In an organization, there are lots of business activities and process. ERP software can automate and integrate all these activities and processes with an integrated software application.

Implementation of this software is a big step ahead for any organization. The shift from the old ways of processing information and performing tasks to a modern up to date business processing infrastructure is a journey that’s as serious as functioning towards a tactical business deal. Experts consider that 9 out of 10 organizations undergo this irresolute stage, and those who are unable to check this trend, slowly find themselves wedged in a state of affairs where the huge investment made in the this software begins seeming as a waste. But, there have been lots of success stories of software implementation also.

There are some golden rules for ERP software implementation. We recommend you to take into consideration the following golden rules for this software implementation:

1.Support of the top management: There should be full support of top management in the implementation software. Every employee must know, hear, see, or feel that the implementation of software is a strategic decision at organization level and that the operational efficiency transformed into cost reduction and revenue increase is the main objective of organization. This will work as a golden rule for ERP software implementation.

2.Support in understanding the needs: As a golden rule for software implementation, you should take help from those people who know every detail of the ERP software with the significant expertise in the industry. They should be able to understand the requirements of your organization.

3.Commitment of the key users: Commitment of the future users will work as a golden rule for ERP software implementation. The responsibility of use of this software after implementation lies in hands of key users. These key users must be persuaded first that this software allows the work of employees and provides support in making the accurate decisions.

4.Complete training to employees: For being able to make use of ERP software, each user has to go through an intensive training program before getting access to the interface. An ideal training program should focus on the benefits of an ERP strategy, and should include demos and case studies, as well as actual exercises that help employees to strengthen the achieved knowledge and have the chance to ask queries to the experts.

5.Encourage the feedback of the application users: You should discuss and get feedback as much as possible with the application users. It is also one of the golden rules for this software implementation.

6.Don’t be rigid: You should not be rigid, as even the best software requires customizations and improvements to complete the usage experience, which in turn generate faster and better results.

7.The post-implementation support: After a complete training, at the time of work with ERP software, usually employees forget what they have learned. As a result the make mistakes and skip some steps in order to perform their activity. The post-implementation support checks the accuracy in using the software and increases the efficiency of employees in using the this software in actual working environment.

All these are golden rules for ERP software implementation that should be considered at the time of implementation of ERP software.

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By: Raibeart Santo

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