Making of the marijuana consumption to be legit and safe for recreational purpose has changed the way of consuming weed. It’s believed by most of the people that smoking of joints and bongs is coming towards its decline. And they strongly believe that the future of marijuana and cannabis consumption lies in the other forms of consumption like edibles, tinctures and vapes. Cannabis products like soaps, lotions and make-up essentials are also gaining high popularity. Whether you are looking for the marijuana for medication or recreational use, there are a lot of varieties available out there.

• Smoking has been the most popular method of consumption of cannabis because of the ease of use and availability. There have been numerous methods of smoking marijuana like hookah at the social gathering, or a simple, portable and convenient hand pipe. There are other smoking devices available like bongs and rolling papers. Some people out of their creativity make their own use and dispose device from their household items. Some people prefer smoking because it’s most prudent way that offers quickest experience of the effects. But inhaling too much of smoke for the cannabis can be harmful for your health and you should avoid inhaling high amount of tars and toxins. Shallow and short hits are the best way to smoke marijuana.

• Vaporizers are considered to be the healthiest way of inhaling cannabis and it is quite similar to that of smoking. It includes slow heating of cannabis up to a high temperature that is enough to extract the cannabinoids and transforming them to vapors. Vaping devices are of so many varieties like portable hand-held pens.

• Edibles are one of the safest methods of marijuana consumption and it can give you full body psychoactive effects. Edibles like cookies, candies that are cannabis infused have almost 6-10 mg of THC in each dose. However the effects can be slow or delayed since the digestive system process them slowly.

• If you want to go for more controlled dosage delivery method of cannabis consumption, tinctures are the one that offers fast results without any harmful effects. They are also portable as the tincture is of the liquid forms that can be kept in closed bottles.

• Topical is another form of cannabis consumption that is made from the oils or extracts of cannabis that goes under decarboxylation. It is perfect for the treatment of muscle soreness, sunburns and joint pain. So if you want to buy the variety of cannabis products to enjoy other ways of marijuana consumption do reach us out and boo your products.

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