising firms. While not actually fake, such sponsored reviews may not be totally unbiased or may be subconsciously tinted by the sponsor�s support and participation.

It may be helpful to check review in the early phases of ERP software selection process but it is most likely more helpful after developing a short list of probable sellers, simply to decrease the number of review that you should have to study. Getting to the short list is greatly aided by the use of a selection tool that will reduce the options of products that fit to your market and your organization�s requirements. Reviews are no alternate for due assiduousness in this software selection, but they can be helpful in highlighting the functions and features of software as well as limitations of this software that may not be on your list.

You should remember that review of ERP software are prepared in the perspective of a variety of user requirements and may not include the particular product characteristics, which are very important for your organization, your products and procedures, and your market.

The majority of software contains a wide range of modules and functions to improve a range of back-office functions. These functions and features of this software are as follows:

1.Manufacturing – Manufacturing is a main feature of software that includes functions for project and process management, scheduling, engineering, material requirements planning, capacity management, and quality management.

2.Supply Chain Management – Supply Chain Management is also one of the major functions of this software that include capabilities to support order entry, planning, inventory control, goods inspection, purchasing and procurement, and claims processing.

3.Financial Management – Financial Management includes functionality like cash management, general ledger, account receivables, accounts payables, and fixed asset management.

4.Project Management – Project Management is also one of common features in this software. It includes functions for billing/invoicing, activity monitoring costing, and time and expense management.

5.Human Capital Management – Human Capital Management is also one of the common features of this software that include capabilities to support time and attendance tracking, payroll, hiring and staffing, training, and benefits administration.

All of these were the common features and functions of software on which review of ERP software are made.

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By: Raibeart Santo

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