Real Help Is Here By Marvell Lawson The truth of the matter is, if you need someone to tell you how to run your business, you should probably be asking yourself, why I am in business? Most people who own and run their businesses do a very good job of keeping the business going. Sometimes; however, they can use a little help, a sounding board, or an advisor who listens to them and supports their decisions, and helps them identify their options so informed decisions can be made. How many business people do you know who don’t want to do things their own way as much as possible? I thought so. Contrary to what we often hear that’s the way it should be. When you start a business, you start it because you are an expert in what you want to do. You have an idea that you know and understand, an idea that you want to put into the market place. No one else has your specific idea, so why, when looking for help, would you turn your business over to someone else to tell you what to do? You need assistance not someone to take over. This is one of the ways coaches differ from consultants. Coaches know you understand your business better than anyone, and you can find solutions to issues as well as anyone. Often what you need is to have someone who can intelligently discuss your ideas to help clarify them in your head, so you can determine what action to take. The key phrase here is, “to help clarify ideas in your head, so YOU can determine what action to take. Put an end to working with, or trying to work with, people who come in and tell you what you should do. You already know what you should do. You need to know how and when. Another major point is cost. You knew that was coming right? Coaches follow a different business model than the standard business model. Most coaches work with companies quite a bit smaller the fortune 500. After all, remember “Small is Beautiful.” Instead of trying to drudge through a massive bureaucracy with a multitude of departments and department heads and subordinates to get through in order to get something done, you can pick up the phone and reach the person that can help you take action right away, or, better yet, you can walk across the floor and talk face to face. Clearly, coaches aren’t for everyone. If you like working with people who are more interested in accomplishing productive work than finding and following a bureaucratic policy designed to slow work down to a level that accomplishes wear and tear on your patience rather than moving the work forward, the coach might bring the assistance you’ve been looking for. What a novel approach, a professional who actually works with you as a team member who appreciates your knowledge, skills, and capability to make good decisions, and at a reasonable price. There is help out here for the small business people, and it is affordable.

### ? Author of forthcoming book “Small Business Superstar Speaking Secrets”, professional speaker, and communication coach who works with individuals and organizations wanting to improve their speech preparation and presentation skills; and communicate more effectively to grow their business, make more money, and build personal and professional credibility. Prof. Lawson is an Affiliate Professor lecturing on Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Organizational Communication and Development. Visit my website at Contact me at: or give a call to 303.947.0962, ask for Allen

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