YouTube is definitely the hottest online sharing site around the world. So as the Vimeo. We can find thousands of interesting videos, MVs, fan-made films, etc. on YouTube and Vimeo, and we can even personalize our own homepage for the site to remember our personal preferences. But have you ever thought about using these YouTube or Vimeo videos in a special way? Maybe yes, or maybe not. Some people would like to download YouTube/Vimeo videos to their PC or MAC or transfer them to their iPhones, iPads, etc. for enjoyment when they encounter some interesting movies. That could be one of the smartest choices. Any more? How about transferring Vimeo, YouTube to iTunes? Or edit the import the videos from Vimeo/YouTube to Windows Movie Maker? Well well well~~ if you want to do that, please continue reading this post!

The question is, YouTube and Vimeo videos always come out as FLV file format, which will not be accepted by the mainstream devices and applications, including iTunes and Windows Movie Maker. So, in this case, you will need a third party YouTube/Vimeo Video Converter to help you get this task done. Personally, I prefer the Doremisoft Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) for it can conduct the conversion perfectly with high efficiently and with no quality loss.

Some online sharing site may be applied with the HTML 5 standard, which will adopt videos in WebM format. WebM is not a commonly used file format, so it is also not accepted by most players and apps. But no worry, the converter mentioned above can also help you convert WebM to other popular formats like converting WebM to FLV.

Tips: About the converter
1. Since batch conversion function is embedded, you can add several YouTube files to the converter at one time. Besides, if you want to mix all the files you’ve added into one video file, you can tick the “Merge all files” check box on the main interface.

2. Full editing functions are provided. You can edit video through Trimming, Cropping, adding special Effect and Watermark to feature the video. In addition, you can customize the output video’s parameters, including the output video/audio Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder, Bitrate, and audio channels, etc. by click the “Settings” button.

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