We live in a changing climate today that dictates how we live and how we shop! The pandemic has cause us to spend and do more things from home. Platforms like Zoom have grown and taken on greater traction. Life as we know it has taken a drastic turn. Who would have thought that it would be fine (even fashionable) to wear a mask inside a bank? On line banking is now encouraged and Conspiracy theories surrounding New World Order with 1 world currency are now more than hair brain ideas. (think of Bitcoin)

The way we worship too has changed. As a very religious person myself, I have seen the way we worship diminish considerably. The Covid-19 protocol requires temperature taking upon entering the Church, mask wearing on Church property, the absence of singing, social distancing & even Sacrament practices have changed considerably.

I have seen a slow and gradual decline in supermarket shopping with a greater emphasis on prepared foods and the delivery process. It started with pizza delivery and has been magnified with the closure of a la carte restaurants. The term ‘curbside pickup’ is becoming increasingly popular.

Work from home practices will soon evolve into a person having several incomes. This is the birth of multitasking. Take a look at my website to see what is of interest to you. Shop, Shop, Shop

Your body is God’s Temple and it is very important to treat it well. Be very careful what you put inside. You only have one chance and one body to get it right.

A variety of items are available. Some real & some digital. Whatever you chose is certain to be of worth.

Welcome to the new shopping experience. Join the family here!

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