From physical retail store to high-tech eCommerce and android mobile app. The world is moving. Are you?

Gone are the days when internet was taken as a source of reading stuff and sending emails to your friends or colleagues. With the advancement in technology and people becoming aware of its use, internet has changed the future of many businesses to certain extent. Leading to the emergence of internet, many businesses used it as an extension of their offering.

One such business was retail which lead to the emergence of buzzwords like online shopping, and electronic commerce. Ecommerce has surely created a revolution by providing people a platform to shop without moving outside their homes or workplaces, but there is another industry that emerged on its footsteps, something small yet powerful.

The Mobile Commerce

The next level of eCommerce is the mCommerce which has changed the lives of people with pocket devices running many apps and continuously becoming a common stuff. Though the responsive websites stand as an alternative to the android mobile app, they are hardly able to attract customers’ attention as these apps are much faster, easy to navigate and understand. With the emergence of mobile apps, the well-established eCommerce industry has started losing to these better accessible compact devices, which led to the birth of mCommerce industry.

And now, the online retailers have started offering customers a mobile app, providing far more features possible with web applications.

Conversion to MCommerce

The increasing demand of the magento android app for shopping has made mCommerce a strong contender to eCommerce, making many companies to invest in them. Almost every company is investing in mobile apps, are you? As the industry of mobile app is comparatively new, there are not much companies offering mobile apps for their online buyers, which make it a better time to have one.

The success of online retail business lies on developing a quality mobile app and converting your store into mCommerce. Because responsive websites don’t create that kind of impact and leave customers with limited functionality, mobile apps are far better alternative for taking the online retail business to the next direction.

OnGoBuyo for mCommerce conversion

OnGoBuyo is a unique initiative, aimed at providing online store owners a better alternative to the responsive websites without spending a lot on the app development. It’s a web-based mobile app builder with rare skills of converting any website into a mobile app. Because mobile constitutes 60% of all online retail stores visits and transactions, a mobile app can not only increase your chances of a successful purchase but also brings ease of navigation for the customers.

If you are still unsure whether or not to convert your online store into an android mobile app, it’s the time to come to the conclusion and open the doors of great opportunities.

OnGoBuyo is one of the leading online mobile app builder and highly recommended by both past and current clients for being highly trusted and reliable to create greet mobile apps with creative features.

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