As technology becomes innovative day by day, a WiFi router becomes more crucial. For downloading, uploading, social networking, playing games, watching movies, and for everything else you need a powerful WiFi network that works fastly and reliably. Now due to coronavirus, everyone is confined into their homes and spend more time online, which means a strong WiFi router is even more essential.

However, not all WiFi routers are equal. Having one WiFi router in your home doesn’t mean it can handle all your devices. The number of devices connected and what they demand will affect the overall performance. If you are experiencing the slow speed of the internet you need to upgrade your WiFi router.

When you sign up for the internet service your internet service providers give you a modem but there are a lot of other options to buy your own router which will be way better.

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind while buying a WiFi router. Ptcl speed test:

WiFi Standards

The first thing you should keep in mind while buying a WiFi router is the wireless standard being used. Long ago routers used IEEE802. 11a or 802. 11b, but things have changed now.

Often, they are compatible with the latest standards but if a router is used for years make sure that it supports the latest standard. In this way, it will give the best performance.

The latest standard is 802.11ac, which you will see on all the latest routers. It means that the router can support up to Gigabit speeds.

WiFi speed specifications

All the manufacturers quote the top speed provided by the latest 802.11ac standard but these speeds are rarely seen. They only occur in the ideal conditions in the laboratory.

But don’t worry, as the speeds mentioned are above what is essential, today’s routers support the streaming of high definition video unless the signal is very low.

Router wired interfaces

WiFi routers are of several forms. Some are designed to be connected to broadband, others are only designed for Ethernet or other connections. While buying a router make sure it meets the connectivity requirements in terms of broadband and Ethernet only.

Routers with USB ports are now commonly used for cheap storage. When looking at wired connections, do check the speeds. Often cheaper routers have Ethernet switches rated at only 100Mbps. So, if you want to select the best router make sure that the Ethernet connection is rated at 1,0000Mbps.

WiFi bands

Sometimes routers have two separate radios in them which means that they can set up two separate wireless networks to improve speeds when there are a lot of users.

For domestic usage, make sure the router is a dual-band so that it can select the best band for the best performance.


Security is the main problem while selecting the best router to buy.

Wireless routers are convenient but they are insecure, anyone can have access to your personal information.

While selecting the best router, make sure it uses the second implementation of the WiFi protected access protocol. It is also necessary to make sure that every device on the network must also support WPA2. More details:

These are the main points you need to consider when buying the best WiFi router. It is worth considering what is actually needed and then comparing it with the specifications and the cost.

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