October 26 message, when Microsoft introduced Surface tablet industry for this equipment the keyboard protective sleeve feel surprised.
Surface keyboard protective cover is divided into two versions:
· Touch Cover: laser etching soft keyboard, priced at $ 119, divided into black, white, red, blue and magenta colors. The keyboard comes with a fully functional touchpad.
· Type Cover: full-featured physical keyboard, and comes with a touchpad. Priced at $ 129, only black.

Both keyboard protective cover what is good or bad? Look at the major media for its evaluation:
Technology website The Verge founder, former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky commented Touch Cover features:
“On the desktop or other flat surface, the Touch Cover the work is very good, though not more than the physical keyboard, but it does well to remind you of your fingers should be placed where … Type Cover can be said is that I used best mobile keyboard one. “

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue reviews the concept behind Touch Cover:
“(Touch Cover) is a very easy way out of the idea, but the key factor is not changed – you need a flat surface, if typing too fast, the keyboard will swallow up a letter.”

AllThingsD columnist Walt Mossberg about the style and ease of use of the keyboard:
Both keyboards are much better than those I’ve seen iPad additional keyboard Microsoft also added a standard USB interface, and sturdy bracket for desktop typing required. “
But the keyboard has one drawback: on the legs is almost impossible to use. Hinge to display vertical bracket support in the legs is also bad. Addition, Surface of the keyboard so that it tested better than I any of a tablet is more suitable for the traditional productivity tasks. “

Gizmodo writer Sam Biddle is the only one to hate this keyboard:
“The learning curve of this keyboard is indeed’d rather die, more dead than alive. Mud generally jerky trackpad is even worse – in particular, a comparison between the ultra-smooth touch screen – and is different from the keyboard, you can never practice to make progress. ‘

TechCrunch writer Matt Burns Touch Cover is indispensable:
“Touch Cover, Surface RT on design and functionality not competitive enough. Problem here is that, Surface is a laptop with no keyboard display. Protective sleeve corrective design fallacy, forcing the user to use the physical keyboard rather than the touch-screen keyboard Microsoft also well versed in this after all, the Surface advertising always appeared Touch Cover, but this can not alleviate the need for this keyboard is to pay an additional $ 100 of heartache. “

Engadget commentator Tim Stevens also liked Touch Cover, but warned that the presence of the learning curve:
“You would not think a 3mm thick polyurethane will become a comfortable keyboard, but the pressure-sensitive Touch Cover is indeed a competitive product, you only need to take a little time to adapt Microsoft claimed to achieve the peak of your typing speed may take 4-5 days time. “

Wired Matthew Honan also support the concept of the learning curve:
“Really good compact keyboard, this is not the physical buttons on the keyboard, you can type flying is no delay, but it does have a learning curve.”
“In the first day, I tried to endure a typing error and finger placed my left wrist hurts like a little finger and ring finger almost spasm, but the third day, my hands began to relax, typing speed and accuracy began to rise after a week, I am able to maintain the rate of one minute 90 words. although this is not my normal speed that can be achieved on a full-size keyboard, there will still be a typo appear, but in view of my week the upgrade, this keyboard is struck. “

BGR’s Zach Epstein Touch Cover “fantastic”:
“I think it is the traditional tablet input typing experience (glass) and standard keyboard input the perfect compromise.”
“Productivity in the support of this ultra-thin keyboard accessories, Surface immediately become one of the best Tablet PC on the market, without having to add any of the weight of the burden, of course, in a soft polyurethane typing on a conventional keyboard is very different, but after a few days of practice, I can master. ”


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