OSRAM has three major business sections: photoelectric semiconductor, special lighting, lighting system solutions, auto lighting (special lighting business) is a core business of OSRAM.

In April 2018, OSRAM and the mainland group successfully completed the agreement, and the two sides will officially launch the joint venture Osram Continental GmbH in the second half of 2018. The joint venture’s products include LED modules for headlights and taillights. This is another major move for OSRAM to integrate resources in the automotive lighting industry.

Earlier, OSRAM bought some of its LeddarTech shares in 2017 to enhance its position in the field of automatic driving.

LG electron

The intelligent LED opens another course as a luminaire. Of course, energy efficiency and long service life are the obvious advantages of LED, and also play a great role in their market acceptance. However, lamps and lanterns are extremely advanced lighting devices, including LED and MCU integrated with RF receivers. Wireless devices connect lamps to form a larger network, providing more advantages than energy saving. LED lighting With the emergence of interconnected lighting systems, excessive luminaries will soon become the past. People will no longer need lamps, wall lamps and other household fixtures to scatter unnecessary light. LED is small in size and can be integrated into the surrounding environment in an unnoticeable and inconspicuous way. When the lights go out, they can hardly be seen.

For example, the surface of the bedside cabinet is lit rather than the desk lamp. Since LED is equipped with wireless connections and sensors, we actually installed a small computer network at home. Imagine drinking a cup of water from bed in the middle of the night. You don’t have to look for a bedside lamp in a loud and sleepy clatter. The corridor lights up and light the road. When you walk into the kitchen, the corridor light darkens and the kitchen light lights up, lighting up the road ahead of time. Users do not need to fumble in the dark.

The home experience has obviously benefited from the LED lighting. Of course, LED also brings other convenience, for example, when you go home from work, the lights will automatically turn on, or when you go on holiday, the lights will turn on and off periodically. Residential users can also benefit from simple voice control and zoning automation. For example, you can speak to the bulb and extend the availability of Alexa to each room. LED lighting Perhaps the biggest advantage of home lighting is to get a good night’s sleep. Interconnected LED can be constantly adjusted during the day to reproduce the natural path and color temperature of the sun. When the biological clock in our body can be used to mimic the natural light signals of the dark / circadian rhythms, our bodies can be adjusted according to the time of day. Studies have shown that getting the right amount of light at the right time can increase sleep by 45 minutes per night and less interference. No need to set the alarm clock, you can make the bedroom lights gradually brighter when the specified wake-up time is approaching. The lights will start to inhibit melatonin and wake you up on time. Exposure to natural light promotes sleep, improves productivity and improves mood. When natural light is applied to medical treatment, it will even have a positive effect on the recovery of patients. The installation of suitable lighting systems at home prevents damage to the circadian rhythm, which has a huge impact on people’s overall health.

In addition to home applications, many industries have benefited from the interconnected lighting system. Indoor planting is a new industry that has benefited from the interconnected lighting system. Its income is 4000 times that of traditional outdoor planting. Through the lighting program programming for the special requirements of production, the growers can achieve maximum production and minimize energy consumption. LED does not produce as much heat as traditional lamps, so it can be placed close to plants to cover evenly. Water and electricity used in indoor farms are also less than traditional farms, and the use of herbicides, pesticides or preservatives is reduced to a maximum, and it is becoming more and more popular. Another advantage is to be able to build indoor planting facilities near the market, which can shorten the transportation distance, not only to save fuel and to provide more fresh products. LED lighting In the retail and business environment, location services and personalized beacons are realized by integrating analytical tools and cloud services. High end lamps in the building and retail environment include temperature and light sensors that can dynamically adjust the driving current and control the energy consumed by the light in the whole life cycle. This feature ensures consistent brightness and maintains quality awareness while prolonging the life of LED. The external or internal optical sensors provide the way to collect sunlight by sampling and measuring ambient light, thus producing day-to-day lighting that is variable dark and can be dynamically adjusted throughout the day. In addition to energy saving, imitation of natural light circulation is also beneficial to provide comfortable experience. LED lighting As more and more intelligent LED is deployed to people’s lives and work, these new large-scale interconnected lighting platforms will greatly improve our indoor life. LED lighting technology has energy saving, agricultural income and important health protection and many other advantages to be developed. It will change our indoor experience.LED lighting

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