Communication has become easy with mobile technology that has brought everything into the control of your hand. You can now just chat with your friends or send messages from anywhere and anytime using your mobiles. However, with so many friends and groups, many are finding it difficult to organize their friends using their mobile. To put a check to these problems you can now access the close friends chatting apps that are compatible to iOS and android platforms to personalize your inner circle rather than getting drowned in a conversation with people you hardly know. By installing the personal social network app on your mobile you can now have full control on your contacts and interactions that are not meant for the public eye. You can keep all your favorite contacts just a tap away and also personalize your social circles.

By using the close friends chatting apps you can create as many groups as you like with each limited to 6 persons. However, to create these groups your friends need not use the app and they are also not informed they are part of a group on your phone. It is up to you to bring in different contacts into a group and have control of it. It is also possible for you to create a shortcut to each contact to access the contact with a single tap. You can also enjoy some wonderful features like reminder in chat apps for iphone where you can set a “remind me later” alert against a particular chat message so that you are reminded at the set time to continue your chat. The messenger apps for android use the internet connection to send and receive chat messages on your mobile. Though the apps don’t charge you for messaging the net connectivity may cost you using this service.

The close friends chatting apps also come up with a unique panic mode android app that is very useful during emergency situations. By using the panic button it leads to your emergency contact number on your mobile and also the local police and ambulance hotlines with just a single tap wherever you are in the world. The app allows identifying your location, for your family and friends to rescue from the emergency. Just lookout for these wonderful apps developed for iPhone and android users to bring people who matters closer to you.

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