Our world is growing so rapidly and fast and when it comes to technology, IT & Technology are now becoming better and better in terms of everything. Due to the growing business of technology, things are easier now for us and we can access everything through the internet without going out. This is how it works on the people living and makes it more flexible. For example, People don’t need to go out for grocery shopping, Banks, Cabs, and many more because these are easily accessible for us now.
This is how our world is changing but do you ever think about how these things are working or how it works? Web Developer or Development has a major role in this growing technology. They are equally as important as others.
Here are a few points on how web development works:
Web developers help your websites to build and create with some specific coding language in the World wide web.
Web developers work in many different categories like:
Client-side Scripting – it is a form of coding where it is in the front- end where you can see your website or users can see from the browser.
Server-side Scripting – Server-side scripting is a backend coding in which everything is invisible and the source code is hidden from the client-side.
Database Technology – Database technology plays an important role to run our websites smoothly because, with the help of database technology, they store, organize and perform fluently so that users can easily access the website without any glitch or disturbance.
Web developers have so many coding languages to implement on a website because as I told you about the categories, the client-side scripting uses different coding languages and server-side scripting does different coding languages.
Here are some languages that are used by Client-side scripting :
Server-side scripting languages :
There are so many different programming languages they used to run a website. Website Development Company in Melbourne is divided into two different sectors of web developers like client-side scripting handles front- end and Server-side scripting handle backend to work smoothly. This is how website development works.


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